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All about Kim Sooro, Kim Woobin, Lee Jonghyun (CN Blue), Lee Jongsuk(having the most votes) and Min Hyorin Episode 138

Running Man 138


Min Hyo Rin (left) and Lee Jong Suk(right) playing the 2 VS 2 nametag elimination game.

rrr 138

A picture of the guest team with Yoo Jae Suk in the team.

   rr 138

A picture of the team discussing the games they wanted to challenge(if I am not wrong).


The running man team challenged them to eat super cold, hot e.t.c. food and the team that eat the fastest would win that game.


A scene when Lee Jong Suk eat the very cold ice-cream in the eating game and his mouth was freezing.
The guests and rm played the game to push people out of the place into the water(which Kim Jong Kook is good at).
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