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China Movie Review The Last Wish 小小的愿望

Sry for spoilers.


The Last Wish 小小的愿望 (2019)

starring Peng Yu Chang 彭昱畅 as Gao Yuan 高远, Wei Da Xun 魏大勋 as Zhang Zheng Yang 张正阳, Darren Wang 王大陆 as Xu Hao 徐浩

Didnt expect much from this movie after watching the trailer and even after my sister said she did a detailed check on the movie before we buy the tickets to watch it but it turns out to be good. Liked how there are many comedy scenes in the movie mostly due to Zheng Yang and Xu Hao duo or Gao Yuan, due to his illness. Because Gao Yuan suffers from muscular dystrophy, he cant move his arms and legs. It is funny how his father almost killed him while taking him on a marathon in a wheelchair. It is also funny when he falls into the sea and head first on the ground when Zheng Yang and Xu Hao take him on a trip that was imagined to be wonderful but turns out to be horrible. Laughed at the scene where Zheng Yang wears a garbage bag and manages to hide in the background until Xu Hao tells the police to catch him as well. Zheng Yang shouldnt have run out. I didnt see him until he starts running haha. Liked how the duo make preparations (cutting sausages with their mouths etc.) for their instant noodles meals that they never get to eat haha. Thinking about this makes me hungry haha. Liked the portrayal of friendship among the 3 of them. It was heartbreaking when Zheng Yang sells his favourite cards to fund Gao Yuan’s last wish and cuts open his favourite shoes for Gao Yuan to wear. Felt that Wei Da Xun’s acting is better than Darren Wang’s acting for this movie. Often see Wei Da Xun in many China variety shows where he claims he is an actor but I dont see him in dramas haha. Finally get to see his acting haha. Cried towards the end, especially when it is shown that Gao Yuan used his mouth to write his last letter/card to Zheng Yang and Xu Hao. The intention behind the last wish Gao Yuan asks his friends to help him fulfill is touching.

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Hi!! Just a Random Review

Hello, everyone!! I had been missing for a very long time due to my busy schedule. I will try my best to write more reviews but I will be busy again during December and subsequently. I will try to catch up on my running man reviews as I write the short korean drama series and korean web drama reviews and even movies. I will be typing quite fast so please forgive me if I have spelling errors or even messy plotting. Also, as some of the running man episodes I had watched a long time ago, please forgive me if there are any missing plots. Thank you.

Let’s talk about more interesting things!!! I had been watching quite a lot of dramas. There are many awesome dramas like Sassy Go Go and many others. I will be writing on Running Man Ep 254 soon, which the guests of the episode are SNSD, Choi Min Ho and Hongman. That episode is so nice!!! You should consider watching it!! Lately, I also had been kind of addicted to a few kpop songs, like Day6jyp’s Congratulations and Got7’s If You Do. These songs are so nice!! Haha. I also have been managing the instagram account. Hope you all liked it. Thank you for reading this random review and have an enjoyable time reading our reviews!!! Goodbye and good night. zzz

–Joyous JY–