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Korean Drama Review K2H

King 2 Hearts (2012) 回避两心 

Genre: Politics, Romance, Mystery, Action

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 2


starring Lee Seung Ki as Lee Jae Ha and Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah.
Plot: At first, I thought it would be boring as it is about politics. However, once I started watching it, I got sucked into it. In order to connect the South and North Korea, Jae Ha’s brother, the king, wants to form an army force with South Korean and North Korean and send them for an international competition. Without knowing, Jae Ha signed an agreement to be part of it. Hang Ah is part of the North Korean army. As both of them work together, they ended up as a couple to improve the relationship between the 2 countries and deal with the evil who aims to create chaos and cause harm to the South Korea royal family.

Zoom into characters: Jae Ha is an immature but clever South Korea prince who only wants to lead a fun and luxurious life. He cannot stand hardship and only reinvigorate after his brother’s death. Hang Ah, on the other hand, is in the special force and devoted to the country but cannot find a suitable partner due to her army “instincts”. She is a capable leader and an unbeatable soldier. Their teamwork will help them defeat the evil who wants to start war between North and South Korea.


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MV+Favourite osts: Love is crying by K Will and Missing you like crazy by Taeyeon

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