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To Be Continued Web Drama

to be continued

To Be Continued(2015)

Cast: ASTRO and Kim Sae Ron

Episodes: 12

Recommended Ost: Innocent Love by ASTRO

Review: This drama is about Kim Sae Ron going back to the past to change the future of the Astro members.One day, there was a storm and Jheon Ah Rin(Kim Sae Ron) was sitting in a cab. A mysterious guy told Jheon Ah Rin(Kim Sae Ron) that if she manage to return to the past, what will she do. And when lightnings struck, she and another guy(one of the Astro members went back to the past when they were in high school. At that time, their Astro group was not very popular and they were struggling. Moon Bin was a very good dancer and he had a conflict with Cha Eun Woo(Lee Dong Min) and Jheon Ah Rin(Kim Sae Ron) has to try to resolve it. Kim Sae Ron continues to go back and forth between the past and future as she recreates the past to get them back in time. The past that they recreate will change the future of things and one thing Jheon Ah Rin(Kim Sae Ron) changed was letting Moon Bin who likes her to like her friend which likes him. How will she be able to change the future? It is to be continued…

My Own Feelings: I feel that this drama is completely in sync to its name because in the end when the Astro goes back to the future, it was still to be continued.

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Exo Next Door Web Drama

exo next door

Exo Next Door(2015)

Cast: Exo and Moon Ga Young

Congratulations to Chanyeol who won the “New Actor” Award.

Recommended Ost: Beautiful by Baekhyun

Exo Next Door is a web drama about exo living next door of an ordinary girl(Moon Ga Young) and her cheeks always grow red when she is embarrassed. She helped to clean up the next door house and saw the exo team, which she was a fan of. When they went into the kitchen when she was inside drinking water, she sprayed water at Chanyeol, which made the exo members shocked. Chanyeol was having a hard time making a song and he went back to find the other music note necklace that his grandfather left before he died. In this web drama, we can see the conflicts between Chanyeol and Moon Ga Young(as Moon Ga Young cleans the exo’s house, Chanyeol keeps hinting to Moon Ga Young that he is Chan, her old friend, D.O. liking Moon Ga Young and Sehun making friends with Moon Ga Young’s brother. There was one episode where Moon Ga Young and Chanyeol gets stuck into a storage room in the house and they spend the night together in the room, During that episode, Chanyeol found out that the music note necklace was with Moon Ga Young. At the last part of the drama, the exos had to leave for an overseas job trip and the exos came back to the house again like what happened the first time they arrived.

Sorry for the missing plots for I had watched it long ago and kind of forgot the scenarios. Thank you.:)

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Dramas to consider.

Hi, everyone. So sry that I haven’t completely finished watching any drama due to the many commitments and me diving into personal development so am unable to write a review this week. Now, even my sister is watching more dramas than me who label myself as a drama addict haha. Btw, I am currently watching Angry Mum (Korean Drama) and Sealed with a kiss (Singapore Drama).

Angry Mum is about a mother becoming a student to prevent her child from being a victim to school violence and ends up in a conspiracy related to politics. I wouldn’t want to study in a school this corrupted haha. In this school, there is also an ignorant/naive teacher (Ji Hyun Woo) who believes in the goodness of the students and the world and will start to grow to a teacher who really can protect the students from harm.

Sealed with a kiss is about a man (Elvin Ng) who is a jinx and a woman (Rebecca Lim) who creates her ideal world with a web of white lies. While doing CPR for her in one occasion, he becomes a lucky person all of a sudden while she becomes a person who cannot tell lies. While one benefits and the other loses everything due to the situation, they face other unthinkable outcomes and perspectives that they have never seen life from.

You can consider my sister’s watchlist too. She is watching Sassy go go, I order you, Mrs Cop and many more that she dropped. Because I sometimes have a glimpse at what she watches I think Mrs Cop is a good choice if you are not sick of the genre: crime.

Gd day!

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2014 Korean Drama Ost

Dramacream(me) has made a 2014 korean drama ost youtube video. Hope you like it! Enjoy! Feel free to see the videos we made such as [korean drama ost (2006-2013)+rm bgm] and subscribe to our channel for more to come! –Joyous JY

Hello Monster quotes (Korean Drama)

You can become as you wish. You can become like me too or a person completely opposite of me. There isn’t just one door.

All animals have a critical period, the time where the brain grows and becoming fully developed. The things they see, hear, feel, know during that time frame don’t change easily. I call that time when the soul is made.

~Young Lee Joon Yeong


I will listen to you and not kill people anymore. Is a happy ending not possible?
~Lee Min


Why do people hurt others? Before that, why can’t people hurt others?

~Young Lee Hyun


Cases are like constellations. Each dot seemingly has no meaning and connection but if you connect them carefully, you can create a picture.

~Lee Hyun


Is it better to tell the people about their loved ones’ death to end their hope?

~ Cha Ji Ahn


I have to protect you from the world and protect the world from you.

~Hyun’s father to Hyun


Don’t assume. Until you see that person face-to-face, until that moment comes. You won’t know what choice you will make.

~Park Dae Yeong to Cha Ji Ahn

Korean Drama Review HM/IRY

Hi. I am finally back! Hope I did well for my examinations. Will try to maintain 1 post per week for the upcoming weeks haha. Thx for the support! Lucky JM

Hello Monster/ I remember you (2015) 記得你

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Psychopath

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Seo In Guk as Lee Hyun, Hong Hyun Taek as Lee Hyun (Child), Jang NaRa as Cha Ji Ahn, Park Ji So as Ji Ahn (child), Lee Chun Hee as Kang Eun Hyuk, Choi Won Young as Lee Joon Ho, Park Bo Geum as Jung Sun Ho, Hong Eun Taek as Sun Ho (child)

Plot: This drama is a romantic thriller that centers around a criminal profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) who previously worked as a consultant at the police department in New York. He returns to South Korea in search of his hidden memory. At the same time, he is asked to join a special criminal investigation team due to his skills. Due to his special insight, he can analyze the crime scene and the suspect at one glance. He works together with an elite detective, Cha Ji Ahn (Jang NaRa) to solve the crimes and they develop a romantic relationship.

Zoom into characters: Lee Hyun’s father, a psychology professor, misunderstands that Lee Hyun has psychopath tendency and locks him in the basement. What his father does not know is that Hyun is trying to keep his brother’s abnormal behaviour a secret. Hyun gets to know about Lee Joon Yeong, a psychopath, due to an encounter at the interrogation room. After that, Lee Joon Yeong manages to escape from jail and frees Hyun by killing his father. In the process, he kidnaps Hyun’s brother before leaving. Cha Ji Ahn becomes a stalker of Hyun after her father is framed for being involved in Lee Joon Yeong’s escape. Determined to prove his father’s innocence, she holds on to the only string related to Lee Joon Yeong: Hyun. They meet when Hyun returns to South Korea to look for Lee Joon Yeong, searching for clues about his past and ends up in her team.


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Favourite MVs+ osts: Remember by Dear Cloud 

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