Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong (2019)

kiss scene in yeonnamdong

Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong (2019)

Cast: Hong Seung Hee as Yoon Sol, Kim Kwan Soo as Ban Hae Young, Bae In Hyuk as Han Yun Woo

Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 7/10

My Own Review:

It is quite cool how Sol can actually give consultations to people on kissing when she has never kissed before. I guess interest and research can really make someone good at something haha…

Honestly I already knew from the start who kissed Sol. I was just watching this drama to see whether she got together with the person she kissed or not haha.

Overall the pace is still ok and I am still happy with the ending although I was kind of unhappy when the guy who kissed her made the wrong decisions due to him feeling inferior.

And honestly I think the second lead is quite a nice guy. Love is all about supporting the other party in whatever he or she wants to do and what he or she likes. You will know what I am talking about after watching the drama haha.

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