Sweet Combat China Drama

sweet combat.jpg   sweet combat drama

Sweet Combat 甜蜜暴击 (2018)

Cast: Lu Han as Ming Tian and Guan Xiaotong as Fang Yu, Ivy Shao as Song Xiao Mi, Li Meng Meng as Chen Ya Nan, Pei Tim as Sun Hao, Zhao Yue as Luo Guan Yan, Ding Cheng Xing as Fang Zhou, Tien Niu as Sun Hao’s mother, Zhao De Yin as Ya Nan’s father, Zhang Shuang Li as Fang Yu’s Grandfather

Episodes: 37

Recommendation: 7/10

My Own Review:

I did not know what to watch and went to Youtube to search for china dramas. I chanced upon this drama and decided to try out the drama. I feel that the plot is quite complete as there are quite a lot of up-and-downs and happenings and stories, which I think is good. However, these happenings in the drama make the plot not as sweet as the title of the drama and it brought me some misery at certain point of time, which is when Ming Tian and Fang Yu realised something which made them broke up. Also, I feel that the plot is considered slow pace for an impatient person like me but I did not know why I managed to finish watching this drama haha.

I like how this drama make me feel that all the character in the drama holds the same importance (no matter they are the lead characters or the supporting characters). It is also the first time I remember all the names of the character in the drama although I am not a name person. This may be because the writer of the drama gave each person quite a lot of screen time or may be because many of them get their other half (even if they may like someone else before that). I do not know the actual reason but when you watch it, you may possibly feel the same way as me.

sweet combat fang yu and ming tian  sweet combat sun hao song xiao mi  sweet combat luo guan yan chen yanan.jpg  sweet-combat-hao-ma.png

In this drama, I found two “BEST” people in dramas.

sweet combat fang yu fang zhou

One of the best is the best brother, which is Fang Zhou. Altough he is younger than Fang Yu, he seems to be Fang Yu’s older brother and he is a very caring and considerate. This can be seen through many incidents. One incident is when Fang Yu wanted to chase her dreams to be a boxer by going to Zhengze University, he persuaded their grandfather to let Fang Yu go by saying that he will go to the company and help out in exchange for Fang Yu’s dream. Fang Zhou always cares for Fang Yu and supports Fang Yu in her dreams. How I wish I have a brother like that… But I think my older sister is already the best sister so I will not need such a brother. I wonder whether my sister will read this but nevermind. Haha… sometimes I am a bit too shy to say the good things about people so I usually write it hehe.

Another “best” is the best principal. I feel that the principal of Zhengze is the best as he is someone who can bend the rules when he think that it is right to do it. I am not going to give you an example since I feel that I have revealed too much plot in the drama. When you watch the drama, you will know what I mean haha.

Talking about best principal, I suddenly remember the director of the school being such a promise-keeper. That time when Ming Tian was in coma, he prayed for Ming Tian and said that if Ming Tian wakes up, he will go and do volunteer work abroad. He is such a promise keeper and I really admire such a person.

By the way, the drama songs are quite nice so do go and hear them.

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My 10 most favourite Singapore Dramas till today

As I accidentally deleted most of my Singapore Drama posts, I may be posting some of them again but it will be exactly the same as the past posts (unless I have the free time to add more stuff haha).

I started watching Singapore Dramas since around 2010. My first drama (if I didnt remember wrongly) was Breakout and because of that, I became a fan of Elvin Ng after seeing him act as an autistic person. It was quite a “crazy” action-packed drama and most of the people got killed or died in that drama except Elvin Ng’s character and his girlfriend. That drama left a deep impression on me as it was quite a dark drama except Elvin Ng’s character and his girlfriend who seem to be separated by a layer of naivety and fortunately wasnt killed in all the “mess” haha…

If you have been to this blog before, you would have known that I watch not only Singapore Dramas, but also Korean Dramas, China Dramas (not as many as my sister), and Taiwanese Dramas (sometimes). Some people may say that Korean or China Dramas are a lot better than Singapore Dramas due to the acting (sometimes I think so too) and plot (nowadays hmm…) but I think that there are things that are uniquely good about Singapore Dramas. It is good that Singapore dramas dont use corruption or unfairness (if I didnt remember wrongly) as a base for most storylines which makes them more pleasant and comfortable to watch. I like Singapore’s school related dramas, maybe because it is more relatable and also more sincere and touching to me. There is usually little exaggeration for Sg dramas and romance is not totally the focus or not emphasised (can be both strength and weakness). Like the concept of family portrayed in Sg dramas. However, probably due to lack of actors and actresses, there is a high chance that the couple will be paired together again in another drama which leads to me not watching certain dramas as I already liked the couple in another drama/context.

These are highly recommended Singapore Dramas that I love. (Arranged according to year)

Doing this purely by memory.

1. Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness (2011) 警徽天职

What left the deepest impression on me until today was the Qi Yu Wu and Joanne Peh couple, and Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan’s friendship.

Liked Qi Yu Wu’s character as he is quiet, anti-social and different from the norm. And enjoyed how Joanne Peh’s character slowly breaks the ice.

Liked how Elvin Ng’s character is portrayed as carefree, lazy and does not care about anything. But there was a nice turning point when he starts to show that he does care about some things after all. When his best friend, Romeo Tan’s character, died in a stabbing attack, his emotional struggle was heartfelt. Romeo Tan’s character, on the other hand, works very hard to make it to the special force if I am not wrong.

2. Poetic Justice (2012) 微笑正义

What left the deepest impression on me until today was Dai Yang Tian haha, and the interesting plot of how news is made and the direct impact of news on people. Until now, I still remember Desmond Tan’s character’s funny love realisations and embarrassing pursuit of love in this drama. Liked how Rui En’s character is righteous. A similar kdrama, Pinocchio, is more emotion-provoking but this drama is still not replaceble to me.

3. Don’t Stop Believing (2012) 我们等你

What left the deepest impression on me until today was Elvin Ng’s character as a counsellor, his relationship with Felicia Chin, his interaction with the students, and the interaction between the students.

The relationship between the students are well-developed and I liked the background story of each student in the drama and their growth to become better people. Liked how Felicia Chin’s character is an overly enthusiastic teacher. Felicia Chin’s character had to slowly adjust her approach to better influence the students. Enjoyed how her relationship with Elvin Ng’s character develops. Enjoyed watching Elvin Ng’s character’s firm approach with the students.

4. Beyond (2013) X 元素

What left the deepest impression on me until today was the fantasy. Lots of unexpected types of nice fantasy that I didnt see in kdramas which is/was my best source for fantasy dramas. Liked Jeanette Aw’s acting in this drama.

5. The caregivers (2014) Missy 先生

What left the deepest impression on me until today was Thomas Ong’s portrayal of the job of a dedicated nurse. To me, this drama is better than You can be an angel too. It was nice to watch the development of relationship between a male nurse and a female doctor which is not commonly seen in dramas haha.

6. Blessings (2014) 祖先保佑

What left the deepest impression on me until today was Shaun Chen’s acting, the interesting plot of the ancestor accidentally time-travelling to the future and attempts to save the deteriorating family business after it lands in the hands of the descendents who have no interest in the business or are too lazy to hone their skills.

7. 3 wishes (2014) 三个愿望

What left the deepest impression on me until today was the dark portrayal of greed. After the first 3 wishes, there are negative and cruel side effects accompanying the realisation of a wish. Liked the concept of family in this drama.

8. Tiger Mum (2015) 虎妈来了

What left the deepest impression on me until today was the portrayal of family in this drama. Liked how the four children (acted by Julie Tan, Ian Fang, Aloysius Pang, Bonnie Loo) have distinct characteristics and how Huang Bi Ren’s character, Tiger Mum, deals with all of them separately, and eventually gains their acceptance and becomes their mum.

9. The Dream Job (2016) 绝世好工

What left the deepest impression on me until today was how cunning Shaun Chen’s character is in getting what he wants, Shaun Chen’s character’s emotional struggle, and how the rich man reunites his children by offering them the dream job of “acting as his children” (haha).

10.  Mind Matters (2018) 心。情 (Havent written the review, probably a few months later haha)

What I liked about it is its solid plot, its dedication to mental illnesses, and the good acting by Qi Yu Wu, Jessica Liu, Shane Pow, and Denise Camillia Tan, especially liked the Shane Pow and Denise Camillia Tan couple. First time seeing Qi Yu Wu acting comedy scenes haha.


Some of the full reviews can be found here.


Haha, feel like watching them again…

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Magic School Korean Web Drama

magic school

Magic School (2017)

Cast: Jin Young as Lee Na-Ra, Nickhun as Joon, Yoon Park as Jae, Kang Yoon-Je as Lee Sung, Ryu Seung Soo as Master Han, Shin Eun Soo as Han Yi-Seul, Park Gyu-Young as Woo-Ri, Nam Sung Joon as Kim Jong-Man and Park Joo-hyung as Kei

Episodes: 16

Recommendation: 6/10

I did not finish watching this drama so if the review of the show is not that accurate, please understand. Thank you.

My Own Review: I watched this drama thinking that they are witches and wizards but it was not the case haha… I probably did not read the sypnosis and just watched it. But the reason why I dropped it was because the plot was not very interesting to me and I had a hard time loading the video to watch it previously. Maybe I will try watching again when I suddenly feel like watching magic tricks. I quite like the part that Joon was fascinated by the magic done by the magic school but the children in the hospital were totally indifferent towards the magic hahaha…

magic school nickhun.jpg

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Rush To The Dead Summer China Drama

rush to the dead summer

Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至 (2017)

Cast: Cheney Chen as Fu Xiaosi, Zheng Shuang as Li Xia, Bai Jingting as Lu ZhiAng

Episodes: 48

Recommendation: 6.5/10

My review: I did not finish watching this show because it started to get draggy when they graduated from high school and parted ways. So if there is any wrong information about the drama, I will like to apologise beforehand. Fu Xiaosi is not very good at expressing his love. Therefore, I find him too cold among many other cold characters in other shows. So if you are finding a melodrama, I do not think that it will be a suitable drama for you as it talks more about a normal school life and the difficulties a teenager will face. But the main reason why I stopped watching the drama is still due to the draggy and not interesting plot after their high school life. My favourite character in this drama is Lu ZhiAng. He is a very nice guy and always tries to be cheerie in front of others.

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Somehow 18 Korean Web Drama

Somehow 18 (2017)

Cast: Choi Min Ho as Oh Kyung Hwi, Lee Yoo Bi as Han Na Bi

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 6/10

Short Synopsis: Oh Kyung Hwi went back to the past to save Han Na Bi, his first love, from dying.

My Own Review: It is quite funny how people become stronger and make better decisions when they go back to the past. It must be because they have gone through all the hardships and happenings and also become more mature through the experiences they faced. Oh Kyung Hwi was bullied previously but when he went back to the past, he did not allow himself to get bullied. He become more brave and the bullies did not bully him because of that. I like how Oh Kyung Hwi can kind of “predict the future” since he have gone through what happened in the past. For example, Oh Kyung Hwi knew that the bullies will hit him with a ball and he easily dodged from the ball. This ended up hitting one of the bully haha. This must be self-inflicted karma.

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Wednesday 3.30 pm Korean Web Drama


Wednesday 3.30 p.m. (2018)

Cast: Hong Bin as Yoon Jae Won, Jin Ki Joo as Sun Eun Woo

Episode: 10

Recommendation: 8/10

My Own Review: I like how the concept of the show actually revolves around the title of the drama, Wednesday 3.30 pm. Wednesday 3.30 pm is when every girl looks very tired after working for half a week. Using this Wednesday 3.30 pm, Jae Won made Eun Woo the happiest and prettiest girl at this hour by bringing her on dates and making her happy. I feel that if I get such a treatment too, I will definitely feel very happy and special. Although I usually do not like the idea of trying to get back a boyfriend who dumped you (especially those who just break up with you because you are not pretty to them), but this drama made me feel that trying to get back a boyfriend was worth it as Eun Woo actually got real happiness and a real boyfriend.

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Sweet Revenge 2 Korean Web Drama

sweet revenge 2

Sweet Revenge Season 2 (2018)

Cast: Ahn Seohyun as Oh Jina, Samuel as Seo Ro-bin, Ji MinHyuk as Seo JeYi

Episodes: Ongoing (Thought it only has 8 episodes)

Recommendation: 6/10

My Own Review: I watched this show because I randomly chanced upon it and I did not have another drama to watch. The common trend in school drama is that the bully always come in trios and that people who help people who get bullied will always get bullied. Although these trends are really portrayed in real life, no matter how scared you are, please still help people who are bullied (please find other methods such that you can protect both the victim of bully and yourself)

What I like about this drama is that JUSTICE WILL DEFINITELY BE ON YOUR SIDE. The most unbelievable part is that Seo Ro-bin is willing to be misunderstood even further after knowing who was the real thief of the class t-shirt funds just because the real thief did not want to destroy her “good student” reputation and begged him. Luckily the homeroom teacher found out about it. She cleared the misunderstanding and paid for all the class t-shirts. Such a nice teacher.

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Korean Drama Review WYWS

Finished this drama about end of last year. Doing this by memory. Hope I get the details right haha. Finally have some free time to finish this up after much delay…

While you were sleeping (2017) 當你沉睡時

Genre: Fantasy, Law, Romance, Crime, Family

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Lee Jong Suk as Jung Jae Chan, Nam Da Reum as Jung Jae Chan (young), Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo, Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Yoo Bum, Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak

Plot: Hong Joo can dream of her or others’ future but she is unable to prevent it, leaving her devastated and helpless when bad things happen. Those that were supposed to die but were somehow saved ends up having the ability to dream about others’ future as well. Hong Joo is a reporter who is afraid to return to work due to dreaming of her dying in her company’s suit. Jae Chan just becomes a prosecutor and Woo Tak is a seemingly perfect police officer. Jae Chan gives Hong Joo the hope that it is possible to change the future after he managed to save her. The three of them become friends and work together to prevent unfortunate events from happening.

At first, I didnt think much of this drama as the title didnt attract me. But after seeing fantasy in the plot, I decided to try it with my sister who is a fan of Lee Jong Suk. It is interesting but I didnt chase after it as much as I thought I will as it goes. Compared to I hear your voice, this drama seems more bland haha. Fortunately, the fantasy element in this drama is sufficient to keep me going as I usually drop law/crime related dramas. It is quite a thriller, especially when they have to deal with life and death situations.

While they may be able to change certain future completely, it is interesting that there are future that just dont change no matter how hard they try or change slightly, and some become worse nightmares. Liked the clever plot twists in the drama where unforeseen circumstances can happen and one action can make a big difference. While some dreams that they dream about still come true, I liked how they can actually accept what will happen or think of ways to better respond to the event. Learnt that although some things will happen no matter what, it is our mindset and response that can change the outcomes associated. It is funny when the dreams also show daily life events instead of just serious or life and death events. For example, Hong Joo seeing Jae Chan’s daily life habits, and Jae Chan seeing Woo Tak hugging Hong Joo in his dream and run to prevent it.

Liked how the relationship between Jae Chan and Hong Joo started and developed. Jae Chan managed to prevent Hong Joo’s car (?) from hitting Woo Tak which prevented many negative consequences. The scene where Hong Joo hugs Jae Chan marks a nice start to their relationship with the nice scenery and just right atmosphere. After that, it is fun to watch Hong Joo think that Jae Chan likes her but is proved otherwise and when she tries all ways to recruit him to join her in preventing bad dreams from happening in real life. Liked the chemistry between them and how they become source of comfort and support for each other as the drama goes.

Enjoyed watching the solid characters, Jae Chan and Hong Joo, (portrayed by Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy) and how they respond to events. Liked how Hong Joo is headstrong and outstanding at work. It is hilarious when her capable superior is sometimes fearful of her. It is fun to watch her craziness and how her feelings are readily reflected on her face. Jae Chan, on the other hand, is less expressive, more cautious and less confident. It is fun to watch Jae Chan’s surprised, worried or flustered face. It is funny how he shows a confident self at the front but starts pulling his hair and beating himself up for what he said at the back. Admired how Jae Chan is very sure of what is right and wrong and is not wavered under pressure. Enjoyed watching how they become better at handling situations and their emotions.

Enjoyed watching how Jae Chan solves each case effectively even though he is slow and considered too careful by his colleagues and superior. Looked forward to how Jae Chan solves each difficult case in his own way. Liked how there seems to be moral lessons associated with each case. The case that left the deepest impression on me is the one that a writer’s assistant is killed by the writer. There is a moral dilemma as the writer’s assistant becomes brain-dead and can save 5(?) patients through organ transplantation but an autopsy is needed to find out the cause of his death and arrest the murderer. No matter Jae Chan choose autopsy or organ transplantation, there will be negative consequences associated and he will lose his job as a prosecutor. One of the patients that could be saved was Jae Chan’s colleague’s (a single mother) young son. Touched when she asked Jae Chan to go ahead with the autopsy while her prosecutor boyfriend violently objects, and she explains that as a parent, she would want to know the truth of her son’s death more than saving strangers.

Liked Jung Hae In’s acting in Blood and was thinking how come I didnt see him before but realised he is new haha. Happy to see him again but too bad he is the second lead. It is nice that his character, Woo Tak, chooses not to form the triangle love and prefers to just quietly be part of unrequited love. Felt that the secret Woo Tak keeps about himself is not that big after all. Expected it to be something big like his brother was the one that killed both Hong Joo and Jae Chan’s father or something that can potentially break the friendship between Hong Joo+Jae Chan and him. Fooled by all the tension haha, seems like it is not the first time this happens in drama… Liked how Jung Hae In portrayed the struggle his character faces.

Felt that Lee Sang Yeob acted well to portray the evil and selfish lawyer who is exceptionally good at finding loopholes in the law to defend his clients and telling lies. But too bad he is up against righteous, smart, and careful Jae Chan haha… Special mentions to Shin Jae Ha who acted as Jae Chan’s brother, the actors acting as Choi Dam Dong (preferred the younger him haha), the young actors acting as Jae Chan and Hong Joo, and the prosecutor team. Liked how the prosecutors all have different characteristics and I enjoyed watching their interaction with Jae Chan which includes much humour. Liked the background story of young Hong Joo and young Jae Chan, as well as the concept of family in the drama.

While you were sleeping ost ig post

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Random thoughts 8 and some recommendations

As my sister is busy, I have helped to complete the reviews for Three Colour Fantasy mini drama series since I happened to watch Romance full of life with her and glimpsed through The Universe’s Star when she was rewatching it. She has already written Queen of the Ring review.

The short reviews can be found at Korean Web Drama or Super Short Drama Series.

The Universe’s Star

Romance full of life

Maybe my sister will do her review for these dramas when she is free haha? Especially liked the fantasy in the 2 dramas. The way Byul in The Universe’s Star reacts and responds when she gets to know seconds (?) before Woo Joo is about to die each time left a deep impression on me. I liked the ending of the drama. Although the ending is sad, it nicely illustrates how time is precious, and no matter how much amount of time we are left with, we should cherish every moment and make every moment fulfilling and meaningful. Happy to see Yoon Shi Yoon in Romance full of life! He looks good in both hairstyles haha… Touched by the simple and heartwarming story in Romance full of life as we see how In Sung struggles with his desire to escape from being a failure and attempts to excel in life, and the drama ends nicely with So Ra’s “confession”. Trying not to give too much spoiler haha.

I feel that kdramas nowadays, besides moving away from fantasy, is going towards the bitter struggles and hardships trend haha. There seems to be higher intensity of pain and bitterness when struggles and hardships are portrayed. For example, Hospital Ship, Doubtful Victory, Come and Hug Me, Just between Lovers, The Great Seducer (I think). Even supposedly more light-hearted dramas like Are you human too and What’s wrong with Secretary Kim have such feelings lingering too.

Currently, I have put aside About Time (not enough plot development) and Ms Hammurabi (too crime-related) after some episodes. I am still watching Are you human too, What’s wrong with Secretary Kim with my sister. I have browsed through about 3/4 of Come and Hug me. I am browsing through Come and Hug me as it does not have enough plot content for me but the perspective it takes is interesting. I have tried Singapore Drama Gifted and dropped it haha. Was looking forward to it due to the trailer which portrayed complexity of and struggle in certain characters, and Elvin Ng acting in it but it is not as good as I expected.

I have scanned through the whole of China Drama Sweet Dreams and found it good enough to chase haha. Waiting to see if my sister wants to watch it with me… I am also starting on China Drama Ashes of Love. First time I am trying out a China Period/Historical Drama. I dont really like the plot of China Period/Historical Dramas as it is usually a combination of reincarnation and tragic love+sacrifice but I am trying this out due to becoming a fan of Deng Lun after seeing him in Sweet Dreams. Hope I can take the tragic parts later on…

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Taiwanese Drama Review WTSYA

Randomly found this drama while searching for a drama to watch on google at a period of time with not enough kdramas.

Wish to see you again (2008) 這裡發現愛

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 8.5/10  No. of times I watched it: 2

starring Vic Chou as Xu Le (Ye Zi) 許樂 (葉子), Michelle Chen as Pan Neng Xian 潘能賢, Ken Zhu as Ding Yu Hao 丁雨豪, Kingone Wang as Ma Yong Rui/Xiao Ma 馬永睿, Terri Kwan as Lu Yi 陸怡

Plot: Xu Le (pen name: Ye Zi) is a best-selling author but recently has writer’s block and feels stuck when writing his next book. He finds many ways to get inspiration such as locking himself in a hotel room for many days, watching happy and sad movies, visiting an amusement park but to no avail. When in the hotel room, he managed to get some inspiration when holding an apple and a knife but Neng Xian, who works at the hotel, thought that he was going to commit suicide and broke his train of thoughts by allowing his manager into the hotel room and attempting to “save” him. Xu Le feels that she stole his inspiration and looks for her but is treated as a weirdo. One of Xu Le’s best friends, Xiao Ma, is Neng Xian’s superior and the brother of the chairman of the hotel. Neng Xian is fired for intruding into Xu Le’s room as he already told the hotel not to let anyone disturb him during his stay. Fortunately, she is in rapport with Xiao Ma (feeling that apples should be put at the corridors of each storey) and gets a chance to work as Xiao Ma’s assistant and she meets Xu Le again.

It is hilarious when the drama started. I skipped through whatever Xu Le does in the hotel room until the apple and knife scene haha. It is funny when he tries to act like what he is supposed to when watching the two opposite types of movies and is compared with other movie watchers who are really laughing or crying when he looks back; and when he sits the viking but feels nothing. It is also funny when he was cutting his steak halfway and suddenly thought of Neng Xian and takes the knife with him while going back to the hotel to search for her. People thought he was dangerous and assumed that he wanted to kill someone. After Neng Xian “took” his inspiration and he couldnt get it back, he becomes a taxi driver to continue looking for inspiration. It is fun to see him meeting different types of passengers and his reactions towards them.

Attracted to this drama as I felt that Xu Le is an interesting character who does unusual things and does not care about others’ opinions that much. For example, he adds tomato sauce to most food, saying that any food will be tasty because of that. When a magazine writer asks him for an interview he doesnt want to be part of, he totally doesnt cooperate and gives her a hard time. Liked Xu Le’s cool side when he says poetic phrases and when he is serious, and the other side with his awkwardness and sheepish smile. It is also interesting to see the life of an author since I aim to become one. Seems like writers are stereotyped to be eccentric haha?

Liked the development of relationship between Neng Xian and Xu Le. It is nice to see Xu Le start to approach Neng Xian, and they start to understand and care for each other even though he goes near her more to get inspiration at first. Liked how many white words and symbols appear magically on the screen whenever he gets inspiration. There is one time (left the deepest impression on me) when he touched her hand, and the words and symbols surround them and he speaks the phrases that pop into his head to her, making the scene romantic but too bad it is just for his novel haha. He is a blunt person who speaks his mind which causes a bumpy start to their friendship. For example, when she thanks him for helping her with a proposal she needs to come up with for her job, he just brushes her off saying it is not important. It is funny when he starts to contact her and does not know what to say on the phone or somehow using ginseng to come up with an excuse since her family opens a traditional chinese medicine clinic. Liked their chemistry, and their simple but sweet interactions as the drama goes.

It is interesting to see Neng Xian’s parents’ funny quarrelling or whole family quarrels which adds humour to the drama. Although some of the topics that they argue about or speak with their children about may make me feel unhappy if it happens in real life, I find it funny to see it in the drama. The quarrels portray the different personalities in the family well and it is fun to feel the lively family atmosphere. It is not that type of damaging disagreements that will cause an end to relationships but more like those senseless bickerings which portray closeness. It is funny how Neng Xian’s family likes to invite Xu Le to their house for a meal. Enjoyed watching Xu Le’s interaction with the noisy family of Neng Xian, especially when he stays at their house for a period of time suggested by Neng Xian’s father I think. He even has to play taichi with Neng Xian’s father early in the morning when he prefers to be in bed and accompany sociable Neng Xian’s mother to the market even though he hates dealing with the crowd.

There was a nice turning point towards the end when Xu Le cannot stand Neng Xian’s noisy and demanding family anymore, is faced with Neng Xian’s misunderstanding, and encounters a career crisis. Liked how Vic Chou portrayed how the character’s world is collapsing and his struggle as he retreats to silence and darkness instead of asking people for help, including Neng Xian. It is true that people used to solving their problems by themselves just need to be left alone and given some time to sort out their problems. Sometimes, others just cannot provide much help and it is best to patiently wait, and show that you are always by their side and ready if help is needed. Enjoyed watching Xu Le’s character growth in terms of dealing and communicating with people, and learning to love himself (he was an abandoned child/orphan).

Liked the portrayal of friendship between Xu Le, Xiao Ma and Ah Hao. The friendship is so long-lasting and I liked how they do not give up on each other no matter the situation the other is in. It is nice to watch how Xiao Ma and Ah Hao stood up for Xu Le when they were students and accepted him into their clique even though Xu Le seldom talked. My sister and I felt that this type of friendship is too good to be true haha. Liked Xiao Ma as a character, a person trying to be cheery while working under his strict brother, a nice superior, Xu Le’s supportive buddy, and a romantic pursuer of Lu Yi who was once Ah Hao’s girlfriend. Liked the character development of Xiao Ma, well-portrayed by Kingone Wang, as he goes from having it all to a so-called pathetic state. Rooted for his happiness towards the end.

Became a fan of Vic Chou after this drama. The pace was slow at times but I enjoyed this drama overall. May be too mature or more bland to some.

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