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Korean Drama Review 5 Fingers

Five fingers (2012) 五根手指

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Music

Enjoyment: 8/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Joo Ji Hoon as Yoo Ji Ho, Kang Yi Suk as Yoo Ji Ho (Young), Chae Shi Ra as Chae Young Ran (In Ha’s mother), Ji Chang Wook as Yoo In Ha, Kim Ji Hoon as Yoo In Ha (Young), Jin Se Yun as Hong Da Mi, Kim Sung Kyung as Hong Da Mi (Young).

Plot: “Five Fingers” is about young people who each have their own tragedies to overcome and achieve their dreams. Yoo Ji Ho (Joo Ji Hoon) is a genius pianist with perfect pitch in the show. While he overcomes childhood scars to chase his dream, he gets caught up in a bitter rivalry with his stepmother, the rich successor to a corporation and his stepbrother, a composer.

Zoom into characters: Ji Ho is brought in by Yoo Man Se as an illegitimate child much to the anger of In Ha and his mother. Ji Ho is happy to have a family finally and gets a chance to learn how to play a piano, putting his gifted ability to full use. Da Mi desires to own a piano since young and is finally given one. However, her deaf father is being framed for murder and she has to move house to avoid criticisms from the neighbours.  While In Ha’s mother pretends to be equally fair to both children in front of  Yoo Man Se, she is plotting to help In Ha get all the inheritance. Yoo Man Se on the other hand,  is trying to take revenge on his wife by making her hate the child that she gave birth to (thought as dead) before their marriage. Without knowing his parents’ actual motive of wanting him to be the heir to Boosung, a piano making company, In Ha bears hatred towards his parents and his jealousy for Ji Ho continues to grow.


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Favourite MVs+ osts: How Painful It Could Be by POSITION and Don`t love me by Lim Jeong Hee

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