EXO’s Showtime

EXO’s Showtime

exo's showtime  exo's showtime 2

Showtime is a korean variety show to let us know more about the K-pop members. This is about Exo. Hope you all like it!:D

Click on the episode number if you want to watch that episode. Thank you.

exo st ep 1

Exo Showtime Episode 1 Get to know the Exos. Exo is a big group of twelve people and is a both K and M group. As they have many members, many people cannot recognise all of them and therefore they did an introduction. It was quite funny how they described each other. From this episode, we can know that Baek Hyun has the ability to talk. They also did their “Exo Showtime” cheer for the show. I remembered they were shocked when the mission TV screen rings and they felt very awkward with one another. They also did a opening ceremony for their fans by winking and show their cuteness. I remembered one scene that Kris wanted to show his coolness by drinking water but chocked and say “Excuse Me”. All the members laughed out loud. I also remembered they want to know who can eat the most chicken. Kris said was not his style but still ate the chicken.

Exo’s Showtime Ep 2— Aren’t you curious what Exo do after their long schedule of work? Some Exo members went to Youngster’s Street Hongdae for a shopping trip. D.O. went for a movie alone while Kai and Suho went for a walk with Kai’s 3 cute dogs. I felt that one of the dog was quite cute. The dog lay on the ground when Kai said he want to bring them for a walk. The other members went for a good night exercise at the nearby park where they can have their own relaxing time. The members who went for a shopping trip went into a restaurant to have their late night supper. They ordered large intestines which they did not eat before. The large intestine takes a long time to cook and the members were hungry. They tried the large intestine and Baekhyun said it tasted like gum. They decided to buy other food which takes less time to cook. They continued eating and eating. I am wondering why idols tend to be big eaters hahaha. The Exo members who exercised also ate a late night snack after exercising. They were also enjoying their time chatting.

exo showtime 6

Exo’s Showtime Episode 6 (Must watch!!!)— Exos are on a vacation. The previous episode is on how they got there. I had watch this episode about 3 to 4 times. When they reach their vacation home, many went to sleep except Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Luhan, D.O. Chanyeol, Suho and Luhan went to the market to get groceries as they needed to cook their own dinner. They reached there and had fun eating slowly while shopping for groceries, leaving the hungry wolves at home. They even asked people if they knew them. There was a butcher uncle that did not know them at all and thought their group name was liquor. Luhan and Chanyeol took a photograph in some fish catching photo-taking booth(sorry if I explain wrongly). Chen was cooking the rice with D.O.’s help. D.O. and Baekhyun were preparing a talk show as Baekhyun as MC and D.O. as sub MC. It is the shabbiest and not nice show as Baekhyun said and in this show there were no considerations and special treatments for guests and they were supposed to kind of bully the Exo members. The first victim being bullied was none other than Chen, resting at the table. Chen said that he did not want to sleep with Baekhyun the most as he is very noisy. Next was Tao who slept the whole journey and felt sorry about it after Baekhyun asked him what he did that day. Kris thought that he was a superman when he was young as he was tall. D.O. and Chen were grilling the meat on direct fire in the windy weather. It was overgrilled and Chanyeol cooked the meat. D.O. and Chen still thinks that their meat were very nice and they dropped half the meat on the floor and ate sweet potato. Kris and Tao did the washing of the plates.

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