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The changes are as such:

For now, Korean web drama page is an overview of all the dramas we, especially Joyous JY watched, and will not include the reviews. Reviews will be found in posts instead.

At the foot of the blog on home page, there will be a category column to help you all navigate to the posts you may be interested in.

For other dramas and shows, we are still adjusting and experimenting to see if we should focus on pages or posts.


My current status:


Korean Dramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang the beginning, Liar and his lover (speed watched, want to watch more slowly haha), Let’s fight ghost, Shopping king Louie

China Dramas: 不一样的美男子 Buyiyangdemeinanzi 1 & 2, Boss and me, Master Devil dont kiss me 1&2, Whirlwind girl, Love O2O (speed watched)

China Web Drama Finding Soul (Review will be written by Joyous JY)


Somehow dropped towards the end:

Cheese in the Trap, Man living in the house, Legend of the blue sea, Goblin


Still watching hehe:

Love cuisine (Taiwanese)
I love my president though he is a psycho (China)
My Secret Romance (Korean)
Could have added Singapore drama The Lead to this list but too bad dropped it haha.

~Lucky JM

Hi again haha

I am back again. After much consideration, I have decided and told my sister that I will still be blogging even in this month. No matter what happens with Google, it should not affect whether I should blog or not.

After all, I started a blog with my sister to channel our favourite hobby- watching dramas into something productive, something that not only helps us with our writing skills, but also something that can help others, be shared with others. Even if there is just one person visiting our blog, I should still continue sharing. I wont be losing anything anyway.

So, before I become busy again, I will add on as many reviews as I can. Thanks again for the support for this blog! 🙂

~Lucky JM


With some technical issues and a sudden plunge in the website’s statistics, my sister and I are trying to resolve it. Until it can be resolved, we will not be putting up any posts. Thank you for the support and we hope that we do not have to give up on the site!

But once it is resolved I will be putting up:

Korean Drama Review Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang the beginning

China Drama Review 不一样的美男子 Buyiyangdemeinanzi 1 & 2 (try this out! you will be in for a surprise)

Singapore Drama Review Truth Seekers 真探 if I finish by then

And my sister will be putting up more Korean/China web drama reviews. 🙂

Super quick review on what I have been doing

Oh no! My laziness is really stopping me from churning out reviews haha. There are so many things to do and when I have the time to sit down and rest, it is used to watch more dramas…

Currently, I finished watching Hwarang- the beginning which wasnt as good as how it started. Came out as a Park Hyung Sik fan. Too bad Park Seo Joon doesnt seem to fit having a historical person’s hairstyle if not I would have liked his character a lot more.

For Goblin, i am left with 2 episodes as I wanted Goblin to reincarnate and the others try to make him remember them which he totally deserves but then at the end, Goblin is still the one that suffers so much by being able to remember others who dont even remember him. Why is Goblin’s punishment so hugh? Does his crime really deserve such punishment haha?

Wanted to finish Legend of the blue sea but my sister said it was boring towards the end so I didnt manage to finish watching as I usually watch with her 😦 but will continue some day.

Will finish Hero sg drama review soon… For Singapore Dramas, I looked at Home Truly and Dream Coders but they didnt attract my attention so see how, maybe the next one?

Happily finished Back to 1989 Taiwanese Drama which is really a smooth and good watch although the plot about time travelling is quite common.

Starting out on Strong woman Do Bong Soon which will be a long and crazy wait, oh no!

Will definitely force myself to sit down to blog “properly” one day soon!

~Lucky JM

Random drama quick reviews!

Hi, everyone! I still have two more examination papers but since I have a bit of time before the next paper I shall write a quick review of the dramas I watched so far.
~Dramas are really good stress relievers and medicine for the brain when we are fighting with examinations. But when overused, you may be overdosed. Lucky JM
Haha random quote time!

I finished watching W- 2 worlds and Let’s fight ghost long ago as well as kind of browsed through Shopping King Louie and I think I may write full reviews of them after my examinations are over. However, it will take me some time to recall what I watched haha.

I enjoyed both W and Let’s fight ghost with the nice chemistry as well as the plots, especially the intriguing plot in W which involves such creativity by employing metafiction.w
After watching W, my sister comes up with the crazy idea that maybe we are living in a book and someone is probably controlling our lives. Perhaps we should try to develop our free will and do the things that we want instead of letting the author determine our lives with his storyline? Haha. Liked Han Hyo Joo’s reactions a lot in W. Imagine meeting the fiction character you loved or idolised by simply landing in their fiction world or them coming out unexpectedly from the book hehe. Liked how Lee Jong Suk expresses his character’s emotional struggle.

Really liked Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun in Let’s fight ghost. I know that Kim So Hyun is really good at acting and people may think that (besides the age gap) it is not suitable for Taecyeon to act alongside her but I just like how Taecyeon portrays his characters, making me root for him such as in Dream High.  Enjoyed watching Taecyeon’s character, Bong Pal, change after he meets Kim So Hyun’s character, the persistent and cute ghost.

I had high expectations for Shopping King Louie with its cast and plot but it didnt meet my expectations haha. I like losing memory dramas but somehow this drama didnt make me enjoy it as much as I thought I would and the plot seems rather dull. Haeundae Lover was so much better for me. If the plot involved something like Louie and Bok Sil succeeding in creating their own brand with Louie’s capability to discern products, then gaining recognition despite not having his memory, and even managing to threaten the existence of Goldline, his grandmother’s company that his uncle managed to steal from him, it would be an interesting watch. There is just not enough conflict in this drama with the villains giving in too easily and Louie seems like a good-for-nothing that only knows how to spend money by shopping and pursue love. Perhaps if you want to watch a rom-com drama with little evil and all good you can try this haha.

Moving away from Korean Dramas, I had a sneak peak into You can be an angel too 2 and Fire up and found both not suitable for me.

Fire up is a drama to recognise the contribution of criminals in the society and call for people to be more accepting towards them. The plot seems fine but I just didnt want to see repeated couple (from 3 wishes) played by Thomas Ong and Huang Biren again haha. When watching it, it also gives me the feeling of Run, Jung Mi, a long series korean drama that was on Channel U around that period of time so it didnt pique my curiosity much.

youcanbeanangel2               you-can-be-an-angel-too2                                                                                                                     From @xubin.carrie Instagram
I liked Rebecca Lim and Bryan Wong’s acting in You can be an angel too 2 but them alone cannot sustain my interest without Elvin Ng and Sheila Sim from the previous season. Xu Bin acts well as the nice guy and nurse that is in charge of sending people off in their last part of their life journey, and it seems like his acting has improved :). However, I didnt like the love triangle between him, Carrie Wong and Aloysius Pang. Although I am more of a fan of Aloysius Pang than Xu Bin, I just could not get myself to like Aloysius Pang’s character in this drama even though I know his character is just following the plot of going into a path he will regret later on. If Thomas Ong appeared more often in this drama, I would have considered watching the whole drama but he appears less than half the time. So, I guess I will be dropping it. At least I gave it a chance…

Besides, I suddenly went to watch a Chinese drama called Romance in the Rain which is a well-known drama long time ago in 2001.  After watching “I am a Singer Season 3”, I suddenly become a fan of Leo Ku, 古巨基. Haha…and next thing of course is to source out his dramas, expected of a drama fan. I was a bit disappointed when he has limited dramas but I still managed to find the one that he was most well-known for so yay I found it!


It is an around 50 episodes long drama and it was a bit draggy somewhere in between but overall I liked the plot and the cast. This drama is something like the tumultuous times in China due to the Japanese trying to conquer China as well. Zhao Wei, whom I know has a great reputation in acting, acted very well in it and it is so nice to see her in action since I seldom watch Chinese Drama.

romanceintherain4     romanceintherain5

Her character, Liping, has a strong personality and has bad relationships with her powerful father who married the 9th wife after her mother, and neglecting her mother and her as a result. Shuhuan (Leo Ku) is a news reporter who seems perfect from his great fighting skills to his eloquence in speaking. When both characters meet, at first Shuhuan wanted to dig out news from her about her family background but soon he starts to fall for her, defend her in many occasions, and help her patch up her relationship with her family (her father side).

(Lots to write and still quite fresh in memory so To be Continued in full Romance in the Rain review)

Random thoughts 6

Sry, I wasn’t able to write for some time. Recently, I haven’t been able to finish any particular drama, especially Singapore dramas. I haven’t even finished Singapore drama, Sealed with a Kiss, and am left with 2 episodes for Cheese in the trap haha. I also haven’t finished the super popular Descendents of the sun.

However, recently I have been browsing through some controversial dramas and some interesting ones. I browsed through Ireland which is about how a married couple is formed through empathy and how they divorced to find true love. Liked Hyun Bin’s acting in this drama, the reason I skimmed through it.  The plot is very unusual as the couple actually like each other but they both still commit adultery as that is not true romantic love. Gook (Hyun Bin) is a bodyguard who protects the weak while safeguarding the rich. Jung Ah, after facing a near death encounter in Ireland and losing her adopted family, returns to Korea to find her roots. While relying on Gook, she becomes a doctor in Korea. I may write a review about it if I finish it completely haha.

Besides that, I was browsing through a Taiwanese Drama called Gloomy Salad Days. It touches on controversial issues related to sexual orientation:such as lesbian and also about committing suicide. In the teenage years, these issues are usually not talked about especially in dramas which would rather focus on high school love. The drama is about Shen Qi that can see a death spirit due to having a brain tumour. The death spirit is turning those who wish for death when they cannot overcome their difficulties into rocks for a spiritual bridge of some sort.  It is interesting that Shen Qi slowly becomes the lead character towards the end of the drama and his role to oppose against the death spirit become stronger as the drama goes. At the start, he has no influence over people falling victim to the death spirit and the victims are the focus of the story. However, towards the end, his love for the death spirit becomes more pronounced and he wants to sacrifice his life rather than cure his brain tumour and being unable to see her again.

~ Lucky JM

Random thoughts 5

Hi! Sry for not posting for some time.

Recently, I have been watching Misaeng but I may put it aside after watching about 13/20 episodes as there is not enough climax to engage me. It has its good point though. I like how it is portrayed like a mundane daily life yet totally captures the harsh reality. I also enjoy how the 4 newbies with different personalities work together in the company and grow in their own ways.

I am currently watching Cheese in the Trap, Moorim School and Remember-War of the Son. Having a “hard” time as these dramas have not finished producing haha. As usual, my addiction kicking in but I try to just patiently wait for the next week. Moorim School has the least number of episodes produced now compared to the other 2. Out of the 3, Cheese in the Trap seems the more typical type yet I enjoyed it the most so far. Like Park Hae Jin’s character, Yoo Jung, in Cheese in the Trap a lot! He may be seen as dark and manipulative but I guess that is what makes the character interesting, especially when the plot involves him falling for a girl who falls for him yet is suspicious of him often. Watched Remember due to Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young. Hope I don’t get disappointed with how the plot goes. Yoo Seung Ho’s character having perfect memory is what attracts me to watch but them losing to the bad guys most or rather all the time makes it less good. However, if they win the bad guys, I am not sure how it is going to continue…

I also have a sneak peek of She was pretty and may consider watching it.

I intend to finish Sealed with a kiss Singapore Drama by this month.

Gdnight! Have a great day tmr!

Lucky JM

Dramas to consider.

Hi, everyone. So sry that I haven’t completely finished watching any drama due to the many commitments and me diving into personal development so am unable to write a review this week. Now, even my sister is watching more dramas than me who label myself as a drama addict haha. Btw, I am currently watching Angry Mum (Korean Drama) and Sealed with a kiss (Singapore Drama).

Angry Mum is about a mother becoming a student to prevent her child from being a victim to school violence and ends up in a conspiracy related to politics. I wouldn’t want to study in a school this corrupted haha. In this school, there is also an ignorant/naive teacher (Ji Hyun Woo) who believes in the goodness of the students and the world and will start to grow to a teacher who really can protect the students from harm.

Sealed with a kiss is about a man (Elvin Ng) who is a jinx and a woman (Rebecca Lim) who creates her ideal world with a web of white lies. While doing CPR for her in one occasion, he becomes a lucky person all of a sudden while she becomes a person who cannot tell lies. While one benefits and the other loses everything due to the situation, they face other unthinkable outcomes and perspectives that they have never seen life from.

You can consider my sister’s watchlist too. She is watching Sassy go go, I order you, Mrs Cop and many more that she dropped. Because I sometimes have a glimpse at what she watches I think Mrs Cop is a good choice if you are not sick of the genre: crime.

Gd day!

~Lucky JM

Random thoughts 4: Korean Drama osts

Before the possibility of me going “missing in action” for a very long time (I suppose), I just wanted to share my views on my experience at a Teachers’ Day Celebration/Concert today. In Singapore, we celebrate Teachers’ Day, a day to express our appreciation to our dedicated teachers.

You must be wondering why I am writing about this out of nowhere. Here’s the thing, one of the performers actually sang “Love, that one word” by Taeyeon (You are all surrounded ost) in Korean! I am quite surprised by it since Singaporeans (who I know of) seldom sing in Korean for a performance unless they are very confident about their pronunciation of Korean words and it would be a K pop group song and not a Korean Drama ost. I did enjoy the performance but is a bit suspicious about why that boy is singing it on such an occasion (haha). Perhaps he is making a love confession (can’t be to a teacher I suppose) or just trying to impress someone? The song lyrics matches such a situation haha.

Am I thinking too much/ over-analysing things? Maybe he is just a fan of Korean Dramas… I wonder if I will be touched if I am the receiver of such a song. Maybe not this song though since this song includes the lyrics “But I can’t say the words I love you”. It is more of a selfless type of love towards the person but it is too sad that the person will not/cannot know about it. By the way, this song isn’t a song that I would check out the English lyrics. Perhaps I only check the lyrics for songs that are heartbreaking yet soothing to my ears and this song doesn’t feel that sad until I know the meaning of the lyrics. Interesting discovery just because of a performance haha. Reaching this stage of life (sounds so old haha) where there are people going through heartbreaks mostly due to rejection, I also realise that many Korean Drama osts (such as Secret Garden ost That Man by Hyun Bin) fit someone who is experiencing one-sided crush perfectly.

I will try to finish up Korean Drama Review Hello Monster/I remember you as soon as I can. Sry that I can’t add new Singapore Drama Reviews/Taiwanese Drama Reviews yet.

Thanks for your support! Gd day ahead! 🙂

Lucky JM

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