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(I am really sorry for not writing reviews frequently as I am quite busy with other things these days and do not have the time to watch or write reviews. I will try my very best to write reviews. Thank you for supporting.)

Running Man  

Running Man is a South Korean variety show that is quite popular around the world. It is a game show. The members in Running Man are Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Kang Gary, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin and Song Joong Ki(which is currently not in running man).

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There are currently some new members as well. They are Yang Se-chan and Jeon So Min.

My favourite rm members: Song Ji Hyo (Ace), Yoo Jae Suk (Yooruce Willis), Haha (perfect schemer(?)), Joong Ki (flower boy)

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Running Man Ep 1 (guests: Lee Hyori, Hwang Jung Eum)—When Lee Gwang Soo starts his self-introduction, the rain gets bigger and bigger haha. Highlights: Chicken fight and Clothes hanger games. The chicken fight is very funny as Yoo Jae Suk keeps getting hit on the wrong areas, Lee Kwang Soo being fast but falling on his own, Lee Hyori resorting to tricks and tries melting the hearts of stranger opponent chicken fighters. The clothes hanger game which they have to wear the clothes on the moveable clothes rack and race in it is interesting and ridiculously fun!

Running Man Ep 7 (guests: Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue, JoKwon of 2AM, Ham Eun Jung of T-ara)—Hightlights: Photoshoot in the moving frame, chaser and mission teams bell hide and seek, and drinking competition. It was hilarious when they had to put on wigs and act like ballerinas in one of the shots. The hide and seek is conducted in the performing arts centre and the backstage is cool! After Yoo Jae Suk got ousted, he accidentally exposes their mission due to being eavesdropped by Song Joong Ki when talking into the walkie talkie. After that, he funnily tries to take revenge by revealing the chasers’ positions and even spreading rumours about Kim Jong Kook through the walkie talkie. Jung Yong Hwa is super lucky in the mission team and slips past the chaser team Haha and Gary a few times. For the drinking competition, Kim Jong Kook rolled the dice and gets “11” lemons to be squeezed into juice and drank (same number as Yoo Jae Suk afterwards)! Kim Jong Kook’s shocked expression is very funny!

Running Man Ep 17 (guests: Go Joo Won and Jung Yong Hwa)—Running Man at a Women’s University. Running man members received the mission to trick Jung Yong Hwa by memorising the answers to the quiz and making him last in the quiz. However, they do not know that Jung Yong Hwa actually sets the game to trick them and has to obtain 3 correct answers from running man members’ help to get the running ball. It is funny when Kim Jong Kook gets blown a few times even though he gets the correct answer! After that, they have to guess and choose university students who are real music majors for a mission game. Most of the teams guess wrongly. There was a student previously from Lee Gwang Soo’s school and offers information about framer Lee Gwang Soo’s past much to his embarrassment. I rewatched the last bells chaser and mission team hide and seek a few times already. It is fun to watch the mission team ring the bells around the school. Watch it to know more!

Running Man Ep 38 (guests: none)– Yoomes bond 1 (look above for some information) All the members thought that there was a guest that is eliminating people but it was Yoomes Bond—Yoo Jae Suk. To know actual events, please watch it.

Running Man Ep 39 (guests: Yoona, Sunny (SNSD))— Yoona and Sunny are the spies(if I am not wrong). They were supposed to eliminate the rm members using some inky thing (I don’t really remember). I remember somebody passing by them without noticing. For the rm members, they were supposed to find some items to win. The last remaining survival was Yoo Jae Suk. He had one more thing to find(if I remembered correctly). He also know the spy guests. After the game, they played a game which need to find the top 10 best food (if I am not wrong). Anyway, Kim Jong Kook’s team lost. They had to do a forfeit of wearing spiderman and wonder woman shirt (if I am not wrong)

Running Man Ep 55 (guest:  Sulli, Ji Yeon, Luna, Suzy)— It was a couple race. One of them  did not have a pair, which is Ji Suk Jin. There were many couple games. At a certain time, they had to pick a card and if the card shows the exchanging of couple, Ji Suk Jin would be your couple. The one that did not have a couple was a seeker, which is Kang Gary. Kang Gary had to eliminate all the couple in a certain timing. However he was not very good at these kind of things. He managed to eliminate almost every couple except for Haha-Suzy couple, and only left less than a minute. However, they managed to pull through until the time stopped. Therefore, the couple won.

Running Man Ep 64 (guests: SNSD (Girl’s Generation))— It is the continuous of the previous ep. In the morning, the SNSD girls went missing with the van they are sleeping in. The rm members thought they drank the sunflower tea and got missing like in a previous ep. However, they did not. They would be partnered by the person who is first to arrive with the first who came out of the van. One of the teams chosen by the PD(if I am not wrong) will be the one ripping off nametags, and they are Yoo Jae Suk and Seo Hyun. They had to put on bells. If it rings, they would get caught. Yoo Jae Suk thought of an idea to hide it in the shoes. That was what I always think of when I started watching running man. Finally somebody thought of it. However, they were found out but not very early. When left Kim Jong Kook couple, they tried their best and eliminated them. They won the game. Wow!

Running Man Ep 91 (guests: none)– Yoomes Bond 2. He came back after exactly a year, previous one is ep 38 (click to watch). Mr Yoo Jae Suk is Yoomes bond. The rm members are caught to jail. They were given the mission on a chopstick to escape. Kang Gary realised it so late as he was busy eating dumplings with his hand until… First to escape: Haha. Yoo Jae Suk followed a staff (if i remember correctly)into a familar door, and got the mission to eliminate the people with the gun. Nobody knew. When Lee Gwang Soo went back to jail, he realised it and screamed his name. Kim Jong Kook did manage to escape again but he don’t know that Yoo Jae Suk was his opponent and worked together with Yoo Jae Suk. At the last part they were about to escape. However, Yoo Jae Suk sprayed his nametag and hold him with his might. He won and get to escape the building. Yoomes Bond will never die.

Running Man EP 92 (guests: Jung Myung and JYP)– The running man members are grouped into groups of three. Their mission was supposed to deliver jjangmyeon to an elderly who lives in an island. They had to complete different missions to obtain the different items like jjangmyeon, pickled radish, chopsticks However, only one of each item is real. As a result, they have to try to complete the missions before the other teams do so that they have a higher probability of getting the right items. Especially want to mention one of the missions, which was a memory game. One member had to hold his breadth in the water while the other teammates find two pairs of the same item. The hilarious part of the game is that Jung Myung’s team was the first to start that mission but the team ended up being the last to leave because Jung Myung could not hold his breadth. Gary and Yoo Jae Suk were so tired that they collapsed. At the end of the missions to collect the items to be delivered, each group was given a coupon. The group must obtain all the coupons by eliminating the member with the coupon so that they can deliver the noodle to the elderly.

Running Man Ep 93 (guests: Han Seung-yeon (Kara), HyunA (4Minute), Krystal (f(x)), Park Gyu-ri (Kara) and Suzy (miss A))— Running Man Survival Game. This game is all about voting. The running man members had to vote the person they want to eliminate most for the first three games. They had to eliminate the person with the most votes so that the person cannot go to the next mission. The first person that was chosen was none other than Kim Jong Kook. It is expected that he is everyone’s target as he is hard to be eliminated. Kim Jong Kook was angry and suspended many running man members to prevent them from eliminating him. Although Kim Jong Kook was a prey, the running man members were all scared of him, especially Yoo Jae Suk who was startled when he saw Kim Jong Kook. Even Yoo Jae Suk’s VJ was scared of Kim Jong Kook that the VJ had jelly-leg hahaha. Anyway, after the three games, the real elimination game begins. In this game, there will be angels/ devils to aid the running man members. Whether the girl guests will be angel/ devils to the members  depends on who they voted as the winner of the game.

Running Man Ep 94 (guests: Han Seung-yeon (Kara), HyunA (4Minute), Krystal (f(x)), Park Gyu-ri (Kara) and Suzy (miss A))— Running Man Wedding Race. They had to do quite a number of missions to success. They had a tiring time. The last game was couple elimination game. For the first team that arrived at the last location, they (Kang Gary couple get a reversal elimination). Everybody ganged up to eliminate the commander. However, I think he was on fire(?). Anyway Kang Gary couple won and Krystal got a gold tiara.

Running Man Ep 96 (guests: Park Ji-sung and IU)— Superpower Soccer Game. Only rm member and IU can have superpower to help them in the soccer match. Park Ji Sung and Lee Gwang Soo one team. Rest of the people are one team. Watch it to see who win!

Running Man Ep 99

Running Man Episode 99 (guests: Im Ho and Lee Tae-gon)— They were supposed to the play to win games to conquer places around. They are very funny while playing the games. Hahaha… The last game is nametag elimination. The nametags have the places they conquered. There were also spies, not telling you who are they. 

Running Man Ep 101(guests: Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo and Yoon Do Hyun)— These three people are spies of Kim Soo Hyun. The spies had another spy Song Ji Hyo (but actually not). There were games that were very funny and unbelievable. They are supposed to find hints to locate the real gold to win. Who do you think will win?

Running Man Ep 102(guests: Kim Soo Hyun)— Kim Soo Hyun is unhappy about his spies not doing a good job and so he decided to come to running man as a spy to get the real. Firstly, he had a water gun. He was supposed to shoot it on somebody’s nametag and he would be eliminated after a certain hour. Kang Gary was shot and when he was eliminated, he was very shock. Then, the rest of the members had to be eliminated by hand. He was found out by Haha, however, Haha made an alliance with him to eliminate the rest of the member. Please watch it to know actual events.

Running Man Ep 104 (guests:  Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Ham Eun-jung (T-ara), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Nichkhun (2PM), Si-wan (ZE:A) and Yoon Doo-joon (Beast))– It is the first time olympic if I am not wrong. That time I was awed to have realised that rm had olympics! Hahaha…

Running Man Ep 105 (guest: Han Ji Min)— There are many games and how they challenged was interesting. The last game is an elimination game. The rms are supposed to find cards to increase their money. There are also decrease ones. Once they open, they have to take that fate. The money are used to buy extra nametags.

Running Man Ep 107 (guests: Gaeko (Dynamic Duo), Jang Shin-young and Kim Sang-joong)— Kim Sang Joong was released from jail after don’t know how many years. Haha… He had an assistant/follower Jang Shin Young. They found that their gold badge was missing and it was with one of the rm members(Yoo Jae Suk, which also have a gun that can shoot only once). They had a gun, which can make people be ousted. They made Lee Gwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin as their hostage. One will have the true and one with the fake hint. They could only revive one. They revived Ji Suk Jin, which has the real hint. For the actual events, is better for you to watch then for me to write. Anyway, when Yoo Jae Suk was ousted, he gave his things to Ji Suk Jin, wanting him to win. So good of him!


Running Man Ep 108 (guests: Lee Joon [MBLAQ] and Gong Hyo Jin)— 2 VS 6 as you can see above. There were games to get hints. The hints are places where there is spells(?) to be able to eliminate Lee Gwang Soo’s 7 nametags. They can only eliminate Gong Hyo Jin after all Lee Gwang Soo’s nametag is eliminated. The last game events: The couple tried to destroy the spell thing by tearing it and throwing the things at different places(from the hint she had gotten). Anyway, Yoo Jae Suk’s team managed to find it because of the good finder Lee Joon (if I am not wrong) and they fixed everything together. Daebak(awesome)! Also, Kim Jong Kook wanted to revenge(?) on Lee Gwang Soo and keep on make NGs of hitting him. However, Lee Gwang Soo managed to eliminate him(not to what Kim Jong Kook expected). He regretted it really.

  Running Man 110

Running Man Ep 109 and 110 (guests: Park Tae Hwan (Swimmer), Son Yeon Jae (Rhythm Gymnastics))— Ep 109— There were games. If you win the games, you can enlarge another group’s nametag, make your nametag smaller, or make your nametag back to the original size. The last game is nametag elimination. You can find magical bottles and give it to the witch to make a spell of reversal to somebody else. There are also fake bottles that will make your nametags bigger (if I am not wrong). Ep 110—It is the continuous of the previous episode. The next morning, there is games to receive more paper. The paper will decide on the sequence to each person’s entrance and also to pick a number card. The highest number would be the first to be eliminated. When there are 3 people left, they could revive two people from jail to come out as 0 or 4. They would have to pick and to see who will be revived. I remembered that Park Tae Hwan is really clever. He did not hide like the other members when it is his turn to be eliminated, but helped to eliminate the person in front of him and then eliminate the person beside before they could react and the broadcast to who the next is.

Running Man Ep 112 (guests: Go Chang-suk, Im Ha-ryong, Lee Jong-won, Shin Jung-gun, Son Byung-ho and Kim Taeyeon (SNSD))— They were in pairs. Lucky Lee Gwang Soo teamed up with Kim Taeyeon. The game before the last one is the guessing of song from Seoul sang by the villagers to get a golden egg. The last game is the nametag elimination game, entering by the number they got. The fathers really want to survive through the game. I remembered only Song Ji Hyo and her team mate managed to meet each other. Her team mate survived really long just to wait for Song Ji Hyo’s entrance.  Also, I remembered Kim Jong Kook hearing Lee Gwang Soo(alliance, Yoo Jae Suk also) saying that he wanted to eliminate him and Kim Jong Kook therefore betrayed him. At some point of time, I remembered the remaining fathers and Song Ji Hyo teamed up to eliminate Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook so that their daughters would be able to see them longer on TV. Anyway, Yoo Jae Suk betrayed Kim Jong Kook and ran away (if I am not wrong). He was in big crisis as it was 4 against him. However, he pulled through with his fast movements(?)(his nametag just sticks onto him!). There was betrayal between the fathers too, therefore easier for Yoo Jae Suk. Anyway, he pulled through and won the game. Wow!

Running Man Ep 113 (guests: Jeon Mi-seon, Yeom Jeong-ah and Yoo Hae-jin )– The game is ttakji competition(to beat the ultimate ttakji), to determine which family will inherit the money.

Running Man Ep 114 (guests: Moon Guen Young)— X-man Episode. They were supposed to play games and win them to get hints and allowed to change groups. Yoo Jae Suk is the X-man. There are clues like Moon Gueng Young e.t.c. The clue of “Moon Guen Young” means that the X-man cannot be with her in the same team, if not he wins.

Running Man Ep 115 (guests: Moon Geun-young, Max Changmin and U-know Yunho (DBSK))— It is a bell race. They will be paired in a group. There are many games such as photo zone, dodge ball and chicken fight. They were supposed to play chicken fight with the eliminated couple. Of course, nobody can beat Kim Jong Kook. The final game, the eliminated couples would be the hider and the ones not eliminated are the catcher. The hider had to find something with their name to eliminate them.

Running Man Ep 116 (guests: Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang Ui)– Able to see the future (ttakji) Firstly, they had games to eliminate people and the remaining people on the train would possess a future ttakji. At the actual place of the last game, you can find more ttakji. Anyway, it is very funny when they throw the ttakji . When you see the future, you will have to pay the price, like Aunties crowding around e.t.c. Also, the glass will crack unless there is a winner among them.

Running Man 117

Running Man Ep 117 (guests: Ji Jin-hee, Ji Sung and Song Chang-ui, Yoobin (Wondergirls) and Suzy (Miss A))— There were many games and funny moments in this episode. The final game is the “Scissors-paper-rock” game. Yoo Jae Suk win the others all in a goal. Awesome!

 Running Man 119

Running Man Ep 119 (guests: Choo Shin-soo, Jin Se-yeon and Ryu Hyun-jin)— Baseball Superpower 1. There were many incredible powers, it is so awesome!


Running Man Episode 120 and 121(guests: Lee Seunggi and Park Shin Hye)— All the members are secret agents. They had to do several missions. The first two groups that had won would get a computer for the ep 121 mission. Too sad 😦 for Yoo Jae Suk ssi as he does not know how to use the computer.  The person who got the highest mark on ep 120 is 007, water sniper. The person who get the worse result will be the evil lord and he/she would summon somebody to help him/her. They are supposed to find hints to open the code to the gold bars. Lee Seunggi has the complete code in his shoes and he was shocked and thought that it was a sponsor for that show. Oh my gosh! Such a pity… The gold bars are just right under his nose. Press the link to watch it. 😀

Running Man 124

Running Man Ep 124 (guests: Go Soo and Han Hyo-joo)—

Running Man Ep 126 (guests: Choi Jiwoo)— This is totally different from just a spy or something. It is about deceiving. Choi Ji Woo had a mission to eliminate the other members with her spy. She thought that that was a real mission, but behind all this looking is the rm members! Their mission was supposed to deceive her and let her win so that she could win! The rm members make Haha as her spy. They played games to get stars and also do missions to get stars. The rm members who does not have stars have their mission of ‘deceiving Choi Ji Woo’, so they had to get stars before she gets it. If you eliminate people, you will get 1 star. Anyway, she was completely deceived as she was only thinking of her mission. Even the rm members felt sorry for her although she managed to get all the stars. Such a pity… Lesson learnt: Never to believe/ trust each other in running man. Haha! 😀

Running Man 128

Running Man Ep 128 (guests: Park Shinyang and Uhm Jiwon)— War of Money. There were many games and many funny parts. Park Shin Yang has amazing flexibility and he brought a goggles to running man while doing a mission. The last game is the last one to sit on the chair will win. However, both Kim Jong Kook and Park Shin Yang sat on the chair. Therefore, it became the first time that two teams win. However, they had to choose a ball to times how many to win.  Park Shin Yang team times one and Kim Jong Kook’s team times 3. Haha… For the Song Ji Hyo team’s money, they donated to some home or something.

Running Man Ep 129 (guests: Hwang Kwang-hee (ZE:A), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), L (Infinite), Lee Jong-hyun (CN Blue), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Min-ho (Shinee) and Sulli (f(x))— Running Man Olympics! There were Olympic games and others. The guests are good in different sports. Highlight: Hwang Kwang Hee screamed like a girl during the games.

Running Man Ep 130 (guests: none)— During the 1931, the running man members each got a key to open the treasure chest to get the gold. They eliminated each other to get the keys but it was found that there was no treasure in the treasure chest as it was fake. When they reincarnated in 2013, they were supposed to eliminate the person with the keys to get the keys to open the real treasure chest. However, the people had been reincarnated into another person’s body except for the first person who reached the station. That person knew where the real treasure chest was as an advantage and he hid it. To know that person and the actual events, please press the hyperlink (on the episode number) to watch it. Enjoy :).

Running Man Ep 131(guests: Chu Sung Hoon and Lee Si Young)— The two fighters that make the rm members scared. The first game was the nametag elimination. The game on the wrestling is the best as it was a good battle between the strong (if I’m not wrong).

Running Man Ep 132 (guests: Hwang Jung-min, Hyun-ah (4Minute) and Park Sung-woong)– Spy Vs Spy. Each team has a spy from another team. The spies are supposed to help them win the game. At the last game, when left Lee Gwang Soo and the other group: Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin, Lee Gwang Soo tricked Kim Jong Kook and tore his nametag off. He found all the hidden things that the other group hid and won the game. Ji Suk Jin was hopeless and just walked around with him.


Running Man Ep 133 and 134 (guests: Han Hye-jin and Lee Dong-wook)— Asian Race. There were many unbelievable and cool games. One of them was at a super tall tower. Bungee jumping was one of the games. Ace Ji Hyo is so daring among the boys to be the first one to jump that  bungee jumping. She is so awesome!

Running Man Ep 138 (guests: Kim Sooro, Kim Woobin, Lee Jonghyun (CN Blue), Lee Jongsuk and Min Hyorin)— This is one of the ep I liked best. I would never get bored over it. Theatre VS Athletic Department. They had to earn the flag. There were many interesting games. I have been watching this a few times. Definitely recommended.

Running Man Ep 139 (guests: Go Ahra and Lee Yeonhee)— This is the first ep I think they introduce Gwang Ja (boy became girl). This ep is definitely recommendable! It is very very funny, especially Gwang Ja. They were in couple. They played many games to get the clue for the last game. They were supposed to find music box to get the hint of who is the brother or sister and have to eliminate them. They had to put the nametag of the siblings to win. The siblings are Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Yeonhee. However, Lee Yeonhee did not know that Yoo Jae Suk was his brother and eliminate him. Sigh… Anyway, Kang Gary helped Lee Yeonhee by holding onto Kim Jong Kook as he felt pitiful for her. So good! Anyway, Go Ahra managed to eliminate her and put both nametags. Therefore, Go Ahra and Kim Jong Kook win.

Running Man Ep 140 (guests: none)—- Yoomes Bond had returned with a good image. He is supposed to find who was the one who spread the Virus, whom is Song Ji Hyo! Watch this to see how Yoo Jae Suk won Song Ji Hyo and how people suspected each other.

Running Man Ep 141 (guests: Eun Jiwon and Jessica (Girls’ Generation))– The rms have changed into an animal(?)in this game. Mr Yoo Jae Suk won in the quiz game. He got an extra life because of it. Gwang Soo won the elimination game.

Running Man Ep 142 (guests: Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon)— In this, it showed the popularity of each running men. Lee Bo Young had stated the best-looking rm. Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook was upset about her placing them 3rd and 4th respectively but they were in the same team. For the game details, please watch it.

Running Man Ep 143 (guests: Kim In-kwon, Lee Kyung-kyu, Ryu Hyun-kyung)— Karaoke Race. They were supposed to win games to get advantage for the last game. Advantages can be a choir singing, ride on a bike, sit on a moving swing e.t.c. It is very funny how they did it. However, the marks were quite high though.

Running Man Ep 144 (guests: Cha In-pyo, Ricky Kim and Seo Jang-hoon)—Who is the legendary knig of ttakji? Of course is none other than Mr Yoo Jae Suk. It is also a revenge for Mr Yoo Jae Suk as Kim Jong Kook who had won the ultimate ttakji had become the best (?). When they two were left, they played for a few hours until they decided to change ttakji. Mr Yoo Jae Suk won by flipping over both Kim Jong Kook’s ttakji. Yahoo~

Running Man Ep 145 (guests: Jeon Hye-bin, Jung Jin-woon (2AM), Kim Byung-man, Noh Woo-jin and Park Jung-chul)— Running Man VS Law of Jungle. There was a water game and an acting game. Then, the nametag elimination game. There was a guest that is very good at climbing trees and walls.

Running Man Ep 146 (guests: Kim Sang-kyung and Uhm Jung-hwa)— Detectives VS Betrayal Club(consisting of Lee Gwang Soo, Haha, Ji Suk Jin) The detectives were supposed to find evidences of them so that they could arrest them. The group that arrest all of them will win. However, they might not have all the evidences and therefore need to eliminate the members of the other detective group too to win.

Running Man Ep 147(guests: Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo)— There are many running man games like acupuncture mat, flying chair e.t.c.  The last game is tug of war. Song Ji Hyo’s team won and got a trophy. Is the least strongest team combination among them and they managed it because of Song Ji Hyo’s boys fan. So awesome! 🙂 Oh, I remember during the flying chair there was something very funny. Yoo Jae Suk’s towel was so wet that it was so heavy that it can cause people to fall. Yoo Jae Suk also did that on Haha who did not believe.

Running Man 148

Running Man Ep 148 (guests: Jeong Jun Ha & So Yi Hyun)— It is a food game.  They had to do many missions on food. Some are just games. The last game is the “food” domino. For more details, please watch it.

Running Man Ep 149 (guests: Kim Soo Mi, Kim Sook, Kwon Ri Sae (Ladies’ Code), Park So Hyun, Song Eun-ee)— The Legendary of nine-tailed fox. It is actually a Korean drama. From the oldest to the youngest, the oldest would get the most tails before the games and the youngest would get the least tails. They had to play games to win one ore tail(every game). The last game, they had to eliminate all the gumihos to win the game or have nine tails to win the game. Also, if they eliminate the man, they would be resurrected as their man. Lee Gwang Soo had been resurrected to all the groups and had to change the clothing a lot of time. Haha. Anyway, Haha’s Team won the game and got a golden ball.

Running Man Ep 150 (guests: Chansung & Taecyeon (2PM), Choo Sung Hoon, Jung Doo Hong, Kim Dong Hyun)—Superpower Game. There are different powers for individual. For details, please watch it.

Running Man 151    

Running Man Ep 151(guests: Han Hyo Joo, Jung Woo Sung, Junho (2PM))— The Grim Reaper had arrived. The Reaper had two helpers, Lee Gwang Soo and Haha. They were supposed to make a list on whom to eliminate first. They wanted to torture Yoo Jae Suk by making him last to be eliminated but it was actually to their disadvantage (if i am not wrong). Han Hyo Joo and Yoo Jae Suk won him! Very cool elimination game involving many CCTVs for the grim reaper!

Running Man Ep 153 (guests: Park Ji Sung, Koo Ja Chul, Sulli)— Park Ji Sung definitely have incredible soccer skills. The last game they had to kick the ball onto something to determine the size of their nametag. Park Ji Sung shoot almost everybody’s one by himself. He shot many big nametags for the other group.

Running Man Ep 155 (guests: Bae Suzy)— It is a bad and scary atmosphere, even the rm members are scared. They had to find the destined pairs (that are actually ghosts) by asking the mirror, but curses would come and the person cannot do that particular thing or they will be eliminated. The ghosts have to eliminate them. Who is the ghost? Please watch it yourselves… Oh wait… Gwang Soo’s curse was cannot look behind and he walked in a very funny manner.

Running Man Ep 157 (guests: Jung Woong In, Ahn Gil Kang, Kim Hee Won)—Must watch! Kang Gary, Song Ji Hyo, Haha and Kim Jong Kook are Ji Suk Jin’s(victim)prospecutor. Yoo Jae Suk(the good speaker) is the 3 people’s(defendant) lawyer, the 3 people had acted in shows of being bad people, if you do watch dramas. The case was actually Ji Suk Jin stating that one of them had hit him during the blackout. The prospectors and lawyer had to state their statements like a real one. The Judges are people from the PD team(I think so).

Running Man Ep 158 (guests: Moon Jung Hee, Son Huyn Joo, Jun Mi Sun)— Must watch episode! This is… You can say it is funny… Lee Gwang Soo Secret Mission. He had to do the games (they were doing) secretly and get the top 3 spaces so that the rm will win the mission to get clues for the last game. The rest of the games I am not going to talk about them.

running man 159

Running Man Ep 159 (guests: Kim Yerim, John Park, Sayuri, Kim Kwang Kyu, Park Sang Myun, JungIn & Jo Jung Chi)— There were many games and this episode was very funny. Hahaha… This is a couple race, the one who get the most gold would be able to get gold. One of the games is building a boat and get the best record to win the game. There was something very very funny: Yoo Jae Suk’s Team’s boat was starting to sink at the very beginning and they rowed the boat really quickly. Also, Lee Gwang Soo’s Team’s boat went to the wrong direction. Haha… Sorry, I think I laughed too much even when I am writing… At the end, a guest couple and Monday Couple won the game. However, they had to choose ‘love’ or ‘gold’. If you choose ‘love’, you would not get any gold. If you choose ‘gold’, you will get ‘gold’. One of the guest couple chose ‘gold’ and got back the same amount of gold. However, on the other hand, the Monday Couple both put ‘love’, showing the true love they had. But, they won times 2 of the gold as true love is more than just wanting golds.

Running Man 161 (guests: Shinhwa)— There were many games. The funniest one is the toe wrestling game by Lee Gwang Soo and a guest. Really funny! There was two games that Kim Jong Kook looked really funny. The last game is to find the person that cannot be eliminated, take his shoes to put somewhere to get the golden glove to eliminate that person to win.

Running Man Ep 162 (guests: BEAST, MBLAQ, 2PM, INFINITE, APink, Sistar, Girls Day)— Idol’s Special. As usual, there are games. They had very good teamwork. The last game is to 1. Escape a cage  2. Complete a puzzle 3. Take the key to remove the flag.  Yoo Jae Suk was on his own as his team members had to leave. He had much difficulty untying it by himself. Song Ji Hyo showed amazing skills in untying ropes and her team had great teamwork they were the first to escape although they were not the first to enter. The puzzle was easy but they think too complicated and took quite a lot of time. Song Ji Hyo’s team got the key first and won the game. Awesome!

Running Man Ep 163 (guests: G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri)– They were supposed to steal princess Ji Hyo’s (gold princess) heart. If they won the whole game, they will get gold. Too bad but our gold killer managed to win and get all the gold.

Running Man Ep 164 (guests: Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Soon)— It is about cooking the best broth, I do not really remember though. They had to play games as usual but for advantages for the last game. Funny part: The game of flying chair. When Song Ji Hyo said she would fly her son, Yoo Ah In, he will definitely fly into the pool and everyone would say “Ah In, annyeong!” which means “Ah In, goodbye!” Really very funny. Through this episode, we know that Yoo Ah In is good at cooking.

Running Man Ep 165 (guests: none)—- A little girl fan of rm wrote a book for the rm members. They had to find the fan with their clues to win. There were many games like rock-climbing. The people who are scared of heights would be panicking. The girl’s favourite rm member was actually Lee Gwang Soo, the Giraffe… He was so touched…

Running Man Ep 166 (guests: Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk)– The inheritors/ heirs actor and actresses came to rm to become the best inheritors. Choi Jin Hyuk showed that he is very strong through the game shown on the picture. He could take out all of them really quickly by himself. Anyway, I would tell you who won then since the events you could watch it yourself. Choi Jin Hyuk was the best inheritor like when he was in the show (if I am not wrong).

Running Man 167 (guests: Kim Min Jung, Chun Jung Myung)— As usual, playing games of different kind. Kim Min Jung and Lee Kwang Ja/Soo(?) are undercovered cops and they were supposed to eliminate the person to take the bag which has the confidential documents for them to win.

Running Man Ep 168 (guests: IU and Park Myung Soo)— The people were in groups. They had to predict how many lambs and wolfs are there. The  Ha-Myung-Kook meet again after a long time. One of the games that needed someone to go into the water. I like the second last battle best, the ripping of nametag in a ring.

Press the link to watch it! 🙂

Running Man 169 (guests: Joo Sang Wook & Yang Dong Geun)— Each rm member and guests had to wear a helmet that is locked. Each people have somebody else’s key. By winning the game, they could try other people’s key to unlock the helmet from their head. Those people not freed from the helmet at the end of the day would be the catcher. Those freed would have to find the catcher’s name stuff to eliminate them and also try to escape from the building to win.

Running Man Ep 170(guests: T.O.P. , Kim Yoo Jung, Yoon Je Moon)–The running man member are the different people in Wizard of Oz. Ji Suk Jin(wizard) planned how to lessen the number of players if I was not wrong. He almost won but Kim Yoo Jung took his coat off and eliminated. Such a pity for Ji Suk Jin.

Running Man Ep 171(guests: Ryu HyunJin, Yoon Sukmin, EXO)— As usual, there are games. The last game is hide-and-seek game versus idol group EXO as their punishment for not guessing something correctly. This game is one of the games I like a lot. Every 10-15 min they would change the role of be seekers(eliminate people) and hiders(hide until time for them to eliminate). It is very nice!!!:D

Running Man Ep 173(guests: Ryu Hyun Jin and Bae Suzy)— Baseball Superpower The Second One after a long time. The RM members will earn money to buy powers by winning the games— (early bird gets the money) 2 games. The real game, each player possesses different power to help in the baseball. The powers are so awesome!

Running Man Ep 174 (guests: Lee Seung Gi, Han HyeJin, Bora)– There were many codes to solve to go to the each and every next destination. The second last mission was kicking something into something if I am not wrong. And Yoo Jae Suk could show his skills(?) he possesses (?). Anyway, capable(?) Lee Gwang Soo managed to solve the code and got the correct ans. He really is quite good at solving codes!  So, Lee Seungi Gi and Lee Gwang Soo team won.

Running Man Ep 175(guests: Gong Yoo, Park Hee Soon)— There are many funny scenes here. Of course, games again but this time if you win first or second place, you can write down the names of the members to be eliminated first in the Suspect Target Race. The race is like this, there would be a sequence of people being eliminated by the number of votes they have. They have to find a whistle for them to stay alive. The first person voted was Gwang Soo. He decided to hide instead of finding the whistle but the whistle was just around him or just right under his nose. Such a pity! Haha and Gong Yoo were both voted together. Haha found the whistle and whistled it which saved Gong Yoo who was kind of in danger.

Running Man Ep 176 (guests: Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Juck, Jun Hyun Moo, Muzy, Jang KiHa)—A popularity contest for the rm men and man guests to find out their popularity(no. of women who want to date them) rank among them. Although they hoped to have a better rank than the rest, they still displayed some impressive teamwork in the games.

Running Man Ep 177 (guests: Gil, Jung Chi, JungIn, APink, Gaeko, Choiza)— All the rm members thought that Kang Gary was kidnapped but he and Gil was actually scheming…

Running Man Ep 178 (guests: none)— PD Team VS Running Man. The running man team do not want water games anymore and are protesting. So this game will determine on whether there is water games, if the rm team win, there will be no more water games. There are many challenging games (to receive running ball). The PD team were surprised the rm members could success in the big-sized tumbling block game. Although the rm has more balls, the lucky ball that came out from the machine was the PDs one. because of technology error, they sprayed at the PDs instead of rm who had lost. The rm members were laughing around, especially Haha. I was laughing with them too.

Please press the link to watch. 🙂

Running Man Ep 181 (guests: Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Lee Se Young)— Romeo and Juliet= Lee Jong Suk and Song Ji Hyo. They are supposed to do a certain action and the rest have to try to see if they did it. However, they were still caught…

Running Man Ep 182 (guests: Im Si Wan, Do Hee, Yeo Jin Goo)— A Hong Kong fan had planned this game for the rms. The last game is the chinese chess, about group vs group elimination but using chinese chess. For more details, please watch it.

Running Man 183 pic

Running Man Ep 183 (guests: Uhm Jung Hwa, Moon So Ri, Jo Min Soo)— Destiny partners, The rm have to play the games to have hints to put the destiny partners into each group and also switch their partners. Luckily, the rms managed to get the correct pair. The ones that fight most Haha and Yoo Jae Suk were the destined couples and they did a “Yah!”. Haha! I like their constant fighting… Haha.

Running Man Ep 184 (guests: Seo InGuk, Son HoJoon, Baro, Kang YeWon, Park SeoJun) — Olympics again. This time is the “Winter Olympics”. There are games such as ice-skating e.t.c. Enjoy!

Running Man Ep 185 (guests: Kim Hyun Soo)— If you are a “You who Came from the Stars” fan, you have to watch it. It is really really funny how they used the show to make the game. When they were at the Josen Dynasty(if not wrong), Jae Suk managed to get Kim Hyun Soo on the sit (I don’t remember what sit is that?), and he was chosen as the Chung Song Yi in the future by Kim Hyun Soo. He looked like. Kim Jong Kook represents the evil person in the show. Very funny, he had to touch the ring of the person’s name and eliminate the person. Haha is Do Min Joon. He possesses power. The couple had to go to the spaceship together. However, Haha was ousted by the commander. So Yoo Jae Suk and the Commander fought and unexpectedly Yoo Jae Suk ripped his nametag and went to the spaceship alone. Wow!

Running Man Ep 186

Running Man Ep 186 (guests: CN Blue, Shim Eun Kyung)– The rm people have become different girl bands. They played many games to get money tobuy stickers for the last game, giant roulette wheel(to win). Yoo Jae Suk’s team does not have any. Out of Song Ji Hyo’s kindness, each team gave out one to their team.  They pasted the stickers and roll the wheel. The CN Blue group won the game. 

Running Man Ep 187 (guests: none)—They were supposed to find university students to row boat to the cross the Han River(again)… At the end, the ones that got the worst material to build the boat won, Song Ji Hyo’s team using blankets got 1st and Kang Gary’s using plastic bag.  At first the crew only wanted to give the winning team the scholarship, but because this two teams had the worst material and yet won so both teams got the scholarship. I like their perseverance!


Running Man Ep 190 (guests: Seungri, Goo HyeSun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kang Ha Neul, Kim JiSuk, Kwon Hae Hyo, Gong Hyung Jin)— There were games to determine on the advantage for the last game, to choose which group is the best fire-fighter. There are climbing up many steps to find an answer for a question, quizzes. The angel eyes had good teamwork and worked well in the games. The last game showed the great skills of our rm members and they won the game. They are definitely the experienced rm members! Yeah!

Running Man Ep 191 (guests: Rain and Woobin)— Very nice! An elimination game to get gold. They had to find the book with stars.  There were funny things like Lee Gwang Soo trying to steal rm members book, Song Ji Hyo putting a one star book in front of Ji Suk Jin’s face e.t.c. Bet the stars on winners to get stars(if correct). Woo Bin got the most stars. The elimination game is like this, the people could only eliminate somebody less stars then you. To earn more stars, they played games (each 1). There were two special treasures. The people went to a certain station to play would get a map for it. You will have advantages. Please watch to get actual events and to find out who is the winner.

  running man 193    

Running Man Ep 193 and 194 (guests: Kim Min Jong, Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Nan, Lee Sang Hwa, Ryu Sueng Su, Im Joo Hwan, Oh Man Suk)— There are total of four mafias. The rest are citizens. Every round of game, first few winners will not be chosen as the elimination, while the rest can be possible to be eliminated as the rest could be chosen for the ‘two people’ elimination. The citizens are supposed to find out who is the mafia and eliminate them. At ep 194, one of the guests was like a detective and did not get deceived by a guest who acted pretty well. Also, he had good analyse skills. Anyway, I really wanted the citizens to win but the malfias won. 😦

running man 195

Running Man Ep 195 (guests: 2NE1, 2PM, Jo Jung Chi, Yoon Jong Shin, Muzy)— Must watch! Idol Special had came back again! Yahoo! I like the 2 p.m. group best among the others. Yoo Jae Suk had became the MC of a day instead of doing missions. He does not like that colourful shirt though. The first game was the disc baton race. If they could win, they would get an advantage for the last game and also would be able to have their discs shown on the big screen of a building. There are many funny stuffs in this game, like Kang Gary dashing away without taking the baton, Lee Gwang Soo (kolar) carrying his group member e.t.c. The second game is something related to wearing potato costumes. The parts are really funny. Also, this showed Yoo Jae Suk’s perseverance in doing 18 pull-ups(if I am not wrong). The last game is 1 vs 1 vs 1 nametag elimination. I would not tell you the details. However, just to tell you, there was a live broadcast at the building by our One day MC, Yoo Jae Suk. It was really very funny . He announced who were the people who came out, where the people is heading to, how intense was the battle, look and expressions of the members, even shout out the person’s name when the person was doing an ambush attack, also announcing who is ousted e.t.c..

Running Man 196

Running Man Ep 196 (guests: none)— They have to find pills to travel back time. The person who eat the pill would be the main character of the story( a bit different) instead of the normal one. The outcome was different too. The people had totally ruined the original episode. I prefer the original one better. I like the one of travelling back to the superpower game 2. Anyway, the duplicator(roll roll) still wins the game although it became Song Ji Hyo. She won the time travel game. Yeah!

Running Man Ep 197 (guests:  7 University Students and A-Pink’s Mini Concert)— A totally unexpected win after 4 years by Ji Suk Jin!!! He and his university friends won the scholarship. Firstly, they had to find university friends to play with them the ttakji. Secondly, they had a game so that they could get an advantage for the ttakji battle. Kim Jong Kook’s team got the advantage, which is to go to the second round straight. The battle was very tensed and interesting, with MC Yoo, MC Haha and MC Ji Suk Jin’s mc-ing . The most tensed battle was with Ji Suk Jin’s and Kim Jong Kook’s team. Kim Jong Kook’s team was leading 2 is to 0. Ji Suk Jin and Kim Jong Kook play would determine the win. Ji Suk Jin ‘determination’ turned Kim Jong Kook’s ttakji over and did a reversal(!!!). Then Ji Suk Jin’s group won Kim Jong Kook’s team. The last battle was with our king of ttakji, Yoo Jae Suk’s team and Ji Suk Jin’s team(totally unexpected!!!). Ji Suk Jin’s team won the game due to one of his good ttakji player. Wow! I was so shocked! I think his son would definitely be very happy for his win by himself.

   Running Man 198

Running Man 198(guests:  SeoJoon, Narsha, SeYeon, Choi Hee, HyeJin, YeonSoo, MinAh)—It is very funny. There were many different games(to show love) so that they could swipe the best rock to win the last game. Yoo Jae Suk team did not manage to swipe until the last game. He swipe the correct one, which is Kim Jong Kook’s and won the game. Oh my gosh! They won a diamond!

Running Man 199

Running Man Ep 199 (guests: Park Ji Sung, Cha Bum Geun, Seol Ki Hyeon, BEAST’s Doojoon, Kikwang, Yoseob, 2AM’s ChangMin, ZEA’s Dongjun, B1A4’s Baro, BTOB’s MinHyuk, VIXX’s Leo)— Running Man Soccer again. Sigh… How are they going to do soccer well when they are not so good at soccer. 😦 There were many challenging games that was quite impossible. However, rm members showed their teamwork and competitiveness in the games. If they win the game, they will have an easier mission for Captain Park Ji Sung so as to get an advantage card(if he wins). Legendary Cha Bum Geun came to coach rm members for the last game and the match. Lee Gwang Soo was very funny while kicking the ball in. Haha… Anyway, Legendary Cha Bum Geun did the Captain’s mission and succeeded even though he had not played soccer for a long time. Wow! The world cup was to compete with idols that are good at soccer. Kikwang had showed his good footwork in soccer and had scored many goals. Impressive! Oh, I forgot something. The advantage card that they receive was for Park Ji Sung to play in the game for certain minutes. Park Ji Sung showed his amazing soccer skills and lightning speed. The Idols team was quite afraid(?) of him. On the other hand, the rm members did not do very well. I wish the rm members would do better next time. Fighting! 😀


Running Man Ep 200 (guests:  Park Ji Sung, Cha Bum Geun)— As a punishment for not succeeding their rm mission in the previous episode, they had to serve a punishment. They went to Indonesia’s Safari to do their punishment mission with the animals. They were supposed to pick which animal they wanted to do the mission with by writing their name. They can write other people’s name too! Haha… This discover was because of Lee Gwang Soo who nominated Haha, then Kim Jong Kook to go with the tigers. As a punishment, Kim Jong Kook sent him with the alligator. Haha… These missions were like impossible, but rm members managed to succeed. They were lucky. If they did not succeed, they could have had to do bungee jumping(!!!).

Running Man 201

Running Man Ep 201 (guests: SHINee’s Minho, Infinite’s SungGyu, Hoya, B1A4’s JinYoung 2PM’s Chansung, CNBlue’s MinHyuk, Sistar’s Bora)— Running Man VS Idols. They had to play games to be able to have an advantage to be able to choose the things for the last game. There were mud games, collect chop games by doing missions and basketball elimination. Then, they had to do a kind of a relay race. The groups actually chose one thing wrongly. Anyway, although the rm members choose a bigger jug to fill the water for the something to come out, they were faster than the idols. Wow! Kang Gary accidentally dropped his shoes while running, which is the baton. Haha… This is definitely Kang Gary!

Running Man Ep 203 (guests: Bomi (A-Pink), Naeun (A-Pink), Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Sung, Heo Gyeong Hwan, Baek Sung Hyun, Sam Otswiri, Fabien Yoon and Cho Yoo Ram)— This is a continuation of the previous episode, which would no be written as it is just a quiz battle, so I do no think that it is necessary as you can watch yourself. Click here to watch. This episode is very nice! Everybody were supposed to pretend that they had lost their memories. However, Lee Gwang Soo was being shown something to make him remember his past memories. He was angry that the people bullied him before and decided to take revenge with his troublemaker, Ji Sung, who was the only one who was good to him.  Their mission was to rip off the people’s nametag and put it back on. The people were told that it was a couple race. There were quite a number of stations. For the game that you can see on the picture above is one of the games. Lee Gwang Soo did not even need to jump to take the picture as he was tall enough. Haha… Anyway, they managed to win with much effort and fear. Oh ya, there was a scene on Haha almost realising that they were weird. However, he did not continue suspecting after some time. Such a waste!

Running Man 204

Running Man Ep 204 (guests: Ryu Seungsoo)— Running Man Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. It is so funny when Song Ji Hyo pretend to sleep after eating the apple. Also, they had to pretend they jump into the mirror e.t.c. Anyway, they were supposed to save the snow white. However, Song Ji Hyo is not the snow white but the witch. She planned for them to kill one another to save snow white until there left the prince and a dwarf. There is only a way to eliminate her. Put the black feather at the witch logo. Anyway, the witch won and had all the golds.

Running Man 205

Running Man Ep 205 (guests: Baek JiYoung, Hong JinYoung, miss A’s Fei,Kang SeungHyun, Lee Guk Joo)—Unexpected ferocious guests(?).  Lee Guk Joo is very strong and could even hold Kim Jong Kook along and push boys away. Also, she is very good at dancing, which made Kang Gary admire her. The first game was the coming out of a house and do a mission.  The team that get the 4 or 5 points will win. Just some highlights during this game: Just nice when they were in the house, Haha got an urgent call. He tried to rush out of the house a few times and did manage to come out to do a mission that he have to crack some hard things to succeed in the game. He did it super quickly without hesitation and rushed to the toilet immediately. Another one is Yoo Jae Suk drinking a cold coke bottle and burp when 5 seconds was over, a celebratory burp (especially Kim Jong Kook put the mike to him). Another one is Lee Guk Joo spraying out watermelon on her face instead of seeds. The next game is to take the correct lid and not the defected one. If they take the defected one, their team members would get sprayed. Baek Ji Young was the picker and she was of bad luck and took the defected lid always. Ah, she was called the running man’s misfortune. The third game is the basketball game. Lee Guk Joo kept on holding onto people. Sometimes Giraffe would get someone on his shoulders so that no one will get the ball from them. There were lots of violence and chaos. The final game is the throwing of hoola-hoop. This is all about luck. To know who win, watch it.


Running Man Ep 207 (guests: Kim Hee Chul, Kim Je Dong, Lee So Yeon, Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong)— Ji Suk Jin’s Day. Ji Suk Jin would have advantages and his friends on show to win. There were many games, like mud games and childhood games. This is a day for Ji Suk Jin to win but running man team definitely would not let him win even once, especially Kim Jong Kook. So you should know which team won by guessing, Haha, not telling you.>o<

Running Man Ep 208 (guest: Bae Suzy)— It is a battle against Hallyus Stars, Lee Kwang Soo team VS Bae Suzy team. The rms were given two Hallyus stars, in the name of Hallyus Rabbit and Giraffe. It was obvious that Giraffe was Lee Kwang Soo but Yoo Jae Suk was the only one who went to him out of curiosity and so he became the president. There were games and if the team won, they could get to take players in or out. One of the games was to find boxes to hand print at the camera place. Lee Kwang Soo found three boxes and all three boxes were stolen by the other team. Also, he bite Song Ji Hyo while wanting to get the box. How cruel! Another game was the holding the bar hoola-hoop game. Although Lee Kwang Soo have less team mates, Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk did pretty well, not to anybodies imagination. Also, Ji Suk Jin did better than people expected. The last game was some sort of nametag elimination game (first time Bae Suzy had an elimination game in rm), which means that the people with more people is more advantageous. The game is starting from one group defend and the other attack. The one that used the least time to eliminate all will win. Anyway, Bae Suzy won!:D

rm 209

Running Man Ep 209 (guests: SHINee Taemin, EXO KAI – Sehun, SISTAR Soyou, Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn, Cheon Myung Hoon)— There were many games but all were related to triangles, like triangle basketball e.t.c. There were three teams, old idols, running man and new idols. They showed different talents for each of them. Anyway, the last game is to figure out how to make nine triangles (if I am not wrong) with the number of lines given. The games before was to determine the hints they get. I still remember Soyou peaked at rm while forming the triangles. However, rm still wins and get out of the place. Soyou tried to go out but the door closed shut in front of her.

rm 211

Running Man Ep 211 (guests: Kim Tae Woo, 2AM Seulong, Ailee, Ji Chang Wook, Song Eun Yi, Lee Sung Jae)

Part 1 of Episode 211 and 212, Amusement Park Special!!! This is a number game. Each person have to end up with 1470 using all their numbers and equations to win.

Firstly, they had to find their partner at a certain time allocated, chosen by their partner and find the R flag. Kwang Soo’s partner chose 2 minutes and Kwang Soo think he is cute. Hehe… So they had many different Amusement Park games, which would give them numbers as advantage by the number of attempts the people took.

Gary’s and Yoo Jae Suk’s team got the roller coaster mission. Terror!!! Yoo Jae Suk’s team had to take photographs while taking the “terror” roller coaster. Of course, Yoo Jae Suk took out his spectacles and sit the ride. He could not see and was scared of heights. For Gary-Ailee’s team, they had to sing while taking the ride as running man’s tradition. Ailee had sharp and good vocals, which is of advantageous.

For Song Ji Hyo’s team, they had to do something like bungee jump but not. They had to be swinged down and count what is on each of the coloured mats. I remembered Song Ji Hyo keep on screaming for her mum and her partner was smiling and laughing. Anyway, they did pretty well and finished the mission at their second attempt. For Kim Jong Kook’s team, is the so something like rocking ship. They had to hold the balloons on to win while there are water snipers spraying. For Haha and Skull, they had the ride that moves 360 degrees around. They had to prevent the water from dripping despite the 360 degree turn. Wow! For Lee Kwang Soo’s team, he had to eat the red colour thingy while riding the dizzy ride, oops I forgot what was it.  For Ji Suk Jin’s team, they had to see the words under their socks while riding the ride.

 Running Man Ep 213 (guests: Yoo InYoung, Choi YeoJin, SeoWoo, Lee Yuri, Kim Min Seo)— Many ferocious girl characters came to running man. Each of them acted a scene with one of the rm men which are heirs.  Each scenes were very funny. Lee Gwang Soo was being hit by a bag by the girl guest. Gary was being said that he only knew how to eat and being sprayed by water and slapped. Yoo Jae Suk’s partner slammed some money plans on the table and ate vitamins pretending she want to end her life. Haha’s partner like to say “Ya!” and she pushed many water bottles on the ground. She acted in “You who Came From the Star”. Kim Jong Kook’s partner acted in “Good Doctor”. She was hitting him with a pillow and said that she even loved the glob in his eyes. Song Ji Hyo was acting as “The Temptation of Wife” to Ji Suk Jin. There are many other games but you could watch yourself. I remembered Lee Yuri is a very competitive girl and she thought somewhere was a short-cut but she dropped into a pond. There was one game on destroying evidence by using a paper shredder. They had to act to get more time for shredding the evidence. Kim Jong Kook used his muscles to shred the paper very quickly. Haha’s partner was so good that she could slap him in the act while folding the paper.

Running Man Ep 214 (guests: Bi Rain, f(x)’s Krystal, Kim Kibang, Alex Chu, Park YoungKyu)— For this episode, I would only talk about the singing part. As you can see, this is a singing competition. Groups that lost and oust the teammates would become the judges and being chosen later as their singing teacher. The remaining judges would get poured by some flour. The rms presentation was to thank people for watching running man. They all became girls and they were very funny. The judges and my family kept on laughing at them. Haha said that Lee Gwang Soo really suits to be a girl. This is so funny. The guests group changed the lyrics of the song like “An Ape, A Grasshopper and a Flower Boy”  and made it super funny. Yoo Jae Suk and the person beside him at his right was a good duet and they are the Ape-and-Grasshopper duet. The Ape kept on forget his lyrics and the grasshopper is angry. Oh, they even put an act for the flower boy and the girl guest while singing. Haha. 😀

running man 215

Running Man Ep 215 (guests: Shin Min Ah, Jo Jung Suk)—

Running Man 216

Running Man Ep 216 (guests: none)— The rm were heroes that were kept many years in a cold box by a bad person. The bad person removed all their powers. They were different heroines. They were supposed to be heroes that help others and therefore their mission was to help others. As Gwang Soo is an avatar, he scared many passer-bys. I remembered during the mission of finding a coin under the machine for Gwang Soo, the woman that asked for help said that is it the blue body colour is fading means that his powers are fading. Song Ji Hyo finished the mission with the dog’s help. Haha… Jae Suk was running energetically around saying that although his powers are gone, he can still run very fast. Kim Jong Kook’s mission was to move cars to give way to a couple. Wow! Anyway, the last part of the games is to find chairs to possess powers again. However, there are only 6 chairs. After that, they realised that the chairs can be combined to get 7 chairs. So all of them got back their powers.

running man 218

Running Man Ep 218 (guests: Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Ji Hoon, Jung Eun Ji)—- The rms were good instrument player. However, Kim Jong Kook due to stress of winning the first when he was young caused him not to be able to play his cello. The introduction was very funny, especially Lee Kwang Soo. Making the atmosphere full of sorrow to laughter. In order to have your own concert, everybody needs an application form by playing a game before that. The three girls did not manage to get the application form so they had to find the slip somewhere. However, Jung Eun Ji was ousted suddenly. They had to find out who is the person who eliminated her or so called spy, which is Kim Jong Kook. When they found out the culprit, they can make a report. However, if it is a false alarm they will be ousted. Watch it to know the outcome.:D

running man 219

Running Man Ep 219 (guests: Joo Sang Wook, Han Ye Seul, Jung Gyu Woon, Wang Ji Hye & Han Sang Jin)— There were supposed to be five white nights and the rest of them are black nights. Han Ye Seul had to find out who is the white night as she is the queen of the white night. There were many games and some funny parts. I still remember that Lee Kwang Soo and Wang Ji Hye are close buddies and they said out some of each other’s secret while playing a “Yes” game which means that everything the person say is true of that person.

running man 220

Running Man Ep 220 (guests: Jang Dong Min, Kangnam, Song Jae Rim, Kim Min Kyo, Park Soo Hong)—

running man 221

Running Man Ep 221(guests: Leeteuk & Kyu Hyun, Jung In, Kim Kyung Ho, Bobby Kim, Kim Yeon Woo, Narsha)— It started with a karaoke. They were supposed to get more than 80 points for the 10 requested song to succeed the mission. For the rest of the games, if they win the first three places , they will get different hints for the last mission. The last mission is to go to the stage where has the correct type of food from the hint. The winner will get to sing on the stage. I remembered when the memorising the order of food for about 3 minutes without the rm knowing, Kim Kyung Ho went to the toilet and did not manage to see any dishes. However, he is good at other games.  I still remember Yoo Jae Suk’s team were criticized by the aunties for singing the wrong lyrics. I also remembered when during the flour pouring for the losers, Lee Kwang Soo looked like a covered with snow Christmas tree…

running man 222

Running Man Ep 222(guests: none)—

running man 223

Running Man Ep 223(guests:  Fabien Yoon, Brad Moore…[English people that were on Korean Variety Shows before])—Salaryman Super Race. Firstly, they had to go through the daily rush hours of many officers. The winner of the game gets promoted. In the rush hour mission, they had to rush through crowds and cleaners, drink healthy hot tea, pick up dropped things, climb up stairs and others. Rms now knew how difficult is to be an employee. I still remember Lee Kwang Soo giving Ji Suk Jin a lot of healthy tea and Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk and Haha blocked Kim Jong Kook when they held hands and walked with the crowd. They met the director of rm(if I am not wrong) to do missions. The director wants to win the third prize of each game and rms had to make him third to get somebody promoted. They chose who promoted by seeing who took the most salary. Another game is to sign the most contract among the members by eliminating the people from the English company and sign their nametag. However, if they are eliminated by the opposing, the contract is cut off.  Lee Kwang Soo showed his determination in eliminating the last member. The promoted members get a chance to play a game to win. And the game is Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was obvious who is the winner among the three(Gary, Haha and Lee Kwang Soo[icon of misfortune(?)])… So I am not telling you who is the winner.

running man 224

Running Man 224 (guests: Song GaYeon, Han Groo, Jeon So Min, Kyung SooJin, Lee SungKyung)— I am sure girl guests that come to running man have a different personality from what we see real life. Firstly, the boys have to choose their partner by choosing one of the presents and they had to destroy the present after that. The girls who chose the small present was at an advantage. They can choose where to go. There were two places, “Summer” and “Winter”.

In the “Summer”, they had to tumble three times across a diving board and they kept on falling in. At first, no matter how they roll, they still ended up in the end. I remembered Lee Kwang Soo’s partner was very good at cursing and she cursed Kim Jong Kook, looks very funny when her hair gets wet and tumbled sideways at first. In the “Winter”, they were all and more fortunate. They just had to dance in the Igloo until the music stops and try to squeeze out and find the hearts that fit their own.

The next mission was either “1” or “100”. For the “1”, they were very happy that they needed to answer 1 question but turned out to be one member of each team had to remember a question to ask their partner and climb 22 levels up. They were very exhausted ans their face were real red.  For the “100”, each team have to get 100 goals in 100 seconds on a trampoline(as the basketball net is very high up) Gary’s partner showed how good she is in basketball.

The final mission! The first team that arrived at the location gets to be the Chasing Team(Gary’s team). The rest are the Defense Team. They were supposed to find suitable magnet that fit theirs. Gary’s partner showed her unbelievable strength and hunting skills as a chaser. The Defense team almost won by a split of a hair as Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo was caught outside the location that could have gave them a win. Such a pity…

rm 225

Running Man 225 (guests: Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo)—Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin are the spies of the day. They were being very awkward and kept on laughing when they received the mission. They were supposed to eliminate rms(total of 7) using a certain tool. Lee Gwang Soo straight way realised that the mission needs a pen, which gives the PD a total shock. There was a preview of each of the running man power, although it is not used in the mission. Lee Kwang Soo’s power was the ability to disappear so he ran into a black corner and came out. after Kim Woo Bin said “Where is he?”. Kim Woo Bin gave Lee Gwang Soo a sarcastic round of applause. So, the members were teamed up in groups of three. Lee Hyun Woo also came as a guest. Yoo Jae Suk was put into an awkward position with the duo, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Gwang Soo.

Yoo Jae Suk worked hard for them to get the hints and needed materials for the last mission. There were many missions. One of them I would like to say is the staring competition. I remembered Gary’s eyes stinks when he stared with Kim Jong Kook. The way he opens his eyes and kept on saying “his eyes stink” was very funny. I remember Yoo Jae Suk used tapes and the pens given (just nice is the mission pen) to draw his face, which looked very funny as Ji Suk Jin and him stared at each other with their newly created faces. Even Kim Woo Bin led down his pride and drew his face. I remembered Lee Hyun Woo was always in a cheerie face no matter what.

Finally, the last mission is Spies vs RM. The duo were suppose to eliminate the rm members by finding their nametags which had colours on it and using the certain pen to eliminate the certain member. If they eliminate the wrong person, they will be “Out!”. They realised the pen they used to draw themselves was the mission pen(wow! such luck!). Kim Woo Bin also managed to realise that the colours were their button colours and they slowly eliminated each member. Innocent Lee Hyun Woo was tricked by the duo and eliminated himself(!). Yoo Jae Suk felt very sorry for him. Lee Hyun was blank but still smiled. Haha(not eliminated) was quite clever and figured out the spies’ mission. Kim Woo Bin betrayed the betrayal, Lee Kwang Soo by writing his name to eliminate him, which gave him a total shock and breakdown. This made a total of 7 and they won. Kim Woo Bin said that what he learnt from running man was to betray others. Lee Hyun Woo was still cheerie and accepted the fate.

running man 228

Running Man 228 and 229 (guests: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won and Lee Seojin at 229)— New Year Special

running man 230

Running Man Ep 230(guests: )

running man 231

Running Man 231 (guests: none)— Yoomes Bond is back. This time he has a successor: Lee Kwang Soo. Will Lee Kwang Soo successfully become Yoomes Bond’s successor or will he ruin the legendary Yoomes bond episode? While the other running man members try their best to carry out mission to advance and open a door at the higher level, Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk are discussing on how to eliminate them and busy arguing(which wasted lots of time). One of the most funny parts is when they try to eliminate Haha, he thought that they were try to steal his mission jade. Haha… While competing against Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook prevents Yoo Jae Suk from flipping the mat by carrying him while creating his own record. It is very funny when Gary was about to win,  Lee Gwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk arrive in a hurry and fall into the number maze, breaking pieces of it. Gary who did not know their motive even thanked them for making it easier to solve the maze and avoid bombs. It really annoys me when Lee Kwang Soo keeps hesitating.

running man 242

Running Man Ep 242(guests: Jung II Woo, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa)— Mission worldwide. The rms were playing games send by fans worldwide. They were split into 3 groups, 3 vs the rest. Jong Kook, Jung II Woo and Lee Kwang Soo were in the group of three. The people in that 3 people team could only play once. There were many unbelievable games.

The first game was from Singapore, “Mr Wolf, Mr Wolf, what time is it now?” The wolf is not supposed to look back and supposed to say the time and the other team, (the lamb) will move the number he said. When he says “Meal Time”, he will catch a prey(total he has to catch is 3) while they run to a safe spot. Kim Jong Kook was the wolf and he tried to catch every prey ferociously. Jung Yong Hwa on the lamb team who had great running skills was used as a scapegoat to tear Kim Jong Kook’s nametag to end the sufferings twice’ Luckily, he runs very fast and did not get caught, an eventually win, making Kim Jong Kook oust from playing the other small games and they got the country’s letter cards to help form “Running Man” later.

The other game showed Jung II Woo’s fantastic skills. I remember Yoo Jae Suk’s team stealthily put the start running line nearer, which the other team did not came to realise after a long time(the shoot or block game). Jung II Woo let Song Ji Hyo shoot him in the game, being a gentleman. Eventually, Jong Kook’s team won that small game, taking the country’s letter. I also remembered Lee Hong Ki being sorry as he could not help in the games.

Last game was the nametag elimination. Kim Jong Kook’s team chasing and Yoo Jae Suk’s team defending. The defending team were supposed to find all the alphabets. Lee Hong Ki stayed the longest but all of them still get eliminated by Jung II Woo(!!!) And Lee Kwang Soo could not find a single person except for one of the eliminated person. But our icon of bad luck still has big luck as he finds the last person, Lee Hong Ki.

rm big bang

Running Man 250(guests: Big Bang)— (I am sorry as I cannot find a picture of the Big Bang in rm so I put a picture of them. If I find it, I will change it. Thank you)

Kim Jong Kook was the leader of big bang. The first game they were supposed to walk through the wheel platform that can move and break the plastic and say cuckoo the correct number of times. If I remembered correctly, Dae-sung kept on tripping over the wheels. When their face go into the hard-to-break-through plastic, they looked like aliens from another world, especially for the Big Bangs with other colour hairs.

The second game was water basketball. In order to prevent Kim Jong Kook from playing the game due to his strength, they took off his clothes. I also remembering Ji Suk Jin play dirty by touching the ball when it went to him while he was resting.

Although the Running Man team won a game, they did not manage to get any advantage for the last game as they did not manage to choose the right things. In the end, the victory goes to Big Bang, partially because of their strong back-up, Kim Jong Kook.

running man 251

Running Man 251(guests: Byul, Son Jun Ho and Kim So Hyun)—

Some real couples had come to running man. The most incompatible couple is none other than Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook. Joong Ki came to see running man with his friends after completing his army for a few years. This whole game was supposed to get rid of number rings and only the couple with the least number rings can attempt the last mission.

The pre-game of the guys doing crunches with the girls on it shows the love and affectionate of the real couples. This game is definitely advantageous for Sparta Kook.  I remembered Song Ji Hyo wanting to do the crunches for Gary instead. Son Jun Ho was not strong and also hilariously said his wife, Kim So Hyun will do it. The pre-game last two were Gary-Song Ji Hyo and Haha-Byul. Haha showed an image of what a role model  father and strong father should look like and did his best in the rm games for the first time ‘like a man’. Byul kept on calling “Dream’s father” while he was doing the crunches. Also, Gary tried very hard to win his one-sided love for many years, Song Ji Hyo.

I remembered after the pre-game, there was some styrofoam stick hitting game(hope I explained correctly). I remember that Son Jun Ho hit Gary on the chin with that stick and Kim Jong Kook broke the stick into two. This shows how strong he is. Through the games, the only pair qualified for the game was none other than Haha and Byul! They had showed love in their mission. The last game, they had a hard time thinking about which floor they should go from the remaining rings they had, which were significant dates and in the end, they met at their wedding anniversary, Happy ending.

running man 254

Running Man Ep 254(guests: SNSD, SHINee Minho, Choi Hong Man)

Reviews coming soon….

running man 265

Running Man Ep 265—(guests: Ye Eun, Cho Kyuhyun, Rap Monster, John Park)

Running Man had welcomed different geniuses idol to the show to test on their brain power. The first game was to test on how clever are they by giving them IQ tests by giving a few different tests, consisting of mathematics question etc.They had to win the PD in the IQ test in order to get a bottle of water as they go to the deserted land. Cho Kyuhyun, Rap Monster and John Park won the PD in this IQ test. John Park was said to be sociable and the members was shocked the test can show a person’s sociability. Yoo Jae Suk was said to be the most average in all aspects, which was rebutted by Haha.

The PDs told the people that the mission, which is completing their name jacket so that they can escape from a deserted island. The mission will stop exactly at 5pm and if they did not manage to escape from the island by then, they had to stay in the deserted island till morning. This made Gary very worried as he had to finish his 10th album by the next day. They all went to the deserted island for the mission, which took one hour long to reach there. They chat through their journey and Haha was said to be the lowest IQ among all. Gary worked very hard in the mission so that he could return. However, he did not know this was a TruGaryShow, Everybody were to trick Gary and escape the island without him and go to another island to rest, so they actually helped one another to escape the island and did not help Gary, leaving Gary working hard alone. For the game details to win their name alpabets. please watch yourself.

Gary was successfully left alone in the deserted island.. Gary realised the truth when he was brought to the rest of them at 5pm but he was more happy than angry.

rm 271,272

Running Man Ep 271 and 272 (guests: Jung Doo Hong, UEE (After School), Taemi And The K-Tigers, No Ji Sim, Lee Won Hee, Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul), and many, many more!

In these two episodes, it is all about the 100 VS 100. Running Man had to invite 93 guests to compete with 100 strong, muscular taekwondo, Judo and other strong people. I still remember when the members called their friends to come, Jo In Sung thought that Lee Kwang Soo was a sales staff and said that he was not going to buy or subscribe but after that, it was reviewed that they were just acquaintance. The first guest who came is none other than Yoo Jae Suk’s friend, Im Hyung Joon(starring Angry Mom Korean Drama). The members all tricked the people to come by saying things like they are a special guest etc. While they were waiting for the games, they had a mini introduction as they one by one or in groups enter the place. I remember the funniest was the dancing duo. They are so funny, trying to show that they can dance better than Got7. Haha. I love Got7 and their dancing skills, It is so awesome. I like their new song, “If You Do”. JB also VS the champion in b-boying. Their b-boying was awesome! For game details, please watch the episodes yourself. These games will help to reduce the number of the opponents by 10 before the real elimination game.

running man 273

Running Man Ep 273 (guests:  Cultwo and Oot Chat Sa)

This show is comedians of PPL VS running man. They were suppose to compete with the PPL by doing a comedian skit as the last mission. The first mission was a bonus to the rm to recruit two groups of PPL to help them. The game was ddakji. While playing, the PPL showed their comedian skills, which was very good as it was funny. Running Man won a lot more than the PPL group and won. They had took up two groups and another comedian, whom the comedians allowed her to go to their group.

The warm-up MCs did a round of saying and answering to test on their teamwork. However, the running man said different things. After that, they played different kind of games.

The last mission was to put up comedian shows by joining the comedians who are the same group as them in the comedian show. I remembered Mr Capable had to do a lot of kissing scenes in the script. Everybody was chosen for the comedian show except for Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin. Anyway, the show was quite funny, especially Haha and Ji Hyo’s comedian show. And Haha acts the funniest. Haha. Yoo Jae Suk did help during the comedian show by dancing the dance that he was good at and showing his face that he does sometimes(sorry I cannot remember what was the actual term of the things he did). So who won the comedian show? Watch to find out. Through this whole episode, we can understand how hard it was on them being a comedian.


Running Man Ep 278 and ep 279 (guests: Chae Yeon, Lee Jong Soo, Bobby and B.I. (iKon), Kim Ji Min, Seol Hyun, Andy, Lee Ji Hyeon, Kim Jung Nam (Turbo), Stephanie)

This episode is a X-man collaboration with Running Man. X-man was a South Korean game show which ended in 2007. Now it’s time for a remake. Running Man had invited old members of X-man and new members to rm’s very own X-man. It started with introduction of members and a round of dancing. After that, they had to hear from the phone individually whether they are X-man or not. X-mans will have to pretend to lose the games. They also have a R-man(Lee Kwang Soo) who will help X-man to win. The first game is what rm usually play, pushing people off of the platform. Kim Jong Kook fell very easily for 3 consecutive times. Is he the X-man? About this, you have to find out for yourself… Anyway, many people were suspicious in the first game and Seolhyun was the most suspected candidate. Another game was “Of Course” where members have to say “Of Course” to whatever the other says. They have to try to knock down the opponent by making the opponent unable to say “Of Course”. Kim Ji MIn is very good at the game and knocks them down. There are two funny parts about this game. One is when Andy asked Seolhyun “Will you marry me?” and Seolhyun said “Of Course!”. All of them were delighted by Seolhyun suddenly asked to divorce which knocked him down. Haha.  Another one is Haha’s remake version of Kim Jong Kook’s covering ears saying “Of course”.   When Gary ask him “Do you like Infinity Challenge more than Running Man”, he covered the PDs ears and said “Of Course”, which brought laughter to the crew. One part of the show is that you have to ask the other party whether they want to play games by showing a dance or singing. Ji Suk Jin used a song to propose to Ji Hyo and he walks to wherever his cheat sheet lyrics is as he does not know the lyrics. Haha. B.I.’s dance was awesome!!! Lee Kwang Soo was singing while putting his clothes on each of the girls but got smacked and he propose to Seolhyun. Kim Ji Min used her comedian skills to act out some parts, which brought out laughter. It’s so real!! Anyway, last part was to insert names of suspected X-man in the computer and the most votes will be eliminated in 3 rounds. In ep 279, there was a fortune-telling session for the members and games where they put sticker strips which will lead to some place. Yoo Jae Suk got lucky as he reached Ji Suk Jin’s lane and got a mud wash. and got a gold clover. Happy New Year to all viewers and readers of our blog!!!

rm 283

Running Man Ep 283(guests: Park Ji Sung, Jong Tae Se, Ji Soyun)(special guests: Song Joong Ki, Jung Ii Woo)

The running man were invited on a friendly soccer match with Shanghai soccer players(if I’m not wrong). Park Ji Sung, Jong Tae Se and Ji Soyun were supposed to choose their own rm teammates and the group can scores points by blocking the soccer ball from entering the goalpost or score a point. The more the number of points, the more the clues for the last game. The last game is the numbering ripping of nametag. It is like the no. 1 can only rip the no. 1 and so on so forth. The players can rip their same numbered tag and give it to the other player to change. One part I want to mention is Ji Sung ripping Kwang Soo’s nametag without knowing his number and ended up they were the same number and Kwang Soo was out.

rm 295

Running Man Ep 295 (guests: Kyuhyun [Super Junior], Lee Yo Won, Seo Joon)

Special Apology Service from the Running Man to the guests whom they have made upset or they felt sorry for. They did missions to ask for apology and apologise to them. They also gave the guests a basket of apples. If the guests accept their apology, they will eat the apple. For how they apologised to the guests, I think it is better for you to watch yourself than to write it here.

The part that touched me most was when the members apologised to each other and revealed their heartfelt thoughts and the difficulties they faced. Ji Hyo cried, which made me cry too. I am sure the running man must have encountered many difficulties throughout their 6 years but their perseverance is what makes them come to today. Rm fighting!!! One part in particular I want to say is Gary and Haha. Haha apologised for calling him a squid and they suddenly told each other that they were each other’s idol. Haha.

running man 304

Running Man Ep 304 (guests: Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Min Suk)

In this episode, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung and Song Ji Hyo are queens and there is only one real king among the three queens. The guys have to guess who is the queen by using the hints given to them. In the last mission, they will then choose and follow their destined queen whom they think are the real queen. There are also two or three betrayal room, where there is a hint on the real queen. They can choose to go to another queen after betraying. Anyway, the funny thing about the hint is that the hint is ‘Crazy’.

Yoon Kyun Sang has been my idol since I watched ‘Pinocchio'(Korean Drama) and after this running man, I feel that his loyalty is remarkable. Although he knew that Song Ji Hyo was not the queen, he decided to follow her to the end. This made Song Ji Hyo very touched and she told him to go to the betrayal room so that he will not get a punishment. It was such a touching and hardwarming scene. As for Kim Min Hyuk, he betrayed Song Ji Hyo and ended up getting punishment, which Ji Hyo felt that it served him right.

Another funny part was that Kim Jong Kook told the guys not to betray Park Shin Hye or he will chop them into pieces(something like that) but he ended up betraying Park Shin Hye.


Running Man Ep 314 (guests: Hong Jong Hyun, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Joon Ki)

Picture credits to

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Special!! Rm invited cast members from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. My sister did not expect that Lee Joon Ki will come to rm because she thinks that actors are busy. How I wish IU did come…

Guests were given advantages which increases their chance to win the rm members. Members will play games to prevent from being disqualified from the last mission and to obtain advantages which will be beneficial for the last mission. Through these games, I can see that Lee Joon Ki is a skillful actor who does not feel embarrassed while try to act his role as one of the princes. There was a mud battle for those people who did not perform as well for the mission where they had to use a hammer to take out the heart-shaped stickers on their head. Ji Suk Jin lost the mud battle and got disqualified but he became the dj of the last mission. The ones who did better get to do a shooting battle in the pool, where they have to shoot other’s name dolls. Jong Hyun had shown his remarkable skills in shooting(even when Lee Joon Ki rewinded time and they had to do the intense battle again)!!<3

The final mission is nametag elimination(I don’t remember what it is called so…) or they can sit on the pillow for three minutes to eliminate a person. Just like to say two particular parts. One is on Kang Gary eliminating Kang Ha Neul when he let his guards down and Kang Gary said that this is how you eliminate people but ended up getting eliminated by Kim Jong Kook, which brought Kang Ha Neul into laughter. Another part is when Jong Hyun stopped time to let the members dance for 2 minutes when he sat on the pillow. However, he have to sit on the pillow for 3 minutes to win. Anyway, Kim Jong Kook won and he was left out by the members.

runnning man 374

Running Man Episode 374 (guests: Jo Se-ho, Noh Sa-yeon, Ha Yeon Soo, Kang Daniel)

Reviews Creaming Soon!!!

Running Man Episode 424 (guests: Son Na Eun, Seo Young Hee, and Ahn Hyo Seop)

running man 443

Running Man Episode 443 (guests: no guests but got special appearances)

In this episode, the Running Man members were supposed to bring an object which they do not need immediately but they do not want to throw out because it is valuable. After the members introduced their items, they randomly called each other on the phone to form teams. After they formed teams, they used the objects they brought to exchange for items which are of higher price. They exchanged their objects with different people (including SF9 and Lee Sang Yeob). After exchanging the objects, they exchanged the object for money (according to the price of the objects they have). They used this money to bid for boxes which contain the episode’s mission inside. But not all the boxes have the mission phone inside.

Running Man Episode 484

Running Man Episode 485

Running Man Episode 486

Running Man Episode 487

Running Man Episode 488 (guest: Park Ha Na)

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