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Korean Drama Review Innocent Man

Innocent man (2012) 无辜者

Genre: Melodrama

Enjoyment: 8/10  Pace: 6/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo and Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi.
Plot: Ma Roo was such a brilliant doctor yet cannot be one as he went to jail as a murderer for his girlfriend, Jae Hee (Park Si-yeon). He sacrificed his well being for his girlfriend only to be dumped by her for a rich man. He approaches Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), the daughter of the chaebol group executive in order to execute his revenge yet falls in love with her. One day, Eun Gi who loves him finds out his motives in getting close to her and decided to hit him with a car. He did not dodge. After the car accident, Eun Gi has to learn to read and write again and Ma Roo may die if he does not receive treatment. They met again as Eun Gi who has no recollection of the past finds Ma Roo who is in her photographs and Ma Roo decides to help her take over the company. When she knows of her past, what will be her reaction?

Zoom into characters: Ma Roo is an intelligent doctor and faithful to his girlfriend. After her betrayal, he has turned out for the worst and uses women to earn money. One day, he gets involved with Eun Gi after he saves her life on a plane. Eun Gi thinks that Ma Roo loves her sincerely and finds him whenever she is troubled until she finds out otherwise. Jae Hee is a reporter and Ma Roo’s ex-girlfriend who he cherishes very much but betrays him by marrying a rich man while he is in jail.

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MV+Favourite osts: Really by Song Joong Ki

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