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Random news/ thoughts (Singapore Drama)

The Mediacorp Star Awards Singapore is approaching… (7 to 10pm on 19 April and 26 April) I am really looking forward to it as usual even though I know that the results can be “astonishing”. Haha. Really hope my favourite idols can win some awards!

Sorry that my review on You can be an angel too will be delayed.

Lucky JM


Korean Drama Review Healer

Healer (2014) 治愈者

Genre: Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Action, Mystery

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 2


starring Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Healer, Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho, Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin.

Plot: Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) is a popular reporter at a major broadcasting company run by his older brother. As he tries all ways to make truth come to light, he helps people who feel wronged. He kept silent about his brother’s bad deeds towards his brother’s very own friends due to his lack of power. With people on his side and the power of media, he finally managed to do something about it. Meanwhile, with the help of Kim Moon Ho, internet reporter Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook), known as “Healer,” grow into real reporters.

Zoom into characters: Seo Jung Hoo, code name Healer, is a night errand guy who does any work except murder as long as the payment is sufficient. His dream is to get an uninhabited island in South Pacific (if I did not remember wrongly) and live there until he meets bold and sunny Young Shin. In order to find out more about Young Shin as requested by his client (Moon Ho), he stages as a coward reporter in Someday News. Despite being framed as a murderer and suspected to be near Young Shin, he continues to be around Young Shin on impulse. Young Shin was adopted by a gangster+lawyer after being physically abused by her first adoptive parent. Despite having breathing problems whenever she witnesses violence, she is not afraid to stand up against the bad guys and is protective towards “chicken-hearted” Jung Hoo. She calls herself a veteran entertainment reporter until she gets the chance to learn from her idol, Moon Ho.


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MV+Favourite osts: You by Ben  What my eyes say by Tei

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Getting more and more busy now. Hopefully I will have the time for another review soon.

Korean Drama Review PC

Pinocchio (2014) 皮诺丘

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Family

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 10/10  No. of times I watched it: 3


starring Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha, Noh Jung Ui as Choi In Ha (young), Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po / Ki Ha Myung, Nam Da Reum as Choi Dal Po / Ki Ha Myung (young), Kim Young Kwang as Seo Bum Jo, Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae.

Plot: This drama shows the journey of reporters as they learn about how news can affect people’s lives and to put in their best effort to dig out and reflect the truth. In passionate pursuit of the truth, In Ha and Dal Po later become newbie reporters at a current affairs news desk. Among their colleagues are Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) a heir from a rich chaebol family and Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) who is once a crazy idol fan who now uses those obsessive and determined traits in her new job. While Dal Po takes his revenge as a reporter, In Ha will prove that a Pinocchio can be a good if not better reporter.

Zoom into characters: Ki Ha Myung loses both his parents after his father, Ki Ho Sang (Jung In Ki) the captain of the firefighting squad, becomes the scapegoat due to the media sensationalising the case. Ha Myung is being rescued by Choi In Ha’s grandfather in the sea after his mother jumped off the cliff with him. He feels that his brother abandoned them and decides to stay as Choi Dal Po (In Ha’s grandfather’s mentally challenged son). He is very intelligent and manages to repair the television for In Ha just to find out that In Ha’s mother is actually the MSC reporter that he hates. Because of that, he starts to treat In Ha badly even though he likes her. In Ha has the Pinocchio syndrome and will hiccup whenever she tells a lie so she has no choice but to say the truth. She has tried to stay in contact with her mother by messaging but realises after many years that her mother has changed her phone.


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MV+Favourite osts: Pinocchio by Roy Kim and Only Person by K Will

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你也可以是天使 (Singapore Drama) memorable quotes from last episode
















Korean Drama Review LG

 Liar Game (2014) 诈欺游戏

Genre: Game, Romance, Suspense, Mystery

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 7/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

liar game

starring Lee Sang Yoon as Ha Woo Jin (participant of reality show “Liar Game”), Kim So Eun as Nam Da Jung (participant of reality show “Liar Game”) and Shin Sung Rok as Kang Do Young (MC and planner of reality show “Liar Game”).

Plot: This short drama is about various contestants take part in a game show with a prize of 10 billion won where contestants are encouraged to cheat and lie. The contestants who are able to cheat the others will win the prize but go into more debt if he/she loses the game. Contestants include genius swindler Ha Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon) and naive college student Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun). Meanwhile, Kang Do Young (Shin Sung Rok) will play the MC and planner of this game show.

Zoom into characters: Ha Woo Jin who was once a professor in psychology is a human lie detector. He finds it interesting reading books upside down and can solve a crime just by observing the criminal. Out of revenge for his dead mother, he makes a company bankrupt and attempts to murder the CEO but failed. Nam Da Jung (like Woo Jin’s mother) cannot help but trust people. Her father went into debts and left after he invested in the company that became nothing (because of Woo Jin). Da Jung suddenly finds herself in Liar Game after returning a bag with a lot of money to the police. In order to help Da Jung win money to pay back her debt, a loan shark lackey introduces Woo Jin to her and they work together thereafter. Do Young, the MC of the show, is very sly and tries to raise the ratings of the show by all means. He is also able to control the slightest facial expression, even tricking Woo Jin at times.


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