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Korean Drama Review Haeundae lovers HL

Haeundae Lovers (2012) 海云台恋人

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 2


starring Kim Kang Woo as Lee Tae Sung and Jo Yeo Jung as Go So Ra.
Plot: “Haeundae Lovers” is a romantic comedy happening in Haeundae (Busan) that tells the story of Lee Tae Sung (Kim Kang Woo) who meets and falls in love with Go So Ra (Jo Yeo Jung), who is the daughter of a gangster. While Tae Sung was following a drug trafficker, the drug trafficker was knocked down by So Ra’s van. Due to a misunderstanding, Tae Sung thinks that So Ra is helping the drug trafficker escape. Tae Sung thus goes undercover at her house using a product name as his name and body builder as his occupation. On another occasion, he fights with the drug trafficker and ends up losing his memory. As he has nowhere to go, kind-hearted So Ra allows him to stay at their house and he is unexpectedly forced to be her fake husband. Tae Sung starts to change and is able lead a happy life.

After he was hit in the head and thrown into the sea, the drug trafficker took his car but got into a car accident and died, causing everyone to think that Tae Sung is dead. This is a good thing as he is able to start life anew and do things the way he wants. He is so satisfied with his life that he does not take the medicine which will  help him recover his memory. His talent of memorising things straight away and habits still stays with him. I am impressed that he can memorise things so fast. How I wish I have that ability.

There is a big change after Tae Sung meets So Ra. The romance is developed well and I could see their dependence on each other. Tae Sung helps So Ra get back the hotel but in the end he is actually related to the person who snatched the hotel from So Ra’s family. Tae Sung actually has more than two identities as fate plays with him. He even marries twice. I wonder how it is like to lose one’s memory even though I don’t want to try. The uncles of So Ra adds on to the funny parts of the story. It is funny that So Ra’s uncles hate prosecutors yet they got deeply involved with one. Whenever Tae Sung is in trouble of getting found out at So Ra’s house, he always uses the phrase “this is the first time I feel like this” and gets out of the situation. It is hilarious to watch. Learnt that one should be good to our subordinates and learn how to lead a meaning and happy life in our own ways.

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MV+Favourite osts: Farewell is coming by Kang Min Kyung

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