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All About 2pm members(since Woo Young and Nichkhun having the best votes for Polling 4) Episode 195

Running Man Episode 195


Starters of the relay race. As you can see, there is Woo Young.

rm195    rm195o


The second relay part of the race is to drink the coffee and walk the dog. (This are some pictures of it.)


The third one of the relay race (if I am not wrong) is to piggyback a teammate and answer a question that was around the place where they walked.

rm 1950

A game up to MC Yoo (if I am not wrong).


A picture when they are at the last location. (I am not quite sure).


MC Yoo doing a broadcast on the 1 vs 1 vs 1 elimination game. As you can see, he is interviewing Woo Young.

Sorry if there is very little Nichkhun pictures as I could not find them. I would do another one on Nichkhun later someday.

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