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Korean Drama Review SWP

Long time no blog haha! Hope everyone has been well! Glad to be writing after a while. Has been quite busy and also due to not completely finishing one drama. My passion for dramas seems to be reignited in me again. Good to have this feel! Sometimes, when I am feeling troubled in my life or when I use dramas as a way to escape from reality, the thirst for dramas just isn’t that much and it doesn’t really make me feel fulfilled when watching.

~Lucky JM

She was pretty (2015)  她真漂亮

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 2

she was pretty

starring Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin, Jung Da Bin as Hye Jin (young), Park Seo Joon as Ji Sung Joon, Yang Han Yeol as Sung Joon (young), Go Joon Hee as Min Ha Ri, Choi Shi Won as Kim Shin Hyuk

Plot: Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) was a very pretty girl from a rich family. After her family’s publishing company went bankrupt, she experienced hardships and then lost her beauty too. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) was an unattractive and plump boy with low self-esteem, but grows up as a handsome man and successful editor.

Zoom into characters: Ji Sung Joon is often bullied at school due to his appearance until he finally gets a friend, Kim Hye Jin, who is beautiful but treats him as a real friend. Sung Joon’s life changes but they soon lose contact after Sung Joon emigrated overseas and Hye Jin’s family moves house. After many years, they decide to meet again but Hye Jin stood him up after being shocked by Sung Joon’s change, and is embarrassed at her own state. Instead, she asks her best friend, Ha Ri, to become her substitute. Hye Jin finally gets a job at a magazine publishing company (The Most) but to her horror, she ends up working under Sung Joon. On the other hand, Ha Ri slowly falls for Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk is a famous writer in disguise who works at The Most for fun and falls for Hye Jin.


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Favourite MVs+osts: You Don’t Know Me by Soyou (Sistar) & Brother Su

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She was pretty quotes (Korean Drama)

Main characters are not only in dramas or movies. In reality, there are people who live like the main characters and some who live as supporting characters.
Maybe it was me who decided that I was one of the supporting characters. Giving up so easily by letting life dictate your path, wasn’t it me who turned off the spotlight that was shining down on me?

~Park Hye Jin


When I was given the mission, it was not only about The Most folding but I was also given the responsibility for all our team members so I can’t just do it half-heartedly.

I realised that just having 1 friend that stands by your side, this world is not so lonely and it can even be this fun.

~Ji Seung Joon


The only way that I can show myself the way I am and the writing the way it was without judgement was ironically by hiding myself. So I chose this lifestyle to have fun doing the work I like 100%.

~Kim Shin Hyuk