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Korean Drama Review CH

Coffee house (2010)  咖啡馆

Genre: Writing, Comedy, Romance

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo, Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young and Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon.

Plot: Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller/crime novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea and has a long-time friendship with her. Lee Jin Soo has lots of fans and people think that he is courteous but what no one knows is that he is actually weird and sarcastic. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a professional instead of the below-average girl that she really is.

Zoom into characters: The more Jin Soo is polite to someone, the more the person is a stranger or someone he dislikes. He is a famous novelist but he rejects any form of publicity such as autograph signing events. Jin Soo has a sad past and Eun Young helped Jin Soo continue living by making him write. After Eun Young is betrayed by her boyfriend, she starts to like Jin Soo who knows her well. Kang Seung Yeon does not have a good job and mans a cafe. She is suddenly employed as Jin Soo’s secretary but it is just her senior doing. Jin Soo does not say much but throws away the coffee she brewed and the pencils she sharpened behind her back, even making her translate a book downstairs so that he can concentrate. After Seung Yeon finds out, she promises to become the kind of secretary that Jin Soo is keen to hire, enduring all sorts of torture and gradually becomes attached to him.


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MV+ Favourite osts: Coffee house MV and I don’t want to know goodbye by Hwang Ji Hyun

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