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Blade Man (2014) 钢铁人

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, Melodrama

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

blade man

starring Lee Dong Wook as Joo Hong Bin, Shin Se Kyung as Son Se Dong and Jung Yoo Geun as Joo Chang.

Plot: Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) is a heartless and fearless man. He’s a smart, wealthy, prickly man who manages Global Games (if i am not wrong) and suddenly develops the ability to sprout iron. He gets this ability because of all the pain he carries in his heart, and discovers love and grows up along the way. Meanwhile, Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung) is a meddlesome sort who loves the hero and takes it upon herself to turn him into a real man.

Zoom into characters: Since young, Hong Bin does not have the courage to oppose his father in any way such as just asking his father why the Mathematics question has to be done that way. He does not have freedom, including choosing a girlfriend. It is unable to disentangle the knots of misunderstandings between father and son and they drifted apart. Se Dong sympathises with anyone and everyone and even takes care of a bunch of boys, squeezing all of them into her small apartment. With Se Dong’s kind heart and warm gestures, Hong Bin is able to let go of his pain and learn to care.

Hong Bin’s ability to run faster than a car, “fly” into the air, lift a car and sprout iron (when he is extremely angry) amuse me a lot. Managing a company that creates games really suits Hong Bin. Haha. Even when he tries to be good to his workers by treating them to a meal, he forces them to gobble down the food so he can leave early for his date. I admire how Se Dong always think about others before herself, including her selfless act of adopting people and leaving Hong Bin when Chang’s mother who is thought to be dead returns. However, the return of the Chang’s mother slows down the pace of the drama towards the end. I am moved by the scene where she hugged Hong Bin including his spikes to calm him down when he is angry at his father and cannot control his ability.

Liked Hong Bin’s relationship with his son, Chang. Although their relationship is distant at first as his son is afraid of him and Hong Bin is so fierce towards him, they managed to close the gap with the help of Se Dong. As Hong Bin learns to become a more understanding father, his son is able to like him more and express himself more to Hong Bin. Towards the end, Hong Bin looks forward to Chang’s goodbye before he goes to work and Chang even feels proud that his father is strong. It is hilarious that Chang sometimes becomes the third party that is cutting down on  the time Hong Bin and Se Dong can spend together (much to Hong Bin’s anger). It is a waste that Hong Bin’s stepbrother does not stand a chance against Hong Bin. He does things for Se Dong and dares to try to oppose his father earlier than Hong Bin and is more direct when he approaches things.

It is fun to watch the interaction between Hong Bin and his secretary. His secretary who has good martial arts skills lands nicely at the bottom of the stairs when Hong Bin vents his anger and pushes him down. He always obeys Hong Bin’s orders and is protective towards him. It touches me when he does not mind his whole body filled with wounds as long as he can prevent Hong Bin’s condition from being known. It is funny when Hong Bin is overly energised with his power and his secretary has to chase after him. For example, when he is flying among the trees, his secretary travelling on the ground has to try to catch up with him.

Why you should watch: This drama shows another side of Lee Dong Wook’s acting as his character adds a lot of humour to the drama unlike his other characters. He portrays the immature side of the character well. The fantasy added into the character makes the drama more interesting which is why I started watching.  Liked the relationship between the lead couple and enjoyed the process of Hong Bin growing up to become a good man and a good father.

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Favourite MV+osts: I Love You by Kim Ji Sook & Cho Hyun Young (Rainbow)

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Random recommendations for long historical dramas 2

I am adding one more to the list! In addition to Jumong and Dong Yi, you can consider Horse Doctor 馬醫.

horse doctor

This drama tells the story of a veterinarian in the Joseon Period as he goes through various obstacles and becomes a royal physician. Baek Gwang Hyun (Cho Seung Woo) will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha (Lee Sang Woo) will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong (Lee Yo Won) who has good memory would be the female physician involved in the love triangle. Jang In Joo (Yoo Sun) is a talented acupuncturist interested in Gwang Hyun and knows of his past.

This drama shows the journey of a horse doctor, one of the lowest class in the society that their lives are not even as treasured as that of a rich man’s horse, as he becomes a doctor who heals people. He has exceptional acupuncture skills and is gifted in healing people.

Short overview: Gwang Hyun’s father was framed and punished for being involved in the murder of the king’s son by his very own friend (named Lee Myung Hwan) who is also a doctor. At that time, if Gwang Hyun’s mother gave birth to a boy, he will be killed. However, if it is a girl, the girl will just become an official’s slave. In order to save Gwang Hyun’s life, a slave swapped his daughter, who Gwang Hyun’s father rescued, with Gwang Hyun. Thereafter, fate brings Gwang Hyun to this slave girl, later named Ji Nyeong. However, they are soon separated after Gwang Hyun’s adoptive father’s death which is also caused by Lee Myung Hwan. Gwang Hyun is raised by a horse doctor and learns how to treat animals after he felt the sense of accomplishment for helping to save a horse. Lee Myung Hwan becomes Ji Nyeong’s guardian after Gwang Hyun’s father is proven innocent in order to manage Gwang Hyun’s father’s inheritance.

Liked how the drama goes as Gwang Hyun faces many difficulties due to his social class when he is actually the son from the upper class. Ji Nyeong on the other hand tries to hide her identity of being in the upper class in order to be a physician that is treated like others. Unlike normal love rivals, (although Sung Ha disapproves of her being with Gwang Hyun) he only thinks for Ji Nyeong and does not force her to marry him even though their marriage has been set since young.

It is interesting as Gwang Hyun tries to become a doctor who cures human after he is punished severely for attempted murder when he tried to save one of the horse doctors using acupuncture. He may not be good at knowing the patients’ illness due to lack of experience but he is definitely quick-witted, caring and willing to learn. Enjoyed how Guang Hyun uses his knowledge in treating animals to help solve diseases that are thought to be incurable. Although by doing that he may offend the people, especially those in the royal family, he will not give up in trying to treat them. Really admire his determination in this whole drama. When his right hand is severely injured and he has a fever, he still went to take the acupuncture test in his determination to become a doctor who treats human and not being looked down by others. He even used his body to experiment on a new cure for an incurable disease. I admire Ji Nyeong’s eagerness to give up her position and tell the truth when she learns about the truth of her real identity.

Liked Kim So Eun acting as the princess who has a crush on Gwang Hyun after he treated her pet cat. The princess is always being told by the court lady that she can never dream of having Gwang Hyun but the irony is Gwang Hyun is not from the lower class. It is a waste that she have to give up on him even though I prefer Ji Nyeong to be with Gwang Hyun. Haha. It is funny whenever the princess orders her so called bodyguard to do ridiculous things like finding an item (which ends up to be a woman’s underwear) which can give Gwang Hyun luck. The lead couple acted well in this drama and I am glad that the ending is a happy one! On a side note, Cho Seung Woo looks different in this drama. Maybe it is just me that think that way?

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Favourite MV+ osts: It hurts and hurts by Yaerin

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Healer quotes (Korean Drama)

Fate, destiny, I believe in them. If they did not exist, why would words for them exist?

~Chae Young Shin


Whether someone misunderstands or understands me, it did not matter to me at all. I was like that.

~Seo Jung Hoo


Keeping quiet was my sin.

~Kim Moon Ho

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