Korean Web Drama or Super Short Drama Series

sweet revenge 2

Sweet Revenge Season 2 (2018)

Cast: Ahn Seohyun as Oh Jina, Samuel as Seo Ro-bin, Ji MinHyuk as Seo JeYi

Episodes: Ongoing

Recommendation: 6/10

Reviews: Oh JiNa’s friend was being bullied by a girl trio in the class and Oh Jina’s friend was asked to help the head of the trio in cheating (so that the head of the trio will continue to have allowance from her credit card). Oh JiNa’s friend made a bottle that has concepts written in the ingredient list (or whatever is that called) and gave it to the head of the trio. Oh JiNa, who was filled with justice, knew about this incident and she stood up for her friend. She took the bottle away and people end up thinking that she was the one who cheat. The whole class had to retake the test and they were very unhappy with her. She started getting bullied and ostracised by her classmates and schoolmates (I knew this will happen) and that is when the revenge note actually comes about. Once you select a target, they will definitely receive the revenge.

Around this point in time when Oh JiNa was being misunderstood and bullied, Seo Ro-bin and Seo JeYi, who are brothers, moved into the neighbourhood and went to the same school as Oh Jina.

To find out more about how the revenge note helped Oh JiNa and the actual plot, watch Revenge Note 2

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Wednesday 3.30 p.m. (2018)

Cast: Hong Bin as Yoon Jae Won, Jin Ki Joo as Sun Eun Woo

Episode: 10

Recommendation: 8/10

Reviews: Sun Eun Woo’s boyfriend broke up with her and dated another girl who was a junior in her department. Eun Woo was very upset as she loved her boyfriend a lot. After the break-up, Eun Woo met Yoon Jae Won, who was someone whom Eun Woo tutored previously.

Yoon Jae Won bought a cafe from a girl he likes and became the boss of the cafe. On the day he bought the cafe, the cafe caught on fire. He was very upset as the cafe was the girl’s favourite. Yoon Jae Won decided to use his money to renovate the place and he did not have enough money to rent a place to live. This was when he decided to do an exchange with Eun Woo, which is to help her win back his ex-boyfriend’s heart in exchange for a place for him to live. Jae Won decided to be her fake boyfriend and always asked her out on dates every Wednesday 3.30 pm, which is when every girl looks very tired as they have already worked for half a week. Jae Won made sure Eun Woo looked the prettiest and happiest every Wednesday 3.30 pm and many girls were jealous of her. Eventually, she managed to win back her ex-boyfriend’s heart. However, Eun Woo and Jae Won had already built up feelings for each other. Will Eun Woo and Jae Won choose to be together or go with their previous love or crush? Watch to find out more.

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Longing Heart

Longing Heart (2018)

Cast: Lee Jung Shin as Kang Shin Woo, – Seo Ji Hoon as Kang Shin Woo (young), Lee Yul Eum as Han Ji Soo

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 7/10

Review: Kang Shin-Woo is a math teacher. He has not forgotten his first love, Han Ji Soo, for the past 10 years. After 10 years, he managed to meet Han Ji Soo again but Han Ji Soo told him that she does not want to meet him anymore. Right on that day, Han Ji Soo got into an accident and died. Kang Shin Woo also dropped into a lake and he travelled to the past as a math teacher there. He meets his younger self and struggles to make the younger Kang Shin Woo’s love come true. Will Kang Shin Woo changing the past allow Kang Shin Woo and Han Ji Soo to be together? Watch to find out more.

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sweet revenge.jpg

Sweet Revenge (2017)

Cast: Kim Hyang Gi as Ho Goo Hee, Park Solomon as Ji Hoon, Cha Eun Woo as Cha Eun Woo

Episodes: 22

Recommendation: 6/10

Review: Creaming Soon

last minute romance

Last Minute Romance (2017)

Cast: Han Seung Yeon as Baek Se, Lee Seo Won as Yoon Dong Joon / Ji Sul Woo(top star)

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 8.5/10

Review: Baek Se is an orphan and did not have anybody to rely on. She works as a counsellor at the Han River Helpline (I cannot remember the exact name of the helpline). She is a big fan of a top star and the top star was the only person who gave her strength and happiness in her life. One day, Baek Se was diagnosed with a terminal disease and she does not have much time left to live. She decided to have a contract date with someone who looks just like the top star she likes. However, she could not find someone who looks just like him. One day, Dong Joon, who looks like the top star, called the helpline as he feel dejected that his face looked like the top star. He was said to be the top star’s fake and he wanted a plastic surgery. She decided to have a contract date with Dong Joon. He had to act like the top star by following the top star’s melodrama scenes. Dong Joon was reluctant to do it at first but decided to do it as he needed money for the plastic surgery. He became into his character and slowly fell in love with Baek Se.

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Somehow 18 (2017)

Cast: Choi Min Ho as Oh Kyung Hwi, Lee Yoo Bi as Han Na Bi

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 6/10

Review: This is one drama which involves time travelling to the past to change what happened in the future. Oh Kyung Hwi is a resident in orthopedics. When he was in high school, he always get bullied because his friend threw a textbook at the bully and the bully thought it was Oh Kyung Hwi who threw the textbook. Because of that, he wanted to commit suicide. When he tries to commit suicide, Han Na Bi was always there and managed to stop him from committing suicide. She even helped Oh Kyung Hwi take revenge by pulling down a bully’s pants. Oh Kyung Hwi came to like Han Na Bi. However, she died during his high school times (I cannot really remember the exact reason why she died). Oh Kyung Hwi still likes Oh Na Bi and he managed to went back to the past and change the past. To find out what happened and how he changed the past, watch “Somehow 18”

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Between Friendship and Love (2017)

Cast: Baek Soo-hee, Jaeho, Jo Hye-Won

Episodes: 8

Recommendation: 7/10

Review: Between Friendship and Love talks about two friends who are just friends but want to be lovers. They were unsure about their feelings for each other and did not know how to confess their feelings for each other.

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My Only Love Song(2017)

Episodes: 20

Cast: Lee Jong Hyun as On Dal, Gong Seung Yun as Sang Soo Jung

Recommendation: 8/10

Review: Creaming Soon

i am...

I am… (2017)

Episodes: 6

Cast: Jung Chae Yeon as Annie

Recommendation: 6/10

Review: A scientist abandoned his two children so that he can pursue his dreams, which is to create a human-like artificial intelligence. He created an artificial intelligence, which is a high school student called Annie. In order to prevent his invention from getting into the hands of bad people, he asked his child to take care of her. Her daughter decided to enroll Annie in the school she was teaching. Will Annie be able to adapt to the human environment?

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individualist ms ji young.jpg

Individualist Ms Ji Young (2017)

Episodes: 2

Cast: Min Hyo-Rin as Na Ji-Young and Gong Myung as Park Byeok-Soo

Recommendation: 6/10, 7/10 at the start

Review: A relationship develops between a warm person who cannot stand being alone and a cold person who cannot stand getting close with people. Interesting drama that shows stark flaws in the 2 people, how they adapt and change to better themselves, and how they grow to form true relationships.

queen of the ring

Queen of The Ring (2017)

Cast: Kim Seul Gi as Nan Hee and Ahn Hyo-Seop as Se Gun

Episodes: 6

Recommendation: 9/10

Review: This web drama is part of the three colour fantasy and it is about Nan Hee who is ugly whose look was not accepted by others. Se Gun is a handsome clothes designer who like pretty girls. One day, they chance upon each other at a model show(details please watch the drama). She fell in love with him but did not know what to do as she was not pretty and attractive. Nan Hee’s mother gave her a ring which make her look pretty in the eyes of Se Gun in order to date with him.

Want to find out more? Please watch the drama to know what happens after that.

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Romance Full of Life (2017)

Cast: Yoon Shi Yoon as So In Sung and Jo Soo Hyang as Wang So Ra

Episodes: 6

Recommendation: 9/10

Review: In Sung failed to pass the police officer examinations many times and even lost his girlfriend in the process. Feeling depressed and useless, he signs up to be part of a high-paying experiment. There ends up being side effects for the experiment. Because of that, In Sung becomes superhuman who can memorise information just by flipping books, has extraordinary fighting and physical abilites, and turns into another person who is cool and attractive. In the process of evoking jealousy in his ex-girlfriend, they realise that they actually still love each other. However, the side-effects start to wear off after some time leaving him with severe health conditions. Yet, In Sung refuses to eat the medicine provided by the experimenter to return to ordinary/being a failure. It is a heartwarming and simple story filled with nice fantasy.

The Universe's Star

The Universe’s Star (2017)

Cast: Soo Ho as Woo Joo, Ji Woo as Byul

Episodes: 6

Recommendation: 7/10

Review: Interesting storyline from the perspective of grim reapers. The grim reapers can choose to let go of the hand of the person they are supposed to collect to let them continue living. Byul is not supposed to die but ends up dying due to a grim reaper’s doing (?). She is thus taken under the care of the grim reapers but she is unable to collect anyone’s life and considered a trouble by her superior. She has a crush on Woo Joo, a famous singer. The grim reapers are given a lot of credit if they can lead a famous person to heavens (?). As it is time to collect a famous person’s life, they are keen to collect Woo Joo’s life and wait eagerly for his intention to die. Byul who knows about it tries all ways to prevent Woo Joo’s death, including making a contract with her superior to become human for a period of time to physically protect him, resulting in the development of their sweet relationship. It was quite slow pace in the middle when there is not much development of the plot. Sad but meaningful ending.

The Miracle (2017)

Cast: Kim Na Hyun as Kwon Shi Ah, Hong Yoon Hwa as Kwon Shi Yeon, Kim Dong Hyun as Ban Hae Sung and Yang Hak Jin as Han Gyo Seok
Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 8/10

Reviews: It is about a fraternal twin who live completely different lives as Kwon Shi Ah has looks and everything while Kwon Shi Yeon does not. Kwon Shi Ah is a rude girl who became an idol and joined a kpop group to show that her popularity can help the group. She was not in good terms with Ban Hae Sung as they criticised each other when they had to be advertisers of a product. While Kwon Shi Ah gains such huge popularity, Kwon Shi Yeon prefers staying at home and record her voice and songs in her own radio station without showing her look.

One day, Kwon Shi Yeon saved a taror card reader while searching for his dog and the tarot card reader let her choose a card. She got “The Miracle” card which nobody picked before and she got to choose a wish she truly wanted, which was to change looks with her sister and was given a wishing charm. The journey continues as both sisters experience each other’s life. Did them switching lives make them a better person? What are some challenges they will face in this journey? Is Shi Yeon happy after living Si Ah’s life? And what is the wishing charm for? Watch to find out more.

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Seven First Kisses(2017)

Cast: Choi Ji Woo, Soo Jin, Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, EXO Kai, Taecyeon, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho

Episodes: 8

Recommendation: 4/10

Review: Soo Jin is a lady who had not dated before in her whole life. She works in Lotte Duty free at the information counter. One day, Choi Ji Woo came and ask questions at the counter and she left her notebook there by accident. Soo Jin went to find her and give he4 back her notebook and Choi Ji Woo thanked her by giving her a wish. Soo Jin said in her mind that she wanted to date and this how the six guys came about.
The first guy is Lee Joon Ki who liked her since young and confessed to her with flowers. The second guy is Park Hae Jin who is the boss of the Lotte Duty Free and saved her when she was in danger. The third is Ji Chang Wook who is a secret angent and fell in love with her who was an ex-secret agent. The fourth is EXO Kai who was her student who fall in love with her. The fifth is Taecyeon who is a rich guy and decided to relinquish his inheritance to marry Soo Jin. The sixth is Lee Jong Suk, a famous celebrity who took a photoshoot with Soo Jin.

When Soo Jin kissed them, she will return back to reality. She was sad. Choi Ji Woo came to her and told her that she could only choose one of them.
There is a bonus episode in the show where travel writer Lee Min Ho comes to the Lotte Duty Free counter and ask for help and Soo Jin thought he came for her, which was after that true.

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Ruby Ruby Love

ruby ruby love 2

Ruby Ruby Love (2017)

Cast: Seohyun as Ruby, Lee Chul Woo as Won Suk, Lee Yi Kyung as Na Ji Suk (CEO of a jewelry enterprise), Z.Hera as Yoo Bi Joo

Episodes: 5

Recommendation: 7/10

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Thumping Spike 2 (2016)

Cast: Kim So Eun as Ha Da Woon, Lee Won Geun as Dong Hae Sung, Sun Woong as Go Yi Ra

Episodes: 20


Love for a thousand more (2016)

Recommendation: 6/10



Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 5/10

I did not watch this drama because of make-up but I found make-up quite amazing. My own reviews creaming soon…

Touching You(2016)

Cast: Taecyeon(2pm) as Do Jin Woo, Song Ha Yoon as Jin Hee Young

Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 9/10

Review: Do Jin Woo had a special talent of seeing the future when he touch people due to an incident when he was young and he was doing fortune telling job at his friend’s cafe. He had many satisfied customers and one of them wanted to become his girlfriend.

One day, Hee Young came to the cafe with her friend for fortune telling and ask when her boyfriend will propose to her. Through seeing her future, Do Jin Woo found out that she was going to fall from a stairs and might end up dying. Hee Young did not believe him and thought it was a lie.

As the cafe friend has a crush on Hee Young, he asked Do Jin Woo to save her by going to her part-time place to work and gave Jin Woo his drone in exchange for helping him.

Jin Woo tried to touch Hee Young so as to see the future. He bought Hee Young flat shoes, followed and saved Hee Young from being killed by a man. He started to like Hee Young. He thought that he was done rescuing Hee Young so he left the part-time job but he realised it was not the truth when they went on a fake couple date. Hee Young thought that Jin Woo was a bad person after that due to her boyfriend. But the bad person was actually Hee Young’s boyfriend as he was planning an insurance freud and wanted to kill Hee Young after a year to get 1 billion dollar.

Do Jin Woo got help from Hee Young’s friend, who came to believe him as the part where Jin Woo say that somebody came singing and dancing and confessing became true. He managed to save her and they went together.

thumping spike korean drama

Thumping Spike Korean Web Drama

Cast: Song Jae Rim as Hwang Jae Woong, Hwang Seung-eon as Kang Se-ra, Lee Tae Hwan

Episodes: 20

Recommendation: 8/10

Review: The day Kang Se-ra, a famous volleyball player, met Jae Woong was at the theme park where they were playing arcade basketball to win a pink bear. Kang Se-ra wanted the bear a lot as it looks exactly like what her father gave her before she died. However, Jae Woong won the game and got the bear. Kang Se-ra begged him to sell the bear to her but he refused to sell to her as he wanted to give it to his sister. As such, Kang Se-ra asked him to lend her money as she used all her money on the game. So she gave him her phone in exchange for the money.

Kang Se-ra was sad due to her director saying she did not win the previous tournament and she went to a karaoke bar to sing. While trying to escape, she went into the male’s toilet and as Tae Hwan found out she was there, she beat him up. They were both brought to jail and the compensation Se-ra had to give was to go to Tae Hwan’s school to coach them, which she then meets Jae Woong, who came back to school after his school break. Se-ra was unhappy about it and decided to drink the alcohol which was for celebrating her arrival. When she was drunk, she was all crazy and did a lot of things to Jae Woong who brought her back home.

In this drama, Se-ra will start to fall in love coaching the students there and make them win champion in the volleyball competition. To find out more about how Jae Woong and Se-ra will like each other and go together, watch “Thumping Spike”


Page Turner Korean Drama (2016)

Cast: Kim So Hyun as Yoon Yoo Seul, Ji Soo as Jung Cha Sik, Shin Jae Ha as Suh Jin Mok

Episodes: 3

Recommendation: 6/10

Review: Yoon Yoo Seol is a girl who was driven by her mother to play the piano. Her mother taught Suh Jin Mok piano when he was young but he played like a machine. Her mother told him to play properly and he thinks that his playing was the same and was good. So he told his father to sack her. Yoo Seol was unhappy and played it the way her mother wanted him to play like. Her mother was shocked that Yoo Seol could play the piano when she did not learn piano. Her mother decided to make her into a pianist. However, it was not her wish. Although she won numerous awards, she was not happy. One day, she got into an accident and lost her sight forever. Her mother still wanted her to play piano despite her losing her eyesight, which made her want to commit suicide. Jun Mok felt very sorry because he prayed for her to be gone and now she really lost her eyesight. She was fortunate that she was saved by Jung Cha Sik from committing suicide.

Jung Cha Sik was a high jump player and loves high jump. Jung Cha Sik beat the school record of high jumping because he did not want the rich couple to look down at his mother. However, when he tried to jump higher, he hurt himself and could never jump again, which brought him into despair. He tired hard not to show his despair in front of his mother and almost wanted to commit suicide too and he sees Yoo Seol and managed to save her from suicide. Jung Cha Sik’s mother knew Cha Sik was in despair and tricked him by saying his father was a famous pianist, which made him practise piano really hard and went to the music school Yoo Seol was in and be her guide. He even wanted Yoo Seol to teach him how to play and enter a competition together. He bet with the other students that if he won the competition, they had to believe that his father is that pianist.

On the actual competition, he realises the truth that his father is not that pianist. He also could not play well so he gave the chance to Ju Mok to play with Yoo Seol. Cha Sik was sad about it and showed to his mother that he could play very well too as her son, which he did. All of them found their dreams and happiness at the same time.

Personal feelings: Weirdly I somehow ship Yoo Seol and Ju Mok because I can feel Ju Mok being sorry for her and trying to do things for her. However, I decided I shall not ship anyone because I think this show is not about couples but about finding happiness in one self. It was overall a nice show that made me cry the first episode and feel happy the last episode.

click your heart

Click Your Heart (2016)

Cast: Kwon Min Ah as Kwon Mina, Baek Joon Ho as Baek Ju Ho, Kang Chan Hee as Kang Chan Hee, Kim Seok Woo as Kim Ro Woon, Lee Sang Hyuk as Lee Da Won

Episodes: 7

Recommendation: 9/10

Let me write the first couple I chose to watch first. I have a feeling that my sister will choose Ro Woon too over the angel boy, Chan Hee, although I think Chan Hee is quite cute also. Ro Woon is a baseball player who does not really have any friends. The broadcasting club members all failed to get an interview from him until Mina came into the club. She is very nice and she tried to interview him but realised he was tired and decided not to, which he found it cute. He hurt his hand by catching that baseball with his bare hand to save Mina from being hit. Mina felt sorry and became her slave by helping him move stuff. When Ro Woon confessed, she was confused about her feelings and so Ro Woon says if he wins the baseball match, he will ask him again and they got together. I feel that this couple is quite a nice combination from the start. I actually feel quite sorry for the friend who liked her but she being confused and still choose Ro Woon did not hurt anyone.(You will only see this if you choose him as the one)

Next up, I decided to watch ep 5, which was Da Won, her friend who got together with her. So Mina said that he was only his friend. Da Won was hurt, which make me feel sad too. I mean, even if you don’t like him, he likes her so she should not hurt him. That episode almost brought me tears because Da Won tried to pretend she did not see her and was hurt. And he told her about the promise they did which was when he grew one hand taller than her, she will date him. Mina also pondered whether she like him or not. Just nice, the guy’s written story was on broadcast. That broadcast kind of a confession and kind of his real feelings was so nice!!!!! Anyway, Mina and Da Won did a broadcast together and their broadcast member accidentally press something and the whole school heard Mina saying she was sorry and she liked him. Da Won hugged him and it was a happy ending. So cute couple.(You will only see this if you click him)

So next one not my order of liking, is Chan Hee. He looks too cute and cheerie and such a nice guy. Anyway, he was not scared of Mina despite her being unlucky. He likes to dance a lot and does not mind skipping classes and appears everywhere Mina is. You will actually find out that he is kind of his spirit who came out. He knew her since an accident that happened which involves the other guy, which was her ex-boyfriend. He also told her is not her fault despite him being on bed now and could not wake up after the accident that happened He always likes to say “My third fantasy came true”(something like that) after he liked Mina. Haha. Anyway, Mina found out that he was on bed 100 days already because of an accident and was shocked by it and went to find him. So he kissed her on her forehead before he left. Luckily, he managed to be alive and they meet each other again. And he said, “My fantasy came true.”OMG, that was what I was going to say. (You will only see this with you click him)

The last one is actually her ex-boyfriend whom I said who was involved in an accident, Ju Ho. He was her ex-boyfriend in her previous school but she decided to break up with him because she always cause him to be unlucky. On the day she wanted to ask for a break-up, he got into an accident and she did not dare to go see him because she felt guilty and thought it was her fault. Anyway, they got back together(if you decided to choose him as the one)

In conclusion, Mina is a lucky girl who gets a guy no matter what happens. And I quite like this show’s format as we can choose what our heart choose. Actually, I like all the plots and I like all the couples. No preference or anything. It is quite a nice show so I hope you will enjoy watching no matter which couple you chose.

nightmare teacher

Nightmare Teacher Korean Web Drama (2016)

Cast: Uhm Ki Joon as Han Bong Goo, Kim So Hyun as Kang Ye Rim, Lee Min Hyuk as Seo Sang Woo

Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 7/10, 8/10 for creepiness

Creepy teacher that makes students in the class suffer by making use of their innermost desire. Is it possible to end the nightmare in the class as more and more students start to disappear after they meet this teacher in his staffroom?

The creepiest part beside the teacher having different types of dark magical power is that when the students disappear, everyone in the class seems to forget that they exist. There are always horrific side effects accompanying the benefits of the item the teacher offers to the students to satisfy their desire. Thankfully, Kim So Hyun’s character starts to realise what is happening in the class, partially due to Lee Min Hyuk’s character’s hobby of taking photographs, but she herself has to face her own horror test.

The item that left the deepest impression on me is the can of drink the teacher offered. When drinking it, the student’s memory improves dramatically and he starts to top his class in examinations and becomes regarded as smart. However, after some time, he starts to have to write down his own name, his friend’s name and home address on his hand as he starts to forget all the ‘minor’ details that are important to him.

splash splash love

Splash Splash Love(2015)

Cast: Kim Seul Gi as Jang Dan Bi, Yoon Doo Joon as Lee Do (king)

Episodes: 2

Recommendation: 8/10

Reviews: Dan Bi is a senior high school student who is also an applicant for the College Scholastic Ability Test. She gave up studying math. On the day of the test, she feared to go for the test and dropped into a puddle of water where she fell into time lapse and lands somewhere in Joseon era. She landed in the pot of water where the people are doing for rain-to-fall ceremony. They ask her who she was and she said she was a high school senior but it sounds like Gosam and people wanted to kill her. Due to her knowing many things, like math, which helps in dealing the country’s problem, Lee Do made her as a helping hand. She then falls in love with Lee Do and so does Lee Do.

My Personal Review: I got attracted to this show because Dan Bi dropped into the pot of water when she time lapsed. That’s why I got interested and watched this show. I somehow knew how the plot will go because I’m sure time-lapsed things always turns out to be a romance, like Rooftop Prince, and Queen In Hyun’s Man. It’s fascinating how the subordinate’s brother know that Dan Bi is a woman. Haha. By the way, my sister was shocked that this web drama only consists of 2 episodes but I think it is just right. Not too long or too short and it was an enjoyment to watch this drama.

9-seconds Internal Love(2015)
Cast: Lee Joo Seung as Kang Yoo Chan and Na Hae Ryung as Yoo So Ra

Episodes: 7

Reviews: Creaming Soon

falling for challenge

Falling For Challenge/Falling For Do Jeon Web Drama(2015)

Episodes: 6

Cast: Kim So Eun as Ban Hana and Xiumin(EXO) as Do Jeon

Recommendation: 6/10

Review: Na Do Jeon is a timid but bright boy who works part-time as a Pierrot clown because he genuinely loves making people laugh and he is also being influenced by his father who is also a Pierrot clown. When his father die when Do Jeon was at a young age, he could only remember his father in the Pierrot clown suit as his father wore it most of the time. Na Do Jeon strongly believes that a clown should never talk. if not it will spoil the meaning of a clown. Ban Hana is a girl dreaming of starting her own food truck. She is also the president of the ‘One Plus’ hobby club, which the school wants to close. That club’s theme is to challenge something new. The first time she ran into Do Jeon was when she was being chased by a guy because she spilled water at his clothes while running a marathon. Xiumin managed to save her by directing that man into another place. Do Jeon also helped her another time when the director when he asked her if there was a new member in the club. Just nice Do Jeon walked past and he joined the club as such. In the club, they were supposed to do new challenges and Do Jeon and Ban Hana chose Pierrot. Their club learnt Pierrot from Do Jeon even though the other club members did not like it at first. However, during the day of performance, a young girl, who lived in the house that Do Jeon rented a room from, went missing after hearing that she was going to be sent to America. Do Jeon went to find her. The whole club also did not perform as they decided to find the girl. Fortunately, the girl just went to bought her grandfather medicine after hearing that he wants to send her to America to her parents because he was ill. This was so touching. So the club decided to put up a Pierrot show for the kids and they managed to revive the club ad go on TV as they did something meaningful as a challenge. Anyway, in this show, Do Jeon and Hana slowly liked each other and Hana made her first move by kissing Do Jeon on his cheeks. As she felt embarrassed due to confessing her love first, she said that the kiss was a mistake due to drinking. Do Jeon was so innocent and thought Hana rejected him. When Hana told him it was not like that, he realised the truth and said it was a new challenge for him through the camera. That is the end of the drama.

because its the first time

Because It’s The First Time Web Drama(2015)

Cast: Choi Min Ho

Attention: There may be spoilers in this review

sassy go go

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama(2015)

Episodes: 12

Cast: Jung Eun Ji as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Cha Ha Kyun as Ha Dong Jae, Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo Ah.

Recommendation: 8/10

Review: Due to the different status due to academic standing, they are treated differently, like the ones with bad academic results will not have electricity and has a small room to be in. Dance Club, Real King fought with the highest status in school cheerleading club, Baek Ho, which is only by name a cheerleading club, and got into a fight, which caused Real King to be stepped down right away as clubs that disturb another club will be abolished. Since Real King has a lower status, they are being abolished. Kang Yeon Doo decided to talk with Kim Yeol for an agreement but ended up falling on him, which seemed like a kissing scene, and was being captured by Kwon Soo Ah, which resulted in the club being abolished. Kang Yeon Doo feels that it is unfair and did a lot of things with her fellow mates to get back their club, but it turned out to be having more punishment points instead. Kang Yeon Doo realised that Kwon Soo Ah, who is her friend, actually sent the picture to the teacher. She was very sad. Kwon Soo Ah did many more bad things, which I will be saying later.

Kang Yeon Doo and Ha Dong Jae are good friends and Ha Dong Jae had a phoebia of being in contact with others as he accidentally pushed Kang Yeon Doo down. Kwon Soo Ah used this weakness of him by asking the opponent basketball mates to get into physical contact with him to threaten Kang Yeon Doo. Kwon Soo Ah even pushed Kang Yeon Doo down the stairs when she was being reviewed of the truth of her stealing the examination papers. Kim Yeol threw himself to catch Kang Yeon Doo to prevent her from being hurt. Anyway, Kwon Soo Ah did many more bad things like creating a cheerleading club that consist of Real King and Baek Ho to help her specs to go to a good overseas school. She even told the principal about Ha Joon cutting himself so that the principal can threaten Kim Yeol to persuade Real King to do the specs with them. Anyway, she did many horrible things, and it was partially because of the mother that she had came thus far. In the last few episodes, with the whole cheerleading club’s support, she decided to go back to school and repent on her mistake.

Now, moving on to Kang Yeon Doo and Ha Joon. At first, Ha Joon did not really like Kang Yeon Doo for she was very nosy and liked to care about people’s business. But Ha Joon started having feelings for Kang Yeon Doo when Kang Yeon Doo gave him band-aids when he is hurt. Feelings of him to Kang Yeon Do started to grow. It was so sad because he would never get Kang Yeon Doo as he liked her too late and he did not want to snatch from his brother, Kim Yeol. However, he still managed to confess his feelings for her. I kind of pity Ha Joon though.

Last but not least, the most important of all, is Kang Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol. They are always falling on each other and quarrelling at first but they start to have feelings for each other as time grows. Such a cute couple!! Kim Yeol, unlike Ha Joon, likes her being into people’s business and standing up for people. His confession is cute. And they are the post-it couple. I feel they are one of the best couples I seen. Kim Yeol even taught her a way to not let the club abolish by putting up posters in the school to show the unfair treatment in schools and tutored her etc. There is too many cheesy scenes of them so please watch for the full idea.

Click here for my review.

the flatterer

The Flatterer Web Drama(2015)

Cast: Bora(Sistar) as Lee Bong Hee, Kwak Dong Yun as Park Gun and Lee Jae Jin(Ft Island) as Yoo Dae Chi

Episodes: 12

Recommended Ost: 엑스텐 (X10) – 달을 삼켜 버려

Click here for the review.

dream knight

Dream Knight(2015)

Cast: Song Ha Yoon , JB , Jr and other Got7 members

Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 8/10

Review: Joo In Hyung’s mother gave In Hyung four dolls when she was a little, which she named JB, Mark, Jackson and Youngjae. She liked JB the best among all the dolls. When her mother passed away, she shred tears of sadness on the dolls, which became his dream knights and came to live. One day, the four dream knights came to her house and wanted to sleep on her bed. She was shocked and tired to get them out of her house. One of the scenes was throwing a pail of water onto them. The four of them disappeared as knights cannot get in contact with water.So the dolls became wet too. Anyway, it should be around that part when she realised that they were the dolls.

Junior, Yugyeom and Bambam, which was once dream knights, were in a kpop group called Got and were students of the school. In Hyung is a fan of Jr. There was once when JB pushed In Hyung to Jr as he was upset In Hyung do not know who they are and it caused a scene. Many fans started disliking her. In Hyung wanted to join the dance competition as the winner will get to have a performance with Jr but she hurt her leg. The four knights try to teach and dance with her to make her the winner.

Jr realised that JB, Youngjae, Mark and Jackson may be knights and he asked Bambam and Yugyeom to test them, like if they have power or they will disappear in water. One funny part was when Yugyeom tried to get water on Youngjae but ended up spraying water on a lady. Haha.

After Jr knew they were knights, he told them that if In Hyung shred tears of happiness, they will be gone and if they want to live as humans, they had to betray their owner, which they did. However, JB did not want In Hyung to die as he love In Hyung and is willing to sacrifice himself.

Jr was not satisfied with the answer JB gave and tried doing many things like dating In Hyung to make him betray her but to no avail. But through this, In Hyung also knew that she likes JB as she went on a date and missed watching a concert with JB. So JB and In Hyung went on a date and the knights disappeared when she shred tears of happiness. And the ending is after some time or years(can’t remember), JB came back to find In Hyung.

Click here for my review.

to be continued

To Be Continued Web Drama(2015)

Cast: ASTRO and Kim Sae Ron

Episodes: 12

Click here for the review.

delicious love

Delicious Love (2015)

Episodes: 3

Cast: Gong Chan as Park Sung Jun, Kim Yoo Mi as Kang Yu Na, Moon Ga Young as Park Sub Bin, Kim Hee Jung as Han Jun Hee


exo next door

Exo Next Door Web Drama(2015)

Cast: Exo and Moon Ga Young
Congratulations to Chanyeol who won the “New Actor” Award.

Episodes: 16

Recommendation: 9/10

Exo Next Door is a web drama about exo living next door of an ordinary girl(Moon Ga Young) and her cheeks always grow red when she is embarrassed. She helped to clean up the next door house and saw the exo team, which she was a fan of. When they went into the kitchen when she was inside drinking water, she sprayed water at Chanyeol, which made the exo members shocked. Chanyeol was having a hard time making a song and he went back to find the other music note necklace that his grandfather left before he died. In this web drama, we can see the conflicts between Chanyeol and Moon Ga Young(as Moon Ga Young cleans the exo’s house, Chanyeol keeps hinting to Moon Ga Young that he is Chan, her old friend, D.O. liking Moon Ga Young and Sehun making friends with Moon Ga Young’s brother. There was one episode where Moon Ga Young and Chanyeol gets stuck into a storage room in the house and they spend the night together in the room, During that episode, Chanyeol found out that the music note necklace was with Moon Ga Young. At the last part of the drama, the exos had to leave for an overseas job trip and the exos came back to the house again like what happened the first time they arrived.


After School: Lucky or Not

Cast: Kim So Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Kang Tae Oh, Gong Myung, Yoo II, Lee Tae Hwan


Kim So Eun was invited by the four boys to the Pick-A-Mission club as it was a wish made by Kang Tae Oh who passed away due to an illness. Kang Tae Oh and Seo Kang Joon both had a crush on Kim So Eun and Kang Tae Oh made a wish to Seo Kang Joon to not like Kim So Eun.

My review: Actually I had watched this show already but I forgot about it until somebody commented about it. I find the show hilarious as the guys are very funny and the missions they carry out are also funny. Also, I felt that the reason of why Kim So Eun was invited to the group was kind of expected. I felt that the ending should have kind of shown who went with Kim So Eun so that the plot will be more filled up. Overall it was still an okay drama.

Aftermath Season 1&2 (2014)

Cast: Kim Dong Joon as Ahn Dae Yong, Sun Joo Ah as Joo Hee Kyung, Kim Geun Hyung as Kim Joon Goo, Kim Min Suk as Jo In Ho, Kim Ri Ah as Kim Na Ri

Episodes: 5 (Season 1) / 6 (Season 2)

Recommendation: 8/10

After an accident, Dae Yong discovers his ability to predict bad things that are about to happen and know who are about to die by looking at the colour of their eyes (turn red). The eyes of someone with the intention to kill turn blue. While he gained fame, recognition and admiration for being able to prevent deaths, people around him feel that he has changed. Will he still be able to keep his loved ones by his side and protect them?

her lovely heels

Her Lovely Heels (2014)

Episode: 10

Cast: Han Seung-Yeon as Shin Ji Hoo, Hong Jonghyun as Oh Tae Soo


Review: Creaming Soon

kara secret love

Kara Secret Love (2014)

Will be writing individual Kara stories for this drama.

ma boy

Ma Boy (2012)

Episodes: 3

Cast: Sun Woong as Irene or Hyun Woo, Kim So Hyun as Jang Geu-Rim

Recommendation: 7/10

Reviews: Creaming Soon

Surplus Princess, Orange Marmalade and Liar Game Reviews in Korean Dramas.


liar game


List of korean web dramas that I dropped (from what I remembered): Love Cells (2014), We Broke Up (2015), Prince’s Prince (2015), Imaginary Cat (2015-2016), Age Of Youth (2016), 109 Strange Things (2017), Magic School (2017)

Will be writing short reviews for the korean web drama or short series korean web drama which I dropped.

magic school

Magic School (2017)

Cast: Jin Young as Lee Na-Ra, Nickhun as Joon, Yoon Park as Jae, Kang Yoon-Je as Lee-Sung, Ryu Seung Soo as Master Han, Shin Eun Soo as Han Yi-Seul, Park Gyu-Young as Woo-Ri, Nam Sung Joon as Kim Jong-Man and Park Joo-hyung as Kei

Episodes: 16

Recommendation: 6/10

I did not finish watching this drama so if the review of the show is not that accurate, please understand. Thank you.

Review: Woo Ri is Lee Na-Ra’s friend from childhood until now. Lee Na-Ra likes Woo Ri but he did not dare or know how to confess to her. After seeing his friend confess to a girl using magic, he decided to go and learn magic so that he can use magic to confess to her. He went to the magic school. Jay is a popular magician but he was in deep sadness due to some past experience (I am not sure what happened since I did not watch the whole drama). Joon is an intern at the hospital and he is always fascinated by magic and want to know the theory behind each magic. His interest in magic caused him to go to magic school. Lee-Sung went to magic school to research on how magic relate to something (So sorry, I cannot really remember)

All of four of them went to magic school led by Master Han. Master Han’s daughter, Yi Seul, aspires to be a dancer and not a magician.

To find out more, watch “Magic School”.

Hope you enjoyed the reviews!!:) Do follow our blog and like our pages for latest treats from dramacream!!!


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  1. I love click your heart..
    For in just a click you can choose whom she’ll end up with.. The four actors have their own charms and their stories fit them so well.. And min ah, she’s surely a lucky one..the four guys are all handsome ❤


  2. Ma boy
    Love for a thousand more..
    Both r short and nice dramas… Try it..
    Also ur list is truly amazing. Got some short dramas on list


  3. Your list is very good and I watched most of it and am going to watch the rest as soon as I get some time and also, You should try
    Love cells 1,2
    Love detective Sherlok K
    they are also very good.


  4. This is awesome.. thanks!

    It would also be best if you could avoid writing too long reviews as if you are already telling the entire story. I think a few words about the genre will do, and keep the recommendation ratings.

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