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Magic School Korean Web Drama

Magic School (2017)

Cast: Jin Young as Lee Na-Ra, Nickhun as Joon, Yoon Park as Jae, Kang Yoon-Je as Lee Sung, Ryu Seung Soo as Master Han, Shin Eun Soo as Han Yi-Seul, Park Gyu-Young as Woo-Ri, Nam Sung Joon as Kim Jong-Man and Park Joo-hyung as Kei

Episodes: 16

Recommendation: 6/10

I did not finish watching this drama so if the review of the show is not that accurate, please understand. Thank you.

My Own Review: I watched this drama thinking that they are witches and wizards but it was not the case haha… I probably did not read the sypnosis and just watched it. But the reason why I dropped it was because the plot was not very interesting to me and I had a hard time loading the video to watch it previously. Maybe I will try watching again when I suddenly feel like watching magic tricks. I quite like the part that Joon was fascinated by the magic done by the magic school but the children in the hospital were totally indifferent towards the magic hahaha…

magic school nickhun.jpg

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