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Taiwanese Drama Review Wish to see you again WTSYA

Randomly found this drama while searching for a drama to watch on google at a period of time with not enough kdramas.

Wish to see you again (2008) 這裡發現愛

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 8.5/10  No. of times I watched it: 2

starring Vic Chou as Xu Le (Ye Zi) 許樂 (葉子), Michelle Chen as Pan Neng Xian 潘能賢, Ken Zhu as Ding Yu Hao 丁雨豪, Kingone Wang as Ma Yong Rui/Xiao Ma 馬永睿, Terri Kwan as Lu Yi 陸怡

It is hilarious when the drama started. I skipped through whatever Xu Le does in the hotel room until the apple and knife scene haha. It is funny when he tries to act like what he is supposed to when watching the two opposite types of movies and is compared with other movie watchers who are really laughing or crying when he looks back; and when he sits the viking but feels nothing. It is also funny when he was cutting his steak halfway and suddenly thought of Neng Xian and takes the knife with him while going back to the hotel to search for her. People thought he was dangerous and assumed that he wanted to kill someone. After Neng Xian “took” his inspiration and he couldnt get it back, he becomes a taxi driver to continue looking for inspiration. It is fun to see him meeting different types of passengers and his reactions towards them.

Attracted to this drama as I felt that Xu Le is an interesting character who does unusual things and does not care about others’ opinions that much. For example, he adds tomato sauce to most food, saying that any food will be tasty because of that. When a magazine writer asks him for an interview he doesnt want to be part of, he totally doesnt cooperate and gives her a hard time. Liked Xu Le’s cool side when he says poetic phrases and when he is serious, and the other side with his awkwardness and sheepish smile. It is also interesting to see the life of an author since I aim to become one. Seems like writers are stereotyped to be eccentric haha?

Liked the development of relationship between Neng Xian and Xu Le. It is nice to see Xu Le start to approach Neng Xian, and they start to understand and care for each other even though he goes near her more to get inspiration at first. Liked how many white words and symbols appear magically on the screen whenever he gets inspiration. There is one time (left the deepest impression on me) when he touched her hand, and the words and symbols surround them and he speaks the phrases that pop into his head to her, making the scene romantic but too bad it is just for his novel haha. He is a blunt person who speaks his mind which causes a bumpy start to their friendship. For example, when she thanks him for helping her with a proposal she needs to come up with for her job, he just brushes her off saying it is not important. It is funny when he starts to contact her and does not know what to say on the phone or somehow using ginseng to come up with an excuse since her family opens a traditional chinese medicine clinic. Liked their chemistry, and their simple but sweet interactions as the drama goes.

It is interesting to see Neng Xian’s parents’ funny quarrelling or whole family quarrels which adds humour to the drama. Although some of the topics that they argue about or speak with their children about may make me feel unhappy if it happens in real life, I find it funny to see it in the drama. The quarrels portray the different personalities in the family well and it is fun to feel the lively family atmosphere. It is not that type of damaging disagreements that will cause an end to relationships but more like those senseless bickerings which portray closeness. It is funny how Neng Xian’s family likes to invite Xu Le to their house for a meal. Enjoyed watching Xu Le’s interaction with the noisy family of Neng Xian, especially when he stays at their house for a period of time suggested by Neng Xian’s father I think. He even has to play taichi with Neng Xian’s father early in the morning when he prefers to be in bed and accompany sociable Neng Xian’s mother to the market even though he hates dealing with the crowd.

There was a nice turning point towards the end when Xu Le cannot stand Neng Xian’s noisy and demanding family anymore, is faced with Neng Xian’s misunderstanding, and encounters a career crisis. Liked how Vic Chou portrayed how the character’s world is collapsing and his struggle as he retreats to silence and darkness instead of asking people for help, including Neng Xian. It is true that people used to solving their problems by themselves just need to be left alone and given some time to sort out their problems. Sometimes, others just cannot provide much help and it is best to patiently wait, and show that you are always by their side and ready if help is needed. Enjoyed watching Xu Le’s character growth in terms of dealing and communicating with people, and learning to love himself (he was an abandoned child/orphan).

Liked the portrayal of friendship between Xu Le, Xiao Ma and Ah Hao. The friendship is so long-lasting and I liked how they do not give up on each other no matter the situation the other is in. It is nice to watch how Xiao Ma and Ah Hao stood up for Xu Le when they were students and accepted him into their clique even though Xu Le seldom talked. My sister and I felt that this type of friendship is too good to be true haha. Liked Xiao Ma as a character, a person trying to be cheery while working under his strict brother, a nice superior, Xu Le’s supportive buddy, and a romantic pursuer of Lu Yi who was once Ah Hao’s girlfriend. Liked the character development of Xiao Ma, well-portrayed by Kingone Wang, as he goes from having it all to a so-called pathetic state. Rooted for his happiness towards the end.

Became a fan of Vic Chou after this drama. The pace was slow at times but I enjoyed this drama overall. May be too mature or more bland to some.

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