Infinite’s Showtime

infinite showtime

Infinite’s Showtime had finally arrived!!! Clapclapclapclapclap!! It’s the time for the long-awaited Infinite’s Showtime!!


Infinite’s Showtime Ep 1– Infinite’s romantic car riding at night!! This romantic car riding was organised by none other than leader, Sunggyu(!) as he felt that the members need the time to make up with one another. At first, they had to choose a car by drawing lots. Hoya chose the oldest car which was slow in engine and he was worried that the car could not work. Fortunately it works despite it moving very slowly. The Infinite members were told to ride in the car and they had to turn on their radio at 12am (if I am not wrong). When they turned on the radio at that timing, they heard Sunggyu’s voice in it. Sunggyu told the members to do different things like asking the members to say the poem he made after him that was so romantic and cheesy, opening the car window to greet citizens and telling them to eat supper. Sunggyu also talked about the difficulties each member is facing and feeling apologetic to certain members. These parts were really sad. We can see the hardships faced by the members. Sunggyu played different songs to comfort each souls and also to remember how they came thus far. When they meet at the final place, they watched the video of their first concert. Tears overwhelmed them. I think Sunggyu had made a right choice of preparing this. He is a daebak leader!!

Click here for english sub and here for chinese sub to watch Infinite’s Showtime Ep 1.

infinite showtime ep 2

Infinite Showtime Ep 2 and 3

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