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Wednesday 3.30 pm Korean Web Drama


Wednesday 3.30 p.m. (2018)

Cast: Hong Bin as Yoon Jae Won, Jin Ki Joo as Sun Eun Woo

Episode: 10

Recommendation: 8/10

My Own Review: I like how the concept of the show actually revolves around the title of the drama, Wednesday 3.30 pm. Wednesday 3.30 pm is when every girl looks very tired after working for half a week. Using this Wednesday 3.30 pm, Jae Won made Eun Woo the happiest and prettiest girl at this hour by bringing her on dates and making her happy. I feel that if I get such a treatment too, I will definitely feel very happy and special. Although I usually do not like the idea of trying to get back a boyfriend who dumped you (especially those who just break up with you because you are not pretty to them), but this drama made me feel that trying to get back a boyfriend was worth it as Eun Woo actually got real happiness and a real boyfriend.

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