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Somehow 18 Korean Web Drama

Somehow 18 (2017)

Cast: Choi Min Ho as Oh Kyung Hwi, Lee Yoo Bi as Han Na Bi

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 6/10

Short Synopsis: Oh Kyung Hwi went back to the past to save Han Na Bi, his first love, from dying.

My Own Review: It is quite funny how people become stronger and make better decisions when they go back to the past. It must be because they have gone through all the hardships and happenings and also become more mature through the experiences they faced. Oh Kyung Hwi was bullied previously but when he went back to the past, he did not allow himself to get bullied. He become more brave and the bullies did not bully him because of that. I like how Oh Kyung Hwi can kind of “predict the future” since he have gone through what happened in the past. For example, Oh Kyung Hwi knew that the bullies will hit him with a ball and he easily dodged from the ball. This ended up hitting one of the bully haha. This must be self-inflicted karma.

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