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China Drama Review Debut 二分之一美少年

My sister introduced this drama to me. Finished this drama late last year. Lots of review backlog while there is a decreasing number of interesting dramas to watch haha.

Debut (2018) 二分之一美少年 

Enjoyment: 10/10, 9/10 at times  Pace: 9/10, 8/10 at times  No. of times I watched it: 2

starring Ye Zi Cheng as Lv Xiang / Bai Ling, Shi Xiao Hu as Lv Fei, Jin Li Ting as Wu You You, Zhou Sheng as Bai Ying, Ao Xiang as Zhang Han, Yu Dong as Yuchi Ke

It is funny how after an accident, Lv Fei suddenly has 2 bodies he can use. Because of that, he is able to chase his dream of becoming an artiste. It is cool how he can jump very high and is flexible when in his other body. Compared to other dramas where the same person has 2 bodies, I feel that this drama has better portrayed how they are the same person. For example, how he always eats a lot and loves food, how he feels that failure is normal. As I want to watch sleeping disorders in dramas, I was kind of happy to see something similar in this drama. When one of them falls asleep, the other awakes. When one of them awakes, the other falls asleep immediately. As Lv Fei wants to have more time to practise, he needs to ensure that the other is sound asleep. He even has to feed sleeping pill to his other body to prevent him from awaking. It is cool how the one who is asleep does the same actions as the one that is awake. After knowing about it, Lv Fei continues dancing at home while the other him is in a dancing competition, and Lv Xiang sings and raps backstage while the other him does those onstage. It is funny that they also blow out bubbles at the same time when one of them is forced to drink it.

Lv Fei names his other body Lv Xiang. Liked Ye Zi Cheng’s acting. Liked how the character Lv Xiang adds humour to the drama. For example, when he is chased by some people, they run around in the carpark many times and when they are tired, he still tells them that he is going to go off if they are not going to continue chasing and to have a rest. Laughed at the scene where the Nike label flies off Lv Xiang’s shoe and sticks onto Zhang Han’s girlfriend’s face. It is ridiculously funny and Zhang Han says that it is dangerous as it will remove her make-up completely. Liked the lessons they have in the entertainment company and the events they take part in. Although Zhang Han always bullies Lv Xiang because Lv Xiang is poor and Lv Xiang gets into the debut class just because he looks like Bai Ling, had fun watching Lv Xiang somehow being able to make Zhang Han angry. For example, when Lv Xiang tries to prove himself to Zhang Han, he performs a magic trick that fails badly and makes Zhang Han’s hand very pain and Zhang Han is in shock. Another time is when Zhang Han is demoted to another class and has to serve food at the cafeteria as punishment, Zhang Han becomes oversensitive and whatever that Lv Xiang says makes him angry. Liked how Lv Xiang perseveres and even becomes better than Zhang Han for each competition. Liked how Lv Xiang is talented and learns things fast. It is funny how Lv Xiang argues with the director about how the character should be portrayed while filming for a movie.

Happy that there is enough screen time for Lv Fei so that we can understand him better. Liked the development of relationship between Lv Fei and You You, and Lv Xiang and You You. Liked how Shi Xiao Hu portrayed Lv Fei’s emotional struggle and Ye Zi Cheng portrayed Lv Xiang’s emotional struggle, regarding reality and love. It is funny how they fall for the same girl. They are jealous of each other and sad when they feel that You You likes the other more. You You often praises the other while with one of them. It is sad that towards the end, Lv Fei has to choose one of the bodies. The ending makes me feel like I just watched a KBS Drama Special. It is heartbreaking and the feeling lingers. Liked how this drama makes You You like Lv Fei. It shows that it is not about chasing societal ideals but what you love and what you need. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is sadder when Lv Fei chooses Lv Xiang’s body at the end (if I interpret the ending correctly, sry for the spoiler). Although You You knows that Lv Xiang is Lv Fei towards the end, appearance is part of the person and who she likes is Lv Fei that will never come back again. I would have liked it if the ending is that they find a way to live as both of them. But I guess that would be unfair for people with only one body.

Liked how Bai Ying takes care of Lv Xiang and gives him a lot of help. Although I dislike Zhang Han for treating Lv Xiang badly, liked how he is loyal to Bai Ling, Bai Ying’s brother who passed away. Bai Ying treats Lv Xiang well mainly because Lv Xiang looks like his brother. It is sad that Bai Ling passed away. Bai Ling seems to be important in the clique. Due to his death, Bai Ying, Zhang Han, and Yuchi Ke are all badly affected and the clique falls apart. It is funny how Yuchi Ke’s phone always rings and he is always answering his phone. His father and Bai Ying’s father should have said the truth earlier so that Bai Ying and Yuchi Ke can move on from the incident. The relationship between Zhang Han and his girlfriend is nice titbit. Although I sympathise with You You’s plight, found You You annoying at the start as she clings onto Lv Fei/Lv Xiang and says that the other allows her to stay in their house when they didnt. She also keeps waking up Lv Fei, using many methods. But I guess that gives Lv Fei more screen time. Liked Lv Fei’s apartment. It is spacious and nice for one person. Liked how Lv Fei/Lv Xiang helps a talented trainee with composing a song, even though it didnt turn out well at the end.

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China Drama Review A different kind of pretty man 不一样的美男子1

This post is long overdued haha. Found this drama at a period of time when there was not much kdrama to watch. It is quite a gem and an awesome sci-fiction romantic comedy! Doing this based on memory.

Buyiyangdemeinanzi/A different kind of pretty man (2014)

starring Zhang Han as Gao Yuan Shu 高远树, Emma Wu as Tong Yu Chen 童雨晨, Lu Chen as Li Yi 李伊, Ji Ya Wen as Yan Chao Chen 燕超尘, Zhang Yun Long as An Yi Fei 安逸飞, Fang Yi Lun as Ye Jiang Fan 叶江帆, Fan Shi Qi as He Xiao Qian 何小歉, Yi Yi Zi (易易紫) as Zhao Xiao Qi 赵小琪 (Xiao Qian’s manager)

For Season 1, Yuan Shu was proposing to his girlfriend, Yu Chen, lavishly when a boat crashed into them and caused a horrific accident. Something pierced into Yuan Shu’s heart, Yi Fei injured his eyes, and Xiao Qian is badly burnt. All 3 of them get a transplant each: heart, eye, skin from a scientist (same accident) that uses his own body to experiment on a drug (?) that produces super power but also negative side effects. The 3 good friends are thus gifted with three different super powers that change their life. Gao Yuan Shu (Zhang Han) can control electromagnetism, An Yi Fei (Zhang Yun Long) can predict the future, and He Xiao Qian (Fan Shi Qi) can read other people’s thoughts.

The fantasy is what attracted me to watch this drama though the title doesnt haha…The title “Not the same handsome guy” sounds tooo childish and too direct(?) haha? The funny part is that most of the people in the drama somehow are exposed to the virus (?) and have different types of super power as the drama progresses. Liked the development of relationship between the 3 friends. From the start, they often tease each other and seem like they will never grow up haha. As it goes, they are good support for each other and they help each other in times of need.

As it goes, I especially liked Yi Fei as a character so does my sister who likes the character, Yi Fei, in both seasons. (I end up becoming a fan of that actor even though he acts as different characters in both seasons.) Although Yi Fei likes Yu Chen too, he gives up his love since Yu Chen and Yuan Shu are already a pair. He seems optimistic most of the time but I liked how there is complexity in his character, his strong loyalty, his selflessness, his vulnerability sometimes helplessness, with a lingering feeling of light sadness his character expresses. It was a bit slow pace when Yuan Shu chooses a few times to give up on love when he knows that he may die. Despite how I still ship him with Yu Chen, his character just does not shine through the drama like Yi Fei’s haha. It is cool when Yuan Shu can make things fly around with his new ability. It is romantic whenever Yuan Shu and Yu Chen are at sea or near the sea since Yuan Shu can make waves move and control the “lights of the sea”. Yi Fei’s ability to draw/paint out the future so vividly is also cool but the sad thing is he does not have the ability to change it. This ability seems like the least useful to me. I dont think I ever want to know my future, especially one that I cant change.

Xiao Qian’s ability to hear people’s thoughts is not as fascinating to me after I watched kdrama I hear your voice. Yet, it is interesting that his ability actually makes his girlfriend-to-be friend+manager suspicious of him, and instead of making their relationship closer, it actually draws more distance between them since Xiao Qian with his newfound ability gets closer to fame. It is conflicting that she wants him to be innocent and mature at the same time. Special mentions to the actress who acted as Li Yi as I liked how her character is portrayed.

Enjoyed watching how Jiang Fan is a genius at IT, example hacking. Liked the interaction between Jiang Fan and Yi Fei. Each of the people who is exposed to the virus (?) has a negative side effect while they have a special ability. (Looks like any good thing comes with a sacrifice? It is unique how this drama portrays super power as something that comes with a price.) Yi Fei’s one is that he will suddenly fall into deep sleep anytime and anywhere, and I am impressed that Jiang Fan fetches him to his house and takes such good care of him. Always wanted to watch a drama that concentrates on this kind of sleeping disorder/illness haha (though this one does not focus on it enough)! I think they are just meant to be for each other? No matter it is in season 1 or 2, both of them only have each other and look out for each other at all times. But it is sad they dont have a girl each haha…

Oh no, I just realised after writing this review that there are no english subtitles for this drama. Luckily I didnt write the review early this year. If not, you all may have a longer wait if you want to watch it haha. Now at ondramanice only have raw version for 10 episodes? You can watch it at youtube for full version but i dont think there are english subtitles. I didnt even realise it since I know Chinese. Since this is the case, I will postpone the review for Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan ZI Season 2 to another time haha…

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