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All About Gong Yoo(most votes for Polling 5) Episode 195

Sorry for the late “All About Running Man Guest” Episode. I am currently still having my last examination before I relax. However, I did not want to make you all wait any further for this. Thank you for your support!!!:D

gong yoo

Pictures of Gong Yoo when he entered as a criminal for being handsome(if I am not wrong).

gong yoo 6

The rm members and the guests in the jail preparing to do their mission.

gong yoo 2

Random picture of Gong Yoo’s team

gong yoo 3

A game that the rms were suppose to escape from the hole after the music. This is a picture of Gong Yoo, Haha and Kwang Soo.

gong yoo 4

The people who escape would use a key to open the cooker to get the steamed bun. Everybody is saying that they are hungry.

gong yoo 5

A at the swimming pool climbing the bar and hitting people into the water mission. A random picture of Gong Yoo smiling.

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