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Random thoughts 6

Sry, I wasn’t able to write for some time. Recently, I haven’t been able to finish any particular drama, especially Singapore dramas. I haven’t even finished Singapore drama, Sealed with a Kiss, and am left with 2 episodes for Cheese in the trap haha. I also haven’t finished the super popular Descendents of the sun.

However, recently I have been browsing through some controversial dramas and some interesting ones. I browsed through Ireland which is about how a married couple is formed through empathy and how they divorced to find true love. Liked Hyun Bin’s acting in this drama, the reason I skimmed through it.  The plot is very unusual as the couple actually like each other but they both still commit adultery as that is not true romantic love. Gook (Hyun Bin) is a bodyguard who protects the weak while safeguarding the rich. Jung Ah, after facing a near death encounter in Ireland and losing her adopted family, returns to Korea to find her roots. While relying on Gook, she becomes a doctor in Korea. I may write a review about it if I finish it completely haha.

Besides that, I was browsing through a Taiwanese Drama called Gloomy Salad Days. It touches on controversial issues related to sexual orientation:such as lesbian and also about committing suicide. In the teenage years, these issues are usually not talked about especially in dramas which would rather focus on high school love. The drama is about Shen Qi that can see a death spirit due to having a brain tumour. The death spirit is turning those who wish for death when they cannot overcome their difficulties into rocks for a spiritual bridge of some sort.  It is interesting that Shen Qi slowly becomes the lead character towards the end of the drama and his role to oppose against the death spirit become stronger as the drama goes. At the start, he has no influence over people falling victim to the death spirit and the victims are the focus of the story. However, towards the end, his love for the death spirit becomes more pronounced and he wants to sacrifice his life rather than cure his brain tumour and being unable to see her again.

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Page Turner Korean Drama Review

Page Turner Korean Drama (2016)

Cast: Kim So Hyun as Yoon Yoo Seul, Ji Soo as Jung Cha Sik, Shin Jae Ha as Suh Jin Mok

Episodes: 3

Review: Yoon Yoo Seol is a girl who was driven by her mother to play the piano. Her mother taught Suh Jin Mok piano when he was young but he played like a machine. Her mother told him to play properly and he thinks that his playing was the same and was good. So he told his father to sack her. Yoo Seol was unhappy and played it the way her mother wanted him to play like. Her mother was shocked that Yoo Seol could play the piano when she did not learn piano. Her mother decided to make her into a pianist. However, it was not her wish. Although she won numerous awards, she was not happy. One day, she got into an accident and lost her sight forever. Her mother still wanted her to play piano despite her losing her eyesight, which made her want to commit suicide. Jun Mok felt very sorry because he prayed for her to be gone and now she really lost her eyesight. She was fortunate that she was saved by Jung Cha Sik from committing suicide.

Jung Cha Sik was a high jump player and loves high jump. Jung Cha Sik beat the school record of high jumping because he did not want the rich couple to look down at his mother. However, when he tried to jump higher, he hurt himself and could never jump again, which brought him into despair. He tired hard not to show his despair in front of his mother and almost wanted to commit suicide too and he sees Yoo Seol and managed to save her from suicide. Jung Cha Sik’s mother knew Cha Sik was in despair and tricked him by saying his father was a famous pianist, which made him practise piano really hard and went to the music school Yoo Seol was in and be her guide. He even wanted Yoo Seol to teach him how to play and enter a competition together. He bet with the other students that if he won the competition, they had to believe that his father is that pianist.

On the actual competition, he realises the truth that his father is not that pianist. He also could not play well so he gave the chance to Ju Mok to play with Yoo Seol. Cha Sik was sad about it and showed to his mother that he could play very well too as her son, which he did. All of them found their dreams and happiness at the same time.

Personal feelings: Weirdly I somehow ship Yoo Seol and Ju Mok because I can feel Ju Mok being sorry for her and trying to do things for her. However, I decided I shall not ship anyone because I think this show is not about couples but about finding happiness in one self. It was overall a nice show that made me cry the first episode and feel happy the last episode.

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Korean Drama Review Remember-War of the sons RWOS

Remember-war of the sons (2015-2016) 记得儿子的战争

Genre: Melodrama, Crime, Thriller

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

Remember_–_War_of_the_Son_(리멤버_–_아들의_전쟁)_Promotional_poster     war of the sons

starring Yoo Seung Ho as Seo Jin Woo, Park Min Young as Lee In Ah, Park Sung Woong as Park Dong Ho, Nam Goong Min as Nam Gyu Man, Jung Hye Sung as Nam Yeo Kyung


To me, Yoo Seung Ho and his ability made me watch this but what makes me continue watching is surprisingly Nam Goong Min who acted as the infamous Nam Gyu Man. Looks like it is difficult for Nam Goong Min to be remembered using a nice guy role(Can you hear my heart etc) and he seems to be killing all his evil roles well haha… His character in this drama is unbelievably insane and thinks that he is above the law. It is funny how he shows his anger with his exaggerated facial expression and it just makes me want to continue on to see how he will react when he meets another dead end caused by Jin Woo. Enjoyed how Jin Woo uses his intelligence and his memory to fight against seemingly invincible Nam Gyu Man.

At the start, it is very heartbreaking, especially since the mixed feelings are so well acted out by Yoo Seung Ho. Liked how Lee In Ah plays a more active role as the drama progresses. Liked the development between the lead couple, as well as the people working under Jin Woo in his law firm. One of the heartbreaking moments that touched me is when In Ah rebuts Gyu Man’s sister about what Gyu Man’s sister thought is a game actually ruins people’s lives.

Besides that, Gyu Man’s secretary and Dong Ho play a major role in this drama and show that it is tough to not support the people with power but it is still necessary to oppose them when it is right. Liked how Dong Ho win cases, especially being able to make Gyu Man speechless and compromise. However, it is a waste that he changes his mind about Jin Woo’s father’s case. Dong Ho’s relationship with Jin Woo adds depth to the drama plot as they have the chance of being a lawyer for each other and both of their loved ones passed away on the same day. Gyu Man’s secretary is really pitiful since Gyu Man, his friend, often vents his anger on him by using violence. It is good to see that he manages to make a true friend which is Dong Ho’s secretary haha. Can’t believe how he can tolerate Gyu Man for so long, especially since Gyu Man is not just his employer but also a friend.

Overall, the plot is not as good as I thought it will be though since Gyu Man and his rich father wins most of the time and can somehow escape from punishment. The worst part in my opinion is that he also gets Alzheimer… Perhaps the scriptwriter is trying to contrast the idea of memory-having too much and losing them but it is a waste that Jin Woo’s perfect memory ability does not shine through the drama and it could have been better made use of.

Favourite MVs+ osts: RWOS ost ig post

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Click Your Heart Korean Web Drama

click your heart

Click Your Heart(2016)

Cast: Kwon Min Ah as Kwon Mina, Baek Joon Ho as Baek Ju Ho, Kang Chan Hee as Kang Chan Hee, Kim Seok Woo as Kim Ro Woon, Lee Sang Hyuk as Lee Da Won

Episodes: 7

Recommended Ost: NEOZSCHOOL Together With You

Since this drama is very special because you can choose who you want, I will be writing on my own reviews on each of the couples chosen. You can only see the plots I wrote if you chose them and watch it.

Introduction of main character Mina: She is girl who is nice but whoever who goes near her will get unlucky. She transferred to this new school where she met these guys(depending on which person you click, you will see a different guy). She joined the broadcasting club in her school.

Let me write the first couple I chose to watch first. I have a feeling that my sister will choose Ro Woon too over the angel boy, Chan Hee, although I think Chan Hee is quite cute also. Ro Woon is a baseball player who does not really have any friends. The broadcasting club members all failed to get an interview from him until Mina came into the club. She is very nice and she tried to interview him but realised he was tired and decided not to, which he found it cute. He hurt his hand by catching that baseball with his bare hand to save Mina from being hit. Mina felt sorry and became her slave by helping him move stuff. When Ro Woon confessed, she was confused about her feelings and so Ro Woon says if he wins the baseball match, he will ask him again and they got together. I feel that this couple is quite a nice combination from the start. I actually feel quite sorry for the friend who liked her but she being confused and still choose Ro Woon did not hurt anyone.(You will only see this if you choose him as the one)

Next up, I decided to watch ep 5, which was Da Won, her friend who got together with her. So Mina said that he was only his friend. Da Won was hurt, which make me feel sad too. I mean, even if you don’t like him, he likes her so she should not hurt him. That episode almost brought me tears because Da Won tried to pretend she did not see her and was hurt. And he told her about the promise they did which was when he grew one hand taller than her, she will date him. Mina also pondered whether she like him or not. Just nice, the guy’s written story was on broadcast. That broadcast kind of a confession and kind of his real feelings was so nice!!!!! Anyway, Mina and Da Won did a broadcast together and their broadcast member accidentally press something and the whole school heard Mina saying she was sorry and she liked him. Da Won hugged him and it was a happy ending. So cute couple.(You will only see this if you click him)

So next one not my order of liking, is Chan Hee. He looks too cute and cheerie and such a nice guy. Anyway, he was not scared of Mina despite her being unlucky. He likes to dance a lot and does not mind skipping classes and appears everywhere Mina is. You will actually find out that he is kind of his spirit who came out. He knew her since an accident that happened which involves the other guy, which was her ex-boyfriend. He also told her is not her fault despite him being on bed now and could not wake up after the accident that happened  He always likes to say “My third fantasy came true”(something like that) after he liked Mina. Haha. Anyway, Mina found out that he was on bed 100 days already because of an accident and was shocked by it and went to find him. So he kissed her on her forehead before he left. Luckily, he managed to be alive and they meet each other again. And he said, “My fantasy came true.”OMG, that was what I was going to say. (You will only see this with you click him)

The last one is actually her ex-boyfriend whom I said who was involved in an accident, Ju Ho. He was her ex-boyfriend in her previous school but she decided to break up with him because she always cause him to be unlucky. On the day she wanted to ask for a break-up, he got into an accident and she did not dare to go see him because she felt guilty and thought it was her fault. Anyway, they got back together(if you decided to choose him as the one)

In conclusion, Mina is a lucky girl who gets a guy no matter what happens. And I quite like this show’s format as we can choose what our heart choose. Actually, I like all the plots and I like all the couples. No preference or anything. It is quite a nice show so I hope you will enjoy watching no matter which couple you chose.

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And I would like to thank everyone for supporting my Korean Web Drama page!!!:D It was a long time since I write due to a very busy schedule. And I am really sorry for not writing often for the Running Man page too. Hope you like the review and enjoy!!!