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Celeb Bros JB and Youngjae

Celeb Bros (B.A.P. Young Jae and JB)

Review: Youngjae and JB are besties since their trainee years but did not meet each other for a long time as Youngjae changed his music entertainment. In their one day date, they did many things like going to the duck restaurant to eat, talk about their past, went to a psychology couple cafe and JB even cooked for Youngjae. Especially want to talk about the psychology cafe and when JB cook for Yoonjae.

I really wish I could go to the psychology cafe. That cafe is for couples or friends to know each other better by writing a questionaire.From the questionaire, psychologist told them about their personalities and I find it quite true. Hahaha…

The reason why JB cooked for Youngjae is because Youngjae did not know how to cook and wanted JB to cook for him. They had a great time listening to music while cooking and dancing after their dinner.

Anyway, they spent a great and quality time together.

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Dream Knight Korean Web Drama Review

Dream Knight(2015)

Cast: Song Ha Yoon , JB , Jr and other Got7 members

Episodes: 12

Recommended Ost: Forever Love By JB

My own review: I feel that Jr doing all this is only trying to prove himself correct that it was right to betray his owner. And I feel that this drama is quite sad because the four knights had to disappear and I feel that no matter who is gone, the party living will be sad. I would like to especially comment about a couple I ship, which is Jackson and Min. It is actually quite sad that he cannot go with Min because he had to sacrifice himself for In Hyung as well. This is one that I felt pity about as he cannot be with her.

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