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Sweet Revenge 2 Korean Web Drama

sweet revenge 2

Sweet Revenge Season 2 (2018)

Cast: Ahn Seohyun as Oh Jina, Samuel as Seo Ro-bin, Ji MinHyuk as Seo JeYi

Episodes: Ongoing (Thought it only has 8 episodes)

Recommendation: 6/10

My Own Review: I watched this show because I randomly chanced upon it and I did not have another drama to watch. The common trend in school drama is that the bully always come in trios and that people who help people who get bullied will always get bullied. Although these trends are really portrayed in real life, no matter how scared you are, please still help people who are bullied (please find other methods such that you can protect both the victim of bully and yourself)

What I like about this drama is that JUSTICE WILL DEFINITELY BE ON YOUR SIDE. The most unbelievable part is that Seo Ro-bin is willing to be misunderstood even further after knowing who was the real thief of the class t-shirt funds just because the real thief did not want to destroy her “good student” reputation and begged him. Luckily the homeroom teacher found out about it. She cleared the misunderstanding and paid for all the class t-shirts. Such a nice teacher.

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