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Quick Picture Recap DS

Park Hoon’s father fell into a political trap plotted by Premier Jang and Myung Woo Hospital director. They became North Korea’s citizen and are unable to return.

In North Korea, Park Hoon has someone he holds dear in his heart.

Park Hoon’s father sacrifices himself for Park Hoon’s happiness and future.

Painful separation between Park Hoon and Jae Hee after they fail to escape together.

In South Korea, fate brings Park Hoon as water delivery boy to Myung Woo University Hospital.

Although he is not a surgeon in the hospital, Park Hoon decides to save little girl’s father with 50 cent coin as payment.

Park Hoon and Soo Hyun constantly bickers.

Park Hoon discovers that his girlfriend may not be dead after all.

Park Hoon searches for her but did not manage to find her.

Park Hoon tries to save Soo Hyun’s mother but ends up with a “table death”. Jae Joon is jealous after seeing Soo Hyun cry in Park Hoon’s arms.

Jae Hee now named Seung Hee is here with North Korea official to carry out a mission.

Seung Hee admits she is Jae Hee purposely so that the mission can be carried out more smoothly.

Competition starts. Save the infants with heart problems.

Funny scene when Park Hoon and his “master” are accused of stealing medical record.

2nd competition start!

Jae Joon’s motive of being the best surgeon in Myung Woo University hospital was to destroy it for revenge.

Another competition! This time Hoon faces problem as Dr Yang meddled with the instrument and make Hoon hurt his right hand. He has to continue with 1 hand with the risky SAVER procedure.

Park Hoon is unsure if Seung Hee is really her and doubts her plan and motive.

Park Hoon finally meets his mentally unwell mother.

Park Hoon’s life is spared as he is chosen as surgeon for the president’s surgery due to his care for patients.

Premier Jang’s plot (use Hoon to do a successful surgery and ask Seung Hee to make the president stay in coma so he can take over) went wrong after Hoon told the president in an attempt to avoid losing their lives. However, the president did not punish him due to political reasons.

The couple faces danger again. Park Hoon decides to go down with Jae Hee this time.

Happy Ending

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Korean Drama Review DS

Doctor Stranger (2014) 异乡人医生

Genre: Melodrama, Medical, Action, Thriller, Politics

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon – Goo Seung Hyun as Park Hoon (child) and Jin Se Yun as Song Jae Hee / Han Seung Hee. Other casts: Park Hae Jin as Han Jae Joon and Kang So Ra as Oh Soo Hyun.
Plot:  Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is raised in North Korea to become a doctor, following his father’s footsteps. After Park Hoon becomes an accomplished heart surgeon, he goes to South Korea after tragic separation with his girlfriend. He ends up at Myungwoo University Hospital due to his good surgery skills being discovered. As he tries to adjust to his strange new life in South Korea, Park Hoon does his best to work alongside Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin), a Harvard graduate who only has revenge in mind while catching the eye of Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra), Jae Joon’s fiancée and the daughter of the hospital director. Anesthesiologist Han Seung Hee bears a strong resemblance to Song Jae Hee, Park Hoon’s girlfriend back in the North whom he wants desperately to come join him. Can the genius doctor do what it takes to make a new life for himself and his love in the South?

Zoom into characters: Despite the struggles Park Hoon faces, he is an easy-going person who cares for the patients more than his life. He chooses patients who cannot afford medical fees or are in critical condition. Jae Hee who is later known as Seung Hee is Hoon’s lover who Hoon tries all ways to save and escape out of North Korea. He has no choice but to transplant Jae Hee’s father’s kidney into her. Jae Hee who did not manage to escape grabs the chance to go to South Korea by using Hoon and carrying out a mission with North Korean official. Jae Joon’s father was killed in a medical accident at Myungwoo University Hospital. The hospital director, Soo Hyun’s father, did not admit the mistake and chased them out, making Jae Joon lost his mother as a result. Jae Joon becomes a doctor out of  revenge but falls in love with Soo Hyun.


MV+ Favourite osts: Stranger by Bobby Kim, Meet you now by Lee Ki Chan and Promise Instrumental

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