All about Running Man guests/members Episode Pictures

All About Yoona and Sunny(second best vote in polling 2) Episode 39


Yoona and Sunny came to film running man.


Yoona and Sunny looking out for the rm members.


Sunny observing the rm members through a mirror in a shop.

rr 39\

Yoona looking around for the rm members.


Yoona and Sunny taking photograph with Haha.


Yoona and Sunny scaring Yoo Jae Suk, the sole survivor, through an announcer.


Yoo Jae Suk in a funny disguise is feeling depressed while doing the mission himself and at the thought of Yoona and Sunny.

All about Bae Suzy, Jiyeon, Luna and  Sulli Episode 55


Images of the guests

Bae Suzy laughing.

Lee Kwang Soo and Luna couple.

One of the couple games— Pencil Sharpening.

The Haha-Suzy couple hiding and running away from the seeker, Gary.

As it is quite an old episode, there are not many photographs I can do. Really sorry and thank you for your understanding.

All About Girls Generation: Running Man Episode 63 and 64

Girls Generation’s Arrival

A small performance done by girls generation before choosing their partners.

The couples for the first day.

Some pictures of the running man doing missions.

Haha (left) and Taeyeon (right) are buying groceries for the dinner competition.

The couples were rearranged on the second day. These are the couples, as shown above.

All About Han Seung-yeon (Kara), HyunA (4Minute), Krystal (f(x)), Park Gyu-ri (Kara) and Suzy (miss A)) Episode 94


Pictures of some guests in wedding dress

Some random picture (I don’t remember)

Pictures of them in the games

All about Han Hyo Joo (chosen as first in the second polling) Episode 124


Some photos of Han Hyo Joo while going to film running man.

Running Man 124

Running Man 124


Han Hyo Joo taking over Lee Kwang Soo to become the king as being voted.

 running man 124ie

Running Man members begging Han Hyo Joo to eliminate Lee Kwang Soo

running man 124 the king race

Song Ji Hyo won the race.

running man 124 hhj

Han Hyo Joo was angry at how the running man treated her in the two episodes.

All About Hwang Kwang-hee (ZE:A), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), L (Infinite)(2nd most votes for polling 3), Lee Jong-hyun (CN Blue), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Min-ho (Shinee) and Sulli (f(x))(votes the most for 3rd polling)

rm 129

 Running Man Ep 129


Guests introduction. Pictures of Kwang Soo (before) and Kwang Hee (after/new Kwang Soo)


The guests in the car talking.


“Ice skating” race,  Ji Suk Jin VS Kwang Hee

rm 1292

Getting Sulli to the ice hockey goal post.


One of the guests(Lee Jong Hyun if I am not wrong) letting Sulli lie because of her bulky hockey shirt.

rm 1291

Guests playing the jumping into the water afar game.rm 1296

Min Ho getting ready to jump into the pool.

rm 1295

The hide-and-go seek game, Lee Joon found rm members in a room.

All about Kim Sooro, Kim Woobin, Lee Jonghyun (CN Blue), Lee Jongsuk(having the most votes) and Min Hyorin) Episode 138

Running Man 138


Min Hyo Rin (left) and Lee Jong Suk(right) playing the 2 VS 2 nametag elimination game.

rrr 138

A picture of the guest team with Yoo Jae Suk in the team.

rr 138

A picture of the team discussing the game they wanted to challenge(if I am not wrong).


The running man team challenged them to eat super cold, hot e.t.c. food and the team that eat the fastest would win that game.


A scene when Lee Jong Suk eat the very cold ice-cream in the eating game and his mouth was freezing.
The guests played the game to push people out of the place into the water(which Kim Jong Kook is good at)


All About Bae Suzy: Running Man Episode 155

Running Man 155

Various pictures in episode 155

Arrival of Bae Suzy in Running Man 155

Bae Suzy in the classroom laughing at Kwang Soo saying that “We know who you are! We saw you kiss Lee Seung-gi!”

To know more on what it is saying, it is actually about the korean drama “Gu Family Book”.

Kim Jong Kook (left) and Bae Suzy (right) playing arm wrestling with the other team.


Pictures of Bae Suzy and others finding the destined pairs and wanting to go to the mirror for a check.

The mirror that gives curses to the rm members.

The destined pairs (ghost) — 1st picture: Bae Suzy (left) and Song Ji Hyo

2nd picture: Song Ji Hyo (left) and Bae Suzy (right)

An expression made when Bae Suzy know they were destined pairs (if I am not wrong)

A celebration dance when the girls (ghost) won the game.

All about Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk Episode 166


Arrival of guests!!!

heirs rm

RM receiving mission to play games to be the best inheritor.

heirs bat form

The battle picture


Kim Woo Bin(left) and Choi Jin Hyuk (right) playing games. Choi Jin Hyuk showed his (good) strength in the game.


Haha splashing water acting scene.


A funny water splash scene after losing a mission

heirs psh

RMs persuading the people to give them signatures to be the ultimate winner.

All about EXO (2nd most votes) Episode 171

Hide-and-go-seek rotation game

exo vs rm

Running Man VS EXO

Exo Random pic

(Top left corner) is about Yoo Jae Suk meeting the two EXO members at the last minute and managed to eliminate both of them.

(Top right hand corner) The whole EXO team found Kim Jong Kook the first and eliminated him.

(Bottom left hand corner) The arrival of the EXO members.

(Bottom right hand corner) An EXO member hiding.

exo spots

FUNNY SCENE: An EXO member spots Lee Kwang Soo acting as a camera man because of his tallness and the EXO member laughed.exo

A picture taken after eliminating Lee Kwang Soo.

hide exo exo hides

Some hiding places of the EXO members.


EXO members shocked to have realised that RM is so quick in eliminating.

All About Bora(got the most votes in polling 6), Lee Seung Gi and Han Hye Jin Ep 174

rm 174 arrival


Arrival of Guests

rm 174


Jong Kook talking about the idol special, about him dancing that sexy and hot dance.


rm 174

The first picture at the top left corner is Gary and Ji Hyo couple playing the game that need to squat and lift up the person while piggybacking it. The second picture at the top right hand corner is Lee Seung Gi piggybacking Giraffe. The third picture shows Han Hye Jin and Yoo Jae Suk eating the steaming hot potato. The fourth picture is Kim Jong Kook and Bora thinking of what is the answer to solving the code. The next picture is Gwang Soo and Lee Seung Gi happy to have won. The next picture is Ji Suk Jin and Haha eating the steaming hot potato. The next picture is Yoo Jae Suk piggybacking Han Hye Jin. The rest you can see it yourself.

All About Gong Yoo Episode 195

gong yoo

Pictures of Gong Yoo when he entered as a criminal for being handsome(if I am not wrong).

gong yoo 6

The rm members and the guests in the jail preparing to do their mission.

gong yoo 3

A game that the rms were suppose to escape from the hole after the music. This is a picture of Gong Yoo, Haha and Kwang Soo.

gong yoo 4

The people who escape would use a key to open the cooker to get the steamed bun. Everybody is saying that they are hungry.

gong yoo 5 gong yoo 2

All About 2pm members(since Woo Young and Nichkhun having the best votes for Polling 4) Episode 195



Starters of the relay race. As you can see, it is Woo Young.

rm195    rm195o


The second relay part of the race is to drink the coffee and walk the dog. (This are some pictures of it.)


The third one of the relay race (if I am not wrong) is to piggyback a teammate and answer a question that was around the place where they walked.

rm 1950

A game up to MC Yoo (if I am not wrong).


A picture when they are at the last location. (I am not quite sure).


MC Yoo doing a broadcast on the 1 vs 1 vs 1 elimination game. As you can see, he is interviewing Woo Young.

Sorry if there is very little Nichkhun pictures as I could not find them. I would do another one on Nichkhun later someday.

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