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Thank you once again!


The first one was totally unexpected and this one comes as a further surprise! Thanks for all the love given to this blog. I am very grateful for Drama Cat for this nomination. I am feeling a bit of pressure as I haven’t managed to nominate anyone for the first Liebster Award the blog received and here comes another. Hopefully I can nominate others by this year. Sorry about my busy schedule and lack of discovering or reading new blogs.

Sorry that I can’t write another post this week as it is an extremely busy week for me.

Next, to the questions given:

1) What is your go-to re-watch drama and why?
Currently, the drama that I watched the most number of times is You who came from the stars. I like the plot a lot and the episodes are used wisely so I never get tired of it. In addition, I love fantasy so Do Min Joon’s alien power attracts me to rewatch.

2) What drama theme do you wish didn’t exist?
I don’t really  like horror but I won’t wish it doesn’t exist since there are people who like this theme.

3) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Well, I like many actors and actresses which is why I can watch so many dramas. If I choose one, I will say the actor that I like and admire the most is Lee Seung Gi. It is not only because of his ability to act well and his handsome look but also his all-rounded entertainment career as a singer, actor, entertainer… For Singapore, (sry, forgot to add in) my favourite actor is Elvin Ng. He kind of marked my start to actively watching Singapore Dramas with his character in Breakout.

4) What is your guilty pleasure drama theme?
I love romance. Haha, after fantasy though. My friends are quite surprised to hear so as it is unlike how people usually see me as. People usually think I am the quiet and innocent person who just studies. I like how relationships are being developed in dramas as the characters fight, learn to care and finally love each other.

5) What drama would you recommend to somebody who has never seen an Asian drama?
Perhaps King of Baking. I think it is content-rich and a good start to people who are not sure what type of genre they like or do not like romance genre.

6) Explain the plot of your favorite drama without naming it.
The male lead is about to be sent overseas to study. He escapes and ends up near a spooky temple. There, he accidentally releases a nine-tailed fox who follows him for support and saves his life. While he tries to get rid of the fox, he slowly falls in love with it. Their fate is further twisted when they realise (after drinking the potion) that in order for one to live, the other has to die. What will be the choice for the fox who wants to be human yet do not want him to die? Does one have to sacrifice for the other to live? Should be quite obvious which drama it is.

7) Where would you most like to travel?
I want to travel to Japan since I just learnt Japanese for a few years.

8) What is your goal for the second half of the year?
I hope to achieve good academic results and develop to become a better person while doing things that I like to do.
(secret) Hopefully I can start a relationship with someone if not I will just give up on it. Haha.

9) What is your creative outlet?
I am not entirely sure what creative outlet means. If it means hobby, I like to read and write and of course watch dramas. I relieve the most stress by watching dramas, my best escape from real life. From time to time, I like to swim to refresh myself.

10) What country do you blog from?
I blog from Singapore, a clean and green city with no natural disasters. Proud of being a Singaporean haha.

11) What is your dream job?
My number 1 dream job: I would like to be a writer even though I am still lacking in terms of the skills and language ability. Being a blogger is another good option if possible.
Job that I am working towards for now: An entrepreneur or business manager.

To viewers of the blog, thanks for reading this post about myself. To Drama Cat, thank you for nominating me. I am happy that you like the blog and will use this acknowledgement to keep blogging.


Lucky JM

Thank you!

I am very thankful that our blog is being nominated by Odessa Jones from K-Drama Today for the

liebster small

It is not long since my sister and I stepped into the blogging world and we are happy and kind of surprised that the blog even gets nominated for an award. This award will motivate me to continue writing even when “times are tough”. Haha. I am really sorry that I am not able to nominate anyone yet. I will do so as soon as I can. Before I started blogging and even today, I can only find blogs/sites that are not considered small sites to read about recaps/reviews so it may take some time for me to find appropriate nominees and spread the love…

Sorry that I cannot do another review-related post for this week but I will do more next week. Haha.

Next, I shall try my best to answer the questions given.

What K-drama apartment or place of residence do you most want to live in (rent-free of course)?
Well, I suppose I like apartments with hidden rooms, especially one filled with books. Hence, I would pick Do Min Joon’s house (You who came from the stars). Agreed by my sister. Haha.

What drama did you expect to hate and then surprise yourself by loving?
King 2 Hearts. I dislike dramas with lots of politics involved and the summary of the drama did not catch my attention at all. Then, as a fan of Lee Seung Gi, I decided to just try the first episode and that is how I got addicted to it and found myself enjoying it.

What OST song annoyed you more than any other? You know, the one that made you cringe by episode 16.
I don’t think there is. I am more annoyed when I cannot find a good and memorable ost from a particular drama for remembrance.

If you could visit Korea, what place would you most want to visit and what food would you most want to eat?
There are some places in dramas that have a lot of good lighting decorations but I haven’t found out where they are yet. I will definitely visit Jeju Island and the museums or natural disasters simulation centre as seen in some Running Man episodes. As the country I live in, Singapore, does not have natural disasters, I just want to see how it feels like. I want to try jajangmyeon. It always looks delicious in the dramas and makes my mouth water. (Well, even instant noodles look tasty in Korean Dramas on screen.)

Did you ever catch yourself so absorbed in a drama you just read a subtitle out loud? No unless I find what the character said is amusing.

What is a K-drama scene that made you cry? (I’m not much of a crier,but a few dramas have had me weeping buckets.)
I cannot stop my tears falling in 49 days, especially towards the end when the grim reaper’s past is revealed and the scene about his last meeting with his girlfriend.

If you had to choose your favorite four leads for your dream K-drama cast, who would you choose?
I am a fan of many idols but I will choose just for this question. I shall ignore the fact that there needs to be supporting casts. I will go with Lee Seung Gi, Kim So Eun, Han Ji Min and Ji Chang Wook. Hopefully it is a fantasy romantic-comedy drama with good ending for the 2 couples. Haha.

What are your favorite movies and/or shows that have nothing to do with Korea?
I like Disney Movies such as Big Hero 6. Those that the characters are not real people. For my sister, it is a Singapore Movie called Meeting the Giants.

What has been your hardest post to write?
I have found writing a quick picture recap quite difficult. I have to source for pictures(not copyrighted) from the dramas. I even have to get the sequence right when I cannot remember after watching the dramas sometime ago.

How has your drama habit affected the people around you in real life? Do any of them watch dramas now? Or do you keep your blogging top secret?
My family watches a lot of dramas, especially those from Korea, under the influence of my aunts so there is no great effect on them. In fact, I was influenced by them. They are just slightly amused when I say “I wrote a review on this.” or when I say there are people clicking the links in the review to watch the particular drama. I have friends who are shocked by the number of dramas I watch while others are happy that they now know what to watch. I have always kept watching dramas a secret (especially to my friends until I started blogging) as a revelation of such a hobby may affect my image as a mugger (someone who studies a lot) haha and the hobby will be to blame if I do not do well in my studies which is unfair.

What is something you’ve learned about blogging or computers thanks to your K-drama site?
I think I still got a lot to learn about blogging and doing reviews. Of course, I have learnt a lot on how to use WordPress. When I read subjective reviews from other blogs, I sometimes wonder if I am writing reviews correctly. I do not dig so deeply into the dramas like them and from time to time I wonder if my reviews are helpful.

Really grateful to be nominated for this award and I will continue to write reviews with pleasure.

Wish everyone a good night!

Lucky JM