Apink’s Showtime

apink showtime

Apink’s Reality Show ~ Apink’s Showtime!!! First girl kpop group to go on Showtime:D

apink's showtime ep 1

Apink’s Showtime Ep 1— Welcome to Apink’s Showtime!!! This is my favourite girl group by the way!!! For the first game to start off the reality show, they did aegyos. Of course, Bomi is the best aegyo girl and oldest Chorong could not do the aegyos. The next game is to do bungee jumping to test on their braveness. All of them were quite afraid of the bungee jumping except for Eunji. Eunji was the most daring among all of them and volunteered to do the bungee jumping first. She did it without ant hesitation. Everybody each tried to jump although they are scared and they said different words to Apink before jumping downwards. The only members who did not jump are Chorong and Naeun, which they regretted a little after that for being scared. After the bungee jumping, they had questions and requests from different idols, like who is the best at trot songs or requesting Bomi, Hayoung and Namjoo to do the sexy dance they did last time. This rounds off their tiring day.


Apink Showtime Ep 2–Apink are going to shoot a summer photoshoot. They wanted to go to the swimming pool and decided to do their photo shoot in the pool. Hayoung did the first photoshoot by playing in the water. After that, they went to different kinds of slides. Some were scared while some were having great fun. For the first slide, Bomi was in a dreamy-like expression and the unnie line were unable to stand up properly after the ride. For some of the slides, some of the apink members also took a certain expression to do while sliding. They also took photographs together and ate watermelon. They also called Eunji who was busy filming and felt sorry for her as she was working and not playing in the pool with them. They had a great time spent in the pool. They also had a secret camera to expose Apink’s bareface.