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Random recommendations for long series Korean Dramas

As a student and I do not have much time or patience to complete long series dramas, I do not watch all the episodes in the long series dramas but I still get the rough idea about what it is about. Recently, I have watched 2 long series dramas when my parents were watching and I found them quite good!

Giant (2010) 巨人


starring Lee Bum Soo as Lee Kang Mo, Yeo Jin Goo as Kang Mo (teen), Park Jin Hee as Hwang Jung Yeon, Nam Ji Hyun as Jung Yeon (teen), Park Sang Min as Lee Sung Mo, Kim Soo Hyun as Sung Mo (teen), Joo Sang Wook as Jo Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum as Lee Mi Joo, Park Ha Young as Mi Joo (child)

This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970’s. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at a young age when their father was killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother also died subsequently. When they are able to reunite years later, they had all reached adulthood and are determined to exact revenge upon the people responsible for their misery.

It was very tragic when they separated, especially Kang Mo and Mi Joo. Really liked the character Kang Moo in this drama, from when he is young acted by Yeo Jin Goo to when he is an adult. He is very intelligent and mischievous. Because he has a brother he can rely on, he is not very hardworking and still can fool around without much serious consequence. Liked the plot development as Kang Mo later becomes his father’s best friend’s adoptive son after helping him solve a very serious problem and gradually sets his foundation in the construction industry. Disliked Jung Yeon’s stepbrother as he is good-for-nothing and greedy. Liked the development of the relationship between Jung Yeon and Kang Mo.

Was kind of surprised when I see Kim Soo Hyun in this drama but too bad his character is not the main character. I somehow predicted that his character will not be able to take revenge even though he knows who are their enemies and eventually dies (sry for the spoiler). It is funny that both Kang Mo and Mi Joo likes the (so called) enemies’ children. Jung Yeon’s father is partially to blame for the murder and he benefited from it. There is also a struggle when Kang Mo knows about what his adoptive father did. It is an enjoyable long series drama, especially when Kang Mo solves problems related to constructions and when he uses clever ways to do business.

Click here to watch.

Jang Bo Ri is here (2014) 张宝利来了!


starring Oh Yeon Seo as Jang Bo Ri, Yoo Eun Mi as Jang Bo Ri (child), Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Hwa, Jung Yoon Suk as Lee Jae Hwa (child), Oh Chang Suk as Lee Jae Hee, Jo Hyun Do as Lee Jae Hee (child), Lee Yoo Ri as Yun Min Jung, Shin Soo Yun as Yun Min Jung (child)

This drama is about two families, two women, two mothers who have to deal with very unexpected surprise when their daughters’ identities changed overnight. Jang Bo Ri (Oh Yeon Seo) who grew up with her poor family suddenly becomes wealthy overnight after she discovers that she’s a daughter of a wealthy family. In contrary, Yun Min Jung (Lee Yoo Ri) suddenly has to adapt herself from living in luxury to her poor family.

Started to watch this drama as it is in Singapore’s channel u and my sister who likes Jung Yoon Suk since Good Doctor was drawn into watching it. After that, my whole family starts to become glued to it after my sister watches it online using smart television. It is a good long series drama and it does not drag a lot. Lee Yoo Ri really can act well as the bad guy haha. Liked the relationship between Jae Hwa and Bo Ri. Jae Hwa is even willing to accept Bo Ri’s adopted child as his own. Liked Jae Hwa and Bo Ri’s personality a lot. Towards the end, as Bo Ri has to deal with cunning Min Jung, she becomes more steel-hearted. Looks like we cannot be too kind when handling the bad guys. If not, we are bound to be bullied and pushed around. I also enjoyed the process of  Min Jung’s boyfriend taking revenge and his relationship with his daughter adopted by Bo Ri.

Click here to watch.

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Thank you!

I am very thankful that our blog is being nominated by Odessa Jones from K-Drama Today for the

liebster small

It is not long since my sister and I stepped into the blogging world and we are happy and kind of surprised that the blog even gets nominated for an award. This award will motivate me to continue writing even when “times are tough”. Haha. I am really sorry that I am not able to nominate anyone yet. I will do so as soon as I can. Before I started blogging and even today, I can only find blogs/sites that are not considered small sites to read about recaps/reviews so it may take some time for me to find appropriate nominees and spread the love…

Sorry that I cannot do another review-related post for this week but I will do more next week. Haha.

Next, I shall try my best to answer the questions given.

What K-drama apartment or place of residence do you most want to live in (rent-free of course)?
Well, I suppose I like apartments with hidden rooms, especially one filled with books. Hence, I would pick Do Min Joon’s house (You who came from the stars). Agreed by my sister. Haha.

What drama did you expect to hate and then surprise yourself by loving?
King 2 Hearts. I dislike dramas with lots of politics involved and the summary of the drama did not catch my attention at all. Then, as a fan of Lee Seung Gi, I decided to just try the first episode and that is how I got addicted to it and found myself enjoying it.

What OST song annoyed you more than any other? You know, the one that made you cringe by episode 16.
I don’t think there is. I am more annoyed when I cannot find a good and memorable ost from a particular drama for remembrance.

If you could visit Korea, what place would you most want to visit and what food would you most want to eat?
There are some places in dramas that have a lot of good lighting decorations but I haven’t found out where they are yet. I will definitely visit Jeju Island and the museums or natural disasters simulation centre as seen in some Running Man episodes. As the country I live in, Singapore, does not have natural disasters, I just want to see how it feels like. I want to try jajangmyeon. It always looks delicious in the dramas and makes my mouth water. (Well, even instant noodles look tasty in Korean Dramas on screen.)

Did you ever catch yourself so absorbed in a drama you just read a subtitle out loud? No unless I find what the character said is amusing.

What is a K-drama scene that made you cry? (I’m not much of a crier,but a few dramas have had me weeping buckets.)
I cannot stop my tears falling in 49 days, especially towards the end when the grim reaper’s past is revealed and the scene about his last meeting with his girlfriend.

If you had to choose your favorite four leads for your dream K-drama cast, who would you choose?
I am a fan of many idols but I will choose just for this question. I shall ignore the fact that there needs to be supporting casts. I will go with Lee Seung Gi, Kim So Eun, Han Ji Min and Ji Chang Wook. Hopefully it is a fantasy romantic-comedy drama with good ending for the 2 couples. Haha.

What are your favorite movies and/or shows that have nothing to do with Korea?
I like Disney Movies such as Big Hero 6. Those that the characters are not real people. For my sister, it is a Singapore Movie called Meeting the Giants.

What has been your hardest post to write?
I have found writing a quick picture recap quite difficult. I have to source for pictures(not copyrighted) from the dramas. I even have to get the sequence right when I cannot remember after watching the dramas sometime ago.

How has your drama habit affected the people around you in real life? Do any of them watch dramas now? Or do you keep your blogging top secret?
My family watches a lot of dramas, especially those from Korea, under the influence of my aunts so there is no great effect on them. In fact, I was influenced by them. They are just slightly amused when I say “I wrote a review on this.” or when I say there are people clicking the links in the review to watch the particular drama. I have friends who are shocked by the number of dramas I watch while others are happy that they now know what to watch. I have always kept watching dramas a secret (especially to my friends until I started blogging) as a revelation of such a hobby may affect my image as a mugger (someone who studies a lot) haha and the hobby will be to blame if I do not do well in my studies which is unfair.

What is something you’ve learned about blogging or computers thanks to your K-drama site?
I think I still got a lot to learn about blogging and doing reviews. Of course, I have learnt a lot on how to use WordPress. When I read subjective reviews from other blogs, I sometimes wonder if I am writing reviews correctly. I do not dig so deeply into the dramas like them and from time to time I wonder if my reviews are helpful.

Really grateful to be nominated for this award and I will continue to write reviews with pleasure.

Wish everyone a good night!

Lucky JM

Random news/thoughts 3

Singapore Star Awards 2015 Show 2:

I am happy for Aloysius Pang for attaining the Best Newcomer. Shall not use this opportunity to spread too much fan’s feeling… However, I feel that the characters he acted are too fixed into the naughty guy roles. Maybe because of his appearance? Especially liked his acting in Against the Tide, his best breakthrough so far.

Best Variety Show Host: Pornsak. I like his ability to spread joy and laughter in the variety shows. Started thinking of learning Thai language because of him. Not that I think I will ever talk to him again in real life though. Haha. Despite that, it is not easy to learn a new language. I am not really exceptionally proficient in English and Chinese for now and I remember struggling in my third year learning Japanese, especially in understanding after listening.

Thought that Julie Tan who acted in 3 wishes will win Best Supporting Actress and Aloysius Pang will win Best Supporting Actor. This Star Awards is a year for The Journey: Tumultuous Times indeed.

All Time Favourite Award: Jeanette Aw and Vivian Lai. Quite satisfied with that.

When Rebecca Lim (Yes We Can) wins the Best Actress Award, I was quite shocked by it. Haha. It makes me think if I missed out on a good drama. As of now, I do not think I will U-turn to watch it. I thought that Rui En will win it. She acted well as the psychiatrist who turned evil eventually.

Best Actor: Shaun Chen (The Journey: Tumultuous Times) Yay!

See you again next year, Star Awards! Hopefully, I would get to enjoy more innovative dramas and touching moments before that!

Random news/thoughts 2

I was hesitating if I should write about my thoughts on Singapore Star Awards 2015. Anyway, I have decided to write about it subjectively.

For Show 1:

I am glad that Shaun Chen won the Rocket Award. I just love his acting in many dramas such as Beyond…, especially in the recent Blessings and The Journey: Tumultuous Times. Looking forward to seeing him on screen. Haha.

Damien Teo acting in The Journey: Tumultuous Times deserves the Young Talent Award. Despite that, I was quite touched by the acting of another boy in World at your Feet who did a good job in portraying the feeling of a child facing the separation of his family.

It was funny that for the Best Cameraman Award, they made the cameramen hold the live cameras in front of them to show their faces. When the recipient is announced, the nominees turn all their cameras to face the winner.

The best theme song in the nominated ones is of course The Journey: Tumultuous Times. However, if theme songs of 3 wishes and the caregivers (can’t remember if it is included) are included, I may not think so.

Surprised by the number of awards Jeanette Aw attained in Show 1. I like her quite a lot and am happy for her. She has a very elegant demeanor and is very good at acting.

Although I am kind of supportive of Zhang Zhen Huan, I am quite surprised by his sudden increase in popularity. His character in World at your Feet isn’t really a good one. If I did not remember wrongly, he even betrayed Wei Xiong (acted by Elvin Ng, one of my idols haha). Hence, I am not really that happy that he wins Favourite Male Character with that character.

I will continue with my thoughts on Show 2 on another day. Gdnight!

Kill me heal me quotes (Korean Drama)

You guys will no longer be shattered pieces but like connected puzzles.

With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.

~Oh Ri Jin


I, with this gaze is Cha Do Hyun.

~Cha Do Hyun


A favor asked will only become a threat when fear is felt.

~Shin Se Gi


Making a coincidence was my 1st mistake. Making that coincidence into fate is the 2nd. Constantly encouraging you and making the fate into destiny is the 3rd. Letting you leave me by choice was the last mistake.

~Oh Ri On


A psychiatrist is not a saviour. You can’t save everyone and you must not be under a delusion that you can.

~Professor Seok