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Blood quotes (Korean Drama)

Confront yourself! Your father and I believe you can save yourself.

~Ji Sang’s mother

Even if you have everything, it doesn’t mean you can do everything you want. There’s a lot more in the world that you can’t do.

You don’t believe in the present to change anything, you believe in it to survive.

~Park Ji Sang

You should go ahead and feel anger, sadness and pain.

When you get into the habit of hiding your feelings, on the days you want to vent, it’s difficult to do so it’s frustrating.

~Yoo Ri Ta

I can create the equality. Why must people who deserve to live longer die?

I just remembered that receiving a blessing in this world is never guaranteed.

I have become the devil to change the world and not allow myself to change because of the world.

~Lee Jae Wook

Nothing in life is guaranteed. However, you have started to expect too many to be guaranteed for you. You are not the doctor I know anymore.

~Min Ga Yeon


Korean Drama Review Blood

Blood (2015) 血

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Action, Vampire

Enjoyment: 8/10 (due to the ending)  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Ahn Jae Hyun as Park Ji Sang, Baek Seung Hwan as Ji Sang (young), Koo Hye Sun as Yoo Ri Ta, Ji Jin Hee as Lee Jae Wook, Jung Hae in as as Joo Hyun Woo and Son Soo Hyun as Min Ga Yun.

Plot: Despite seeming cold and unfeeling, Park Ji Sang masks his soft heart and inner pain and yearns for closeness with people. He suppresses his thirst for blood to treat terminally ill patients and save lives. While he starts to fall for Ri Ta, his warm heart is activated. He also has to stop Lee Jae Wook (Ji Jin Hee), a two-faced hospital chief who inwardly harbors a dangerous ambition for power and has a talent for cruelty as he continues to undergo an inhumane research.

Zoom into characters: Park Ji Sang is a vampire doctor who struggles to become a human. With his outstanding medical skills, exceptional  personal healing ability and fighting skills, he has cured many patients even at battlegrounds. While he is able to control his thirst for blood using medicine for the time being, he soon finds out that it does not work anymore. Yoo Ri Ta was saved by Ji Sang from a pack of wild dogs in the past when she lost her way in the forest near Ji Sang and his mother’s house. Her parents were killed at that time and she was the only survivor of her uncle’s conspiracies. She is then raised by her uncle and eventually becomes a talented but arrogant doctor in the hospital her father built up.


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Favourite MVs+ osts: Only One by Tiffany

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