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Korean Drama Review Fermentation family FF

Fermentation family (2011) 发酵家族

Genre: Family, Romance, Food

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Song Il Gook as Ki Ho Tae, Park Jin Hee as Lee Kang San, Lee Min Young as Lee Woo Joo, Choi Jae Sung as Kang Do Sik, Kang Shin Il as Lee Ki Chan and Kim Young Hoon as Oh Jae Hoon.

Unlike other food related dramas that cooking competitions are often seen, this restaurant only aims to enrich people’s lives. At different seasons or timing, different types of Kimchi are being made. The drama shows case by case on how people who ate that particular Kimchi benefited from the owners’ (Kang San’s parents) generosity and kindness. The case that touches me the most is the father and daughter case. The father is about to commit suicide as life is too tough and decides to eat a last meal before leaving so he brings his daughter to this restaurant. As the food is delicious and Kang San’s father told him to come again another day, he manages to live each day thinking that that meal will be the last but ends up awaiting the next meal at the restaurant. When watching, it is funny whenever my mother says “no wonder the restaurant will go bankrupt” when they do “charity work” like giving food for free but I think it is worth it as a restaurant is only successful if people still remember it by heart.

I find that the character Woo Joo was acted out well and I liked it very much. She does not know it when people have ulterior motive and thinks about everything very simply. If I know her personally, I may find it annoying when she does not understand things. However, in a drama, it is very fun to watch. Is it possible to have a person like that in the world if he/she is not slightly dimwitted? The kid in this drama is really cute. Despite being abandoned by her parents, she is sensible and thoughtful. Liked her relationship with Ho Tae a lot. Jae Hoon really seems like a gentleman literally. He cannot stand it when the place is dirty (and many others) which makes me enjoy the relationship he has with Ho Tae who has contrasting personality. I am happy that Kang San chooses to help her own family business. Although family business is difficult to sustain when it reaches the next generation, it is a waste that they who are capable of continuing the priceless business do not.


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