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Exo Showtime Ep 2 Reviews Out In My Page

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Exo’s Showtime Quotes

“Chicken is not my style”—Kris

“Kkaep song”—Baekhyun

“The walls are shaking.”—Tao

“Why do I always have these kind of songs in my head?”—Lay


“Guys, are you listening?”—Suho

All about EXO (2nd most votes) Episode 171

Hide-and-go-seek rotation game

exo vs rm

Running Man VS EXO

Exo Random pic

(Top left corner) is about Yoo Jae Suk meeting the two EXO members at the last minute and managed to eliminate both of them.

(Top right hand corner) The whole EXO team found Kim Jong Kook the first and eliminated him.

(Bottom left hand corner) The arrival of the EXO members.

(Bottom right hand corner) An EXO member hiding.

exo spots

FUNNY SCENE: An EXO member spots Lee Kwang Soo acting as a camera man because of his tallness and the EXO member laughed.


A picture taken after eliminating Lee Kwang Soo.

hide exo exo hides

Some hiding places of the EXO members.


EXO members shocked to have realised that RM is so quick in eliminating.


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