What I will be writing here is movies of all types, like Korean, Chinese and Japanese.  I hope that you all will like it. I feel that movies are good as I just need to stay there watching for a few hours as I am the want-to-watch-fast type, that is why I also like to watch running man.

I will be giving the ratings/10.

Hope that you all will like the reviews and I hope that you all watch it!:D

Note: I won’t be writing the character’s name but the actor’s/actresses’s real name.

Korean Movies Review and Recommendation


Middle School Girl A (2018)

Cast: Kim Hwan Hee as Jang Mi Rae and Suho as Jae Hee

Review: The story of 2 people who want to commit suicide. Mi Rae is bullied in school and abused by her father at home. She is the leader in a computer game and likes to write stories. Jae Hee offers free hugs to passers-by to search for the friend he wants to apologise to. Mi Rae and Jae Hee know each other because of the computer game. Both of them help each other do their bucket lists.

Train To Busan(2016)

Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Soo Ahn, Ma Dong Seok, Jung Yumi, Cha Woo Shik, So Hee

Review: Gong Yoo’s character was the father of Kim Soo Ahn’s character. During the girl’s birthday, the girl wanted to go Busan to meet his mother. They board on the train going towards Busan and that was when there was a zombie outbreak in Seoul(which was actually caused by Gong Yoo’s character’s company). Gong Yoo’s character and the passengers were trapped in the train and tried to escape from the zombies by going to a safe place.

My Review: In this movie, it shows the reaction of a person during a desperate situation. Some sacrificed for their loved ones while some were selfish and only wanted to save themselves. There were many touching sacrifices in this movie, like Ma Dong Seok’s character. He sacrificed for the bunch of people and wanted Gong Yoo’s character to take good care of his wife. Without him, those people from the two cabins wont have been able to reunite.

Was quite upset with the selfish person who caused so many unnecessary deaths. The scene when the two elderly women almost manage to reunite drives a strong wave of pity and sadness within me as they are so close (yet so far) to reuniting. Looks like what goes around comes around since the cabin who dont allow the survivors to enter eventually face their own set of misfortune.

Something I found funny about the movie is that the government threw zombies down from a helicopter to solve the outbreak. The contrast is so hugh when the people are happy enjoying themselves and skateboarding, and suddenly it is raining zombies…

Anyway, I like the couples in this show-the young baseball couple and the parents-to-be couple. Gong Yoo’s character death was so sad but it shows how strong father love can be. His daughter’s scream for him is so heartbreaking and it makes me cry the few times I watch it. Gong Yoo is the happiest zombie I ever seen. 

mourning grave mourning grave 2

Mourning Grave(2014)

Cast: Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul

Rating: 8/10

Note: Horror movie(!!!)

Review:  The boy(Kang Ha-neul) can see ghosts. His uncle can also see ghosts and has a cute(?) ghost friend. When Kang Ha-neul(‘s character) was young, he saw a ghost of a girl and did not manage to confess the truth as a witness(if I am not wrong). He decided to apologise to her and her family and the ghost forgived him and faded away. When he grew up and switched to a school near his uncle’s house, he saw a girl ghost, Kim So Eun(‘s character) who liked him and played with him. She wrongfully died. She helped her friend out of danger but got herself into the hands of the bully. She was bullied badly, like she had to wear a mask everywhere she goes, have black make-up and the bullies even burned and hit her(if I remembered correctly). Nobody gave her a helping hand and she committed suicide. She became a two-faced ghost, one good and one bad(who wears a mask). Kang Ha-neul met the good ghost first, who liked him. He came to realise that they were close friends when they were young. The bad one wanted to kill all the people who treated her badly and the people who did not help her when she was in those sufferings. She slowly kills the people, for example the bullies. Kang Ha-neul managed to save two bullies and came to realise that it was that girl ghost who wanted to kill them. He tried to prevent the masked ghost from harming others. One day, the masked ghost locked all of them in a room and wanted to use fire to burn the place. Kang Ha-neul tried to stop her by telling her about their relationship. There was a ferocious conflict between the good and the bad. Luckily, Kang Ha-neul managed to prevent the ghost from burning and the good ghost gave the last goodbye and faded away. Kang Ha-neul became a teacher and he saw a ghost at the back of the classroom, which was the end of the movie.


Thread of lies(2014)

Cast: Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, Yoo Yeon Mi  and Yoo Ah In, Kim Hee Ae

Rating: 10/10

Review: It is a very sad story.  Bullying can cause innocent deaths. This is one of an example. Go Ah Sung’s character(the third person from the left), who is Kim Hyang Gi’s sister, wanted to find the truth of her sister’s suicide and her will note. Kim Yoo Jung’s character acts to be friends with Kim Hyang Gi’s character(which is the person on the left hand corner) but she bullies her and treats her badly. She and the group of classmates said bad things about Kim Hyang Gi and humiliated her. She even lies that it might be Yoo Ah In who cause Kim Hyang Gi’s death. That is why she only thought of studying to get out of this. I remembered that she likes to knit. She made friends with Yoo Ah In as they went to the library at the same time. She also made friends with Yoo Yeon Mi’s character as they untied the thread together to a place and they always meet there after school. This gave Kim Hyang Gi’s character a lot of courage and happiness. However, Yoo Yeon Mi’s character came to find out about Kim Hyang Gi’s mother(Kim Hee Ae) dates with her father who is a very bad father. Yoo Yeon Mi’s sister is Go Ah Sung’s friend.

One day, Kim Hyang Gi’s mother finished sewing the ball of the thread and was shocked to find a note that Kim Hyang Gi written. She said that she was sorry she left early and she loved her mother. The mother realised that there were total of five ball of threads that has a letter in it. The mother found another letter that was for her sister. Her sister cried after seeing the letter. She regretted not being better to her sister and talk to her. The next letter in the thread was for Kim Yoo Sung. She said that she would forgive her. Another letter was for Yoo Yeon Mi, her friend for a while. She also said that she will forgive her. Yoo Yeon Mi, her sister and Go Ah Sung broke into tears. Yoo Yeon Mi’s sister felt very sorry. Go Ah Sung continued to find the last ball of thread…

  no breathing 2

No breathing(2013)

Cast: Seo In Guk, Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Yuri

Rating: 10/10

Songs: Twinkle Twinkle and Bling Star by Yuri

Review: Won-il (Seo In Guk)was a good and gifted swimmer like his father. His father did not spend much time with him and always swam. On his last competition, he did his specialty called “no breathing” and was pretty good. However, he died and his mother died soon after. As a result, Won-il quits swimming and did not like the water.  He lives life hopelessly. Won-il was expelled from school due to being caught drinking(which was not true). His father’s longtime friend Jae-suk (Park Chul-Min) dragged him to a sports high school, hoping that he would start swimming again. There he meets his long-ago rival, Woo-sang (Lee Jong Suk) who in the past had always been overshadowed by Won-il. As Won-il stopped swimming, Woo-sang is now in the first place and is a national swimming star. However, he got disqualified from the national tryouts after getting into trouble. Therefore, he has to start from ground zero and ends up at the same school as Won-il. Woo-sang is Won-il’s complete opposite in personality as they had different backgrounds(Woo-sang living a life of a puppet of his father and Woo-il living hopelessly), and all he cares about is winning so he finds Won-il’s return to the sport unwelcome. Then there is Jae-suk’s daughter, Jung-eun (Kwon Yuri) who was being liked by both of them which further reignites the rivalry between them. They begin training for an upcoming swimming competition, battling for love and friendship. After that, they became friends.

I feel that this show is very nice. I always feel pity for the people that have life like a puppet. They do not have their own carefree time. This show also showed that some people have to work double hard to achieve a result but some already have the talent and potential. I think everybody should continue to work even harder as anything is possible. We should also make friends instead of rivals. We should also be friends with our rivals.

Secretly Greatly(2013)

Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Park Ki-woong, and Lee Hyun-woo

Rating: 7/10

I am sorry I could not remember their character names.

Recommended Songs: Sorrow MV by Kim Soo Hyun, Don’t ever leave me MV and An Ode to Youth MV by Lee Hyun Woo

Review: Three of them are corps from North Korea. As you should know, corps from North Korea have to die if they did not manage to fulfill or do their mission. This is very cruel I think. The three corps as shown in the picture are going to be spies for a special mission to unify Korea(if I am not wrong). Kim Soo Hyun’s character was supposed to act as a fool that tumbles down staircases, helps to groom a store of an auntie and pretends to be very careless and clumsy. He had many guns at the back of the book shelf in his room. I still remember he wore a bikini to save a boy out from some bad people because he had to disguise as a fool.  He met Park Ki-woong after and chased him around (if I am not wrong). He realised that Park Ki-woong was also a corp from North Korea. I cannot really remeber how he met Lee Hyun-woo but anyway they met one another. Lee Hyun-woo was actually a small  boy that wanted to join the corps and met Kim Soo Hyun which was a good corp. He asked Kim Soo Hyun to teach him but Kim Soo Hyun stabbed him on the leg(if I am not wrong). So poor thing. Anyway, the North Korea people decided to kill the three of them. The three showed a touching scene of wanting to save one another and helping one another to overcome danger. Park Ki-woong got injured badly and Lee Hyun-woo got shoot by a gun as he blocked Kim Soo Hyun. Lee Hyun-woo told Kim Soo Hyun to leave but he did not. Anyway, all of them died as they dropped down the building. This is the weirdest ending I ever seen.

This is a very touching and sad story. I hope you all enjoy this show.

miracles in cell no. 7 pic 2

Miracles in Cell No. 7 (2013) 😢

werewolf boy

Werewolf boy (2012)

Cast: Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young

Rating: 9.5/10

Chilling Romance aka spellbound (2011)

Cast: Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin

Rating: 8/10

 4th Period Mystery

4th period mystery(2009) 

Cast: Yoo Seung-ho and Kang So-ra

Rating: 9/10

Review: Da-jung (Kang So-ra)is a hair-curtained girl and nobody had ever see her face, know her well or even have her number. She loves to read books and likes to be alone. While she was reading a book, the same thing happened to a student in the class and he was dead. Jung Hoon (Yoo Seung-ho’s) is the best student at his school. His rival, Tae-gyu (Jo Sang-geun), takes every opportunity to knock him down and bully him, and the two are well-known enemies among the other students. One afternoon Tae-gyu pushedJung-hoon too far and Jung-hoon threatened Tae-gyu with a knife which was witnessed by a student. Jung-hoon walked away, but shortly after the beginning of 4th period class, he found Tae-gyu dead. The boy had been stabbed repeatedly, and still in shock, Jung-hoon picks up the knife which was covered in blood off a nearby desk . Da-jung showed up and saw him, catching him in a most incriminating position. Fortunately, she not only believed his innocence, but offers to help him to solve the mystery and catch the real killer in 40 minutes before the rest of the class returns and discover the body. Da-jung is very clever due to her knowledge of books. At first, they thought that the murderer was the one that took his laptop and killed him. But they found a button which showed that it was not him. They found the criminal and rushed around and Jung Hoon got stabbed. Luckily, the bell ring and saved him from another stab. I remembered when a classmate was finding Da-jung, Da-jung had no choice but to kiss Jung Hoon for them to escape. Anyway, the ending was Da-jung seeing Jung Hoon at the hospital and kissing.

I really like the parts when they are escaping. I like shows that solve mystery and escaping around… Haha… You probably think I am weird.:D

Click here to watch “4th period mystery”.

Chinese Movie Reviews and Recommendations

Over Again 回到过去拥抱你 (2019)


The Last Wish 小小的愿望 (2019)

Cast: Peng Yu Chang 彭昱畅 as Gao Yuan 高远, Wei Da Xun 魏大勋 as Zhang Zheng Yang 张正阳, Darren Wang 王大陆 as Xu Hao 徐浩

Click here for the review.

Our Times 我们的少女时代 (2015)

Cast: Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, Dino Lee, Dewi Chien

Rating: 9.8/10

Recommended songs: 小幸运

Review: It is sometime ago since my sister and I (Lucky JM) watch a movie and it was truly good! I just decided to try out a movie after being recommended to watch it by a few of my good friends. It has a simple storyline of a girl crushing on a model student (Ou-yang) and a gangster while trying to be her friend, help her win his heart and then the girl in turn fall for the gangster. At first, I was a bit skeptical about how this movie left a deep impression on my friends. Yet, the twists of events managed to tug at my heart to the extent that I could feel tears at my eyes towards the end.

I feel that Vivian Sung acted very well as  Lin Chen-hsin, the lead girl of the movie. She really looks very good in the changed hairstyle. The more I see Darren Wang, the more I like his character, Tai-yu the gangster. The movie did play a few romantic moves such as Chen-hsin learning how to skate and Tai-yu pulling Chen-hsin into a hug to prevent her from being knocked down by vehicles. Besides romantic parts, it also includes funny parts like Chen-hsien thinking his crush is waving to her and waves back only to find out it is not and awkwardly pats the tree.  What I like the most about the movie is the heartbreaking moments towards the end, especially when Tai-yu is recapping and showing how much he understands about  Chen-hsien by telling Ou-yang about her in details. This was one of the parts before their separation.

Felt rather angry when the discipline master or teacher insists that Tai-yu cheated in the examinations just because he suddenly makes remarkable improvement, even punishing him to run 50 rounds around the track. I was touched when Chen-hsin stands up for Tai-yu when the teacher refused to award Tai-yu 10th in level for the examinations and the whole school stands up against the teacher together during the award presentation ceremony. Ou-yang’s name makes me feel like laughing every time I hear it as his name has the word “extraordinary” behind. I shall not give anymore spoilers haha. Definitely worth watching.

在一起 在一起2

Together 在一起 (2013)

Singapore Movie Reviews and Recommendation

Meeting The Giants 再见巨人 (2014)

Cast: Jack Choo 朱厚任, Ian Fang, Fang Wei Jie and new faces who are professional players from the Singapore Slingers.

Rating: 9.6/10

Recommended songs: 就在这里MV

Review: This is a very sad and touching story. I cried so many times. At first, Yao Ming(which is the third person from our right) came to join a school’s(venue at Presbyterian High)  basketball team at first.  He meets the shortest one in the picture and he was bullied by the team as Yao Ming is very good at basketball. Yao Ming knew that they did not like them that they even put oil in the basketball room. He decided to fall down so that he would not participate in the race. Then, some big boss recruited the China basketball players to come and play for Singapore. Fang Wei Jie and somebody always fight and the shortest one in the picture made friends with Yao Ming after that but fought with somebody else for a girl. Haha… The basketball players are very humorous at times. Very funny. They gone through different competitions. At first, they always won. However, the coach wanted to teach them what is losing but it ended up that they lose. I forget to say that Fang Wei Jie and somebody is brothers in the basketball team. When they were having such a good bonding, they were fated to leave one another. The big boss only wanted one person to stay in Singapore. He is so bad. They had to compete one another which was a difficult task for them. Nobody would have imagined that. They were split into two teams and the brothers had to face off one another. They did not have the feeling to play the basketball game and the atmosphere was filled with sadness. The first part of the game, (if I am not wrong), nobody scored a goal. Until somebody had the desire to win. There was a face-off between the brothers. Fang Wei Jie remembered his brother said that you have to win me and not lose because I am your brother. Anyway, after the match, everybody went separate ways. Only Fang Wei Jie and some people stayed in Singapore for the boss told them to. The ending was okay. The shortest guy in the picture wanted to play a basketball game with them and the end.

We’re Not Naughty 孩子不坏 (2012)

Cast: Lu Kai Jun, Li Chuang Rui, Hong Ci Jian, Chan Hiu Dung, Xia Rui Zhi, Wu Qi Xian

Rating: 10/10

xiao hai bu ben 2

I’m not Stupid 2小孩不笨 (2006)

Cast: Shawn Lee, Ashley Leong, Joshua Ang, Yi Liang Huang

Japanese Movie Reviews and Recommendations

princess mononoke

Princess Mononoke(2007)

Recommended Songs: Mononoke Hime MV

spirited away

Spirited Away(2001)

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Songs: Always with Me MV

castle in the sky

Castle in the Sky(1986)

Recommended Songs: Kimi Wo Nosete MV by vocaloid

Thai Movie

Friend Zone.jpg

Friend Zone (2019)

Cast: Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich as Palm and Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon as Qink

Review: Creaming Soon

Disney Movie Reviews and Recommendations (must watch!)

Abominable (2019)

Nice fantasy and development of characters but a little lacking in plot development and tension.

Coco (2017)

The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

Inside out (2015)

Disney Big Hero 6 (2014)

Frozen (2013)

Recommended Songs: Let it Go HD and Do You Want to Build a Snowman HD

Rise of the guardians (2012)

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