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Korean Drama Review Inheritors

 Inheritors/Heirs (2013) 繼承者

Genre: High School, Romance, Comedy

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 7/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan, Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do, Krystal Jung as Lee Bo Na, Kim Ji Won as Rachel Yoo, Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young, Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin, Park Hyung Shik as Jo Myung Soo

Plot: This drama follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families’ business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control–except their love lives. Who said being a rich high school student with high status was easy?

Zoom into characters: Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), an illegitimate son, is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality, it’s a form of exile as his elder half-brother back home, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) schemes to takes over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), who’s arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she is the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. Eun Sang has a mute mother and has many part-time jobs in the hope to let her mother live a better life. Choi Young Do who was once Tan’s best friend is a school bully who has many ways to pick on students who do not belong in this school meant for the rich. He bullies Eun Sung in school because of Tan but ends up liking her.


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MV+ Favourite osts: I’m saying by Lee Hong Ki and Love is the moment by Changmin

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Korean Drama Review MS

The Master’s Sun (2013) 主君的太陽

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

master sun

starring So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon, L @ Kim Myung Soo as Joong Won (young) and Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Shil / Tae-yang. Other casts: Seo In Guk as Kang Woo and Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung.
The story is being touted as a “soul healing” drama that brings together very different types of people: one who can see and hear things that no one else in the world can and another who only hears and see things he wants to. Joong Won hopes to find the ransom (necklace) his kidnappers in the past took with Gong Shil’s ability while Gong Shil needs him to “breathe”. As Joo Joong Won starts to believe in Tae Gong Shil’s claim of being able to see ghosts and gets involved in her world, these two people will grow together in faith and in character.

Zoom into characters: Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a miserly, greedy and conceited CEO of Kingdom (shopping mall+hotel?), who measures all human relationships through money. He was kidnapped in the past and the kidnapper forced him to read books to show that he is still alive which caused his inability (phobia) to read Korean characters. He is filled with hatred as his girlfriend was involved in the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) who is able to see ghosts after an accident live in misery as she not only cannot sleep well at night, but also cannot walk around freely for fear of seeing them. Joong Won is like a life saver to her as the ghosts disappear whenever she touches him. Kang Woo is someone who has a crush on Gong Shil but is afraid of ghost related things (haha, did not expect it). He tries to overcome his fear so that he can protect Gong Shil. As time goes by, he falls in love with Kingdom’s model, Tae Yi Ryung, who is always eager to win his heart.

MV+ Favourite osts: Crazy Of You by Hyorin (SISTAR)

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Korean Drama Review Good Doctor

Good Doctor (2013) 良医

Genre: Medical, Romance

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

good doctor

starring Joo Won as Park Shi On and Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo.
Plot: An interesting and touching drama about an autistic child whose dream was to be a pedeatrician (treats children). As Shi On can see the internal body of a person in 3D, he can easily find the fault in the child’s body and thus has a medical talent. His talent was spotted by a doctor who nurtured him and recommend him to a hospital.  At first, everyone thinks that he is a robot without his own thinking. However, after a while they learnt a lot from him and he also grew to become a better person who can socialise with others.

Zoom into characters: Shi On is an autistic person who grew up being bullied by other children and abused by his own father. He later loses his brother who is the only one that gives him mental support and his mother who has no choice but to abandon him. He always dream to become a pedeatrician and has a medical talent. He causes much trouble in the hospital at 1st as he is unable to adjust to the rules and regulations. Yoon Seo is a pedeatrician who graduated with good grade and does what she thinks is right. As both do what they think is right in a different way, they will realise their goals as a pedeatrician  is actually similar.


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MV+Favourite osts: How come you don’t know by Kim Jong Kook

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Korean Drama Review SH

Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) 奇怪管家

Genre: Mystery, Family

Enjoyment: 9/10 at the start 8/10 reaching the end  Pace: 7/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Choi Ji Woo as Park Bok Nyeo, Lee Sung Jae as Eun Sang Chul and 4 children in Eun Sang Chul’s family.
Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Kyul (1st Child)
Chae Sang Woo as Eun Doo Kyul (2nd Child)
Nam Da Reum as Eun Se Kyul (3rd Child)
Kang Ji Woo  as Eun Hye Kyul (4th Child)
Plot: After Sang Chul’s wife passed away, Sang Chul employed a housekeeper to take care of his children and make the house clean and tidy. As the rumour goes, the housekeeper can and will do anything the employer says, even murder. She can do anything such as magic tricks, juggling and even cooking food with the same taste as what their mother used to cook. Despite her cool demeanor, she helped the children and Sang Chul in many ways by giving valuable advice.

Zoom into characters: Sang Chul is a breadwinner who seldom spends time with his children and has a secret affair. He does not know how to take care of the children and is too busy to tidy  the house so he employs a housekeeper. Bok Nyeo has a sad past and is told not to smile by her mother-in-law who thinks that she killed her husband and son. She is very capable and acts as the mother of the children while being the housekeeper. The children are depressed and their lives are turned upside down after their mother passed away. With the housekeeper’s help, they are able to continue their lives as normal and pursue their dreams.


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MV+Favourite osts: Twilight by Yoo Sung Eun

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Korean Drama Review GFB

Gu Family Book (2013) / Kang Chi the beginning 九家之书

Genre: Fantasy,  Historical, Romance

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 10/10  No. of times I watched it: 2


starring Lee Seung Ki as Choi Kang Chi and Bae Suzy as Dam Yeo Wool .
Plot: Choi Kang Chi  is born as a half-human-half-mythical-creature and abandoned. His father is the guardian god of Jiri mountains while his mother is a human. His father saved his mother and their story began as they fell in love with each other. Little did they know their love will turn into a tragic love ending with his father turning into an evil spirit. The story of Choi Kang Chi and Dam Yeo Wool started as they were fated to meet each other by a cherry tree. Like his father, he did not manage to become a complete human as his bracelet came off before he turned 20 years old. Will Choi Kang Chi follow his father’s footsteps as he tries to obtain the Gu Family book to become human? Will their story turn out to be a tragic love as predicted by the fortune teller?

Zoom into characters: Kang Chi is a sincere but playful person who stands up for the citizens who are being treated unfairly. His life was going smoothly until his bracelet was cut off and he became a monster, killing many with his sharp claws. After that, he has to learn to prevent himself from changing into a monster when his bracelet is taken off and learn to gain other’s trust. Yeo Wool practises martial arts but cannot find a soulmate. After meeting Kang Chi, she bravely decides to follow her fate and not avoid it. She is one of the few who accepts Kang Chi as his true half-human half-monster self.

On top of the tragedy Kang Chi faces, his adoptive family’s inn was being snatched away. The lord who adopted him was killed and he was framed as murderer. Someone who he treats as brother was put under hypnosis to kill Kang Chi whenever he could. The adoptive family’s daughter was sold to the gisaeng house. I didn’t really like the parts on gisaeng. I am touched by the scene that Yeo Wool can still hold Kang Chi’s hand after he turned into a monster with claws. The interesting part is his parents did return after all… Kang Chi always saves the day when needed, helping them defeat the bad guy.

One of the important figures in this drama said that there are many humans that act less like human yet Kang Chi sincerely wants to become human so he looks forward to what kind of human Kang Chi wants to become. How does the word humane come about? Does it mean that being human means one is compassionate? Is that why humans harm others and the environment? I hope to become a person that people respect, lead a meaningful life and spread kindness in my society.

Why you should watch: I am always attracted to dramas by Lee Seung Gi! You will know why after you watched it. Lee Seung Gi’s second fantasy drama and it is still awesome! This time, he acts as the mythical creature instead. I am fascinated by the mythical and human part in this drama and the characters are developed well as the drama goes along. As one watches it, one will be drawn into it. The cutting at the back of the episodes are good and makes one feel like watching another episode.

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MV+Favourite osts: Whole album   Love hurts by Lee Sang Gon 

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Korean Drama Review IOM

Incarnation of money (2013) 钱的化身

Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

starring Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don and Hwang Jung Eum as Bok Jae In.
Plot: Bok Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) plays the fat daughter of a loan shark who saved Cha Don and has a crush on Cha Don. She later goes for plastic surgery to change her looks. Meanwhile, Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) was from a rich family. His father was betrayed and killed by his trusted subordinate and his mother was framed for murder. One day, he happens to find out the truth and a car “accident” occurs. Hence, he loses his memory and gains a special memorising ability. He thus becomes a prosecutor who loves money and meets his enemy/murderer of his father who is a high rank prosecutor. For money, he decides to help a woman (his mother) locked in the psychiatric ward to claim money left behind by a rich man, without knowing he is actually related to the dead rich man. He slowly uncovers the truth of his past and plots to takes revenge.

Zoom into characters: Cha Don grows to love money due to his family background. Cha Don has good memorizing skills after the accident. He was able to return to Jae In’s house just by memorizing the names of the shops he passed by. However, he did not want to live in Jae In’s house and decides to go to the orphanage. Despite growing up in the orphanage, he is optimistic and always trying to earn money. Jae In is a fat girl who undergoes surgery so as not to be looked down upon by others. She has good skills in handling money. Cha Don will gradually fall in love with her even though he makes use of her once.


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MV+ Favourite osts: You are the love by Seo In Young

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Korean Drama Review 2 Weeks

Two weeks (2013) 两周

Genre: Action, Romance, Crime, Thriller

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

two weeks      

starring  Lee Joon Ki as Jang Tae San and Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye and Lee Chae Mi as Seo Soo Jin (Tae San’s daughter).
Plot: Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Ki) escapes from an overturned police car after being falsely accused of murder. His daughter is sick with leukemia and only Tae San’s bone marrow matches hers. Tae San has to keep himself alive and uninfected until the surgery date. With the police and bad guys hot on his heels, will he be able to survive and prove his innocence? The drama spans exactly two weeks, and tells of Tae San’s desperate struggles to save his daughter who brings him courage to live on.

Zoom into characters: Tae San is a kind-hearted person who does not even reject eating his girlfriend’s favourite food even though he is allergic to it. Although he does not seem to be able to kill a fly, he suddenly forced his girlfriend into an abortion. In Hye is Tae San’s girlfriend who gives birth to his child without him knowing and raising her as a single parent. She cuts all ties with her parents as she does not want to go overseas with them. Soo Jin (Tae San’s daughter) is a bright and mature child who is determined to recover from her illness.


MV+Favourite osts: Run by Nell

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