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Korean Drama Review Falling for innocence FFI

Falling for innocence (2015) 為純情著迷

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

Falling For Innocence

starring Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ho, Lee Tae Woo as Kang Min Ho (young), Kim So Yun as Kim Soon Jung, Jung Da Bin as Kim Soon Jung (young), Yoon Hyun Min as Joon Hee, Jin Goo as Ma Dong Wook (Soon Jung`s fiance),  Choi Soo Han as Ma Dong Wook (young).


I enjoyed watching how Min Ho starts to change and is exasperated when he does something he normally does not do. Especially liked the scene when Soon Jung hurts her hand and tears start falling off Min Ho’s eyes out of his control and he wonders why he is like that. It is funny when Min Ho uses Dong Wook’s tricks while trying to catch a criminal and shows off his new gained martial arts skills. Loved how Jung Kyung Ho lightens the mood of the drama with his humour added keeping me entertained throughout. Liked how Soon Jung is portrayed as a capable and smart secretary who does her best to help any boss she is working for and thinks on the boss’s behalf.

Liked Min Ho’s interaction with his secretary who takes care of him and is concerned about his health. Thankfully Jung Kyung Ho’s hairstyle changed haha. I found the company politics kind of boring but its effect on me is being shrank by the chemistry of the lead couple.  I admit that the ending is a bit absurd even though it is not a sad ending. The fantasy part of the drama is what keeps me going as it makes me curious to what may happen next which is so unlike Min Ho. I guess this situation won’t happen in real life haha. Imagine behaving like someone else after a heart transplant…I am glad that Soon Jung realises the difference in the way her two boyfriends actually are and she is not liking Min Ho because he resembles Dong Wook.

It is sad that Dong Wook’s father has to send off his son so suddenly and his son’s death is actually caused by his son’s best friend, Joon Hee. It is fun to watch how Dong Wook’s father treats Min Ho like his son due to the similarity between the two even though he detests Min Ho at first . It is even more sad when Joon Hee’s father chooses death to cover up his son’s crime. Although Joon Hee seems to be working hard towards gaining more, he is actually losing more, especially the relationship with his poor father whom he could have treasured.

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