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Korean Drama Review Hwarang: The Beginning HTB

Due to lack of interesting kdramas to watch, my sister has been rewatching some kdramas and this was one of them. Because of that, I quickly write this review before I forget what I wanted to write again. I rewatched Gu Family Book with her. Then she rewatched I hear your voice, While you were sleeping, Hwarang: The Beginning, Suspicious Housekeeper, and Bride of the century. She also rewatched Boyhood China Drama. I joined in when I was free. I rewatched Queen Seondeok on my own and randomly watched YouTube videos or videos in Instagram related to dramas. I will write about the kdramas I dropped and the kdrama I am watching on the top of another post.

Hwarang: The Beginning (2016-2017) 花郎

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Historical

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 9/10, 8/10 towards the end  No. of times I watched it: 1

  hwarang the beginning

starring Park Seo Joon as Moo Myung, Go Ah Ra as Ah Ro, Park Hyung Sik as Sam Maek Jong (later King Jinheung of Silla), Choi Min Ho as Kim Soo Ho, Do Ji Han as Park Ban Ryu, Kim Tae Hyung (V) as Suk Han Sung, Jo Yoon Woo as Kim Yeo Wool, Kim Hyun Joon as Suk Dan Se (Han Sung’s half-brother), Lee Da In as Kim Soo Yun (Su Ho’s sister), Lee Kwang Soo as Mak Moon / Kim Sun Woo (Ah Ro’s brother)

Was unhappy with Park Seo Joon’s hairstyle later on in the drama haha. Liked how Moo Myung is quick at learning things and good at dealing with situations. Liked the friendship between Mak Moon and Moo Myung. Liked how Moo Myung saves Mak Moon a few times. It is cool at one of the times where he appears with a sedge hat and draws a circle on the ground and says that his rule is to kill noblemen that enter the circle. Felt sad at the scene where Moo Myung’s best friend, Mak Moon, dies because he saw the king’s face and protects Moo Myung to the end at the start of the drama. It was a waste as Mak Moon is so close to reuniting with his family. Liked the plot of how Moo Myung takes Mak Moon’s place as Ah Ro’s brother, Sun Woo. Liked how Park Seo Joon portrayed the emotional struggle of the character. Moo Myung is determined to take revenge for Mak Moon. He slowly falls for Ah Ro whom he is not supposed to. It is funny how Moo Myung likes to throw his dice at people or on the floor to determine which part of the other person’s body he should hit. Felt that the drama didnt explain why Moo Myung has an illness that causes him to faint from time to time.

Liked how Ah Ro is smart and is considered quick at finding out about Moo Myung’s identity. Liked how she can survive everywhere. She is good at making friends with people and telling stories. She manages to bring back food from the villagers when there is no food in one of the missions that includes crossing the border. Liked how she is good at acupuncture and treating people. Liked how Go Ah Ra portrayed her character’s emotional struggle. Liked the development of relationship between Ah Ro and Moo Myung, and the interactions between them.

Liked the character Ji Dwi/King Jinheung. Liked how he is elegant and good at fighting. It is funny when he says that he is doing things he usually doesnt while being a hwarang. My sister and I were unhappy at the time that he could have stood up as the king when they were in another country(?). It was fine that people guessed that Moo Myung is the king but after some time he should stand up. Perhaps it is so that he can learn from how Moo Myung deals with situations? Liked the development of relationship between Moo Myung and him. At the start, Moo Myung wants to kill him to take revenge for Mak Moon but they later become friends and each other’s support. May become a fan of Park Hyung Sik after this drama.

Liked the plot of how the sons of the nobles (?) end up becoming hwarangs who are supposed to protect the king. Liked how they have assignments in the school (?). One of the assignments is performing and I had fun watching them practising their dance and dancing. Laughed at Moo Myung’s bad dancing skills and how he keeps hitting the person in front of him with the stick. Liked the acting of the actors who acted as the 6 main hwarangs. Liked how they have distinct characteristics. It is funny how Soo Ho and Ban Ryu fight and compete everytime they meet. They are enemies but they also know each other well. Liked how Soo Ho shows concern for Ban Ryu at times. Liked the development of friendship between Soo Ho and Ban Ryu. Liked how Do Ji Han portrayed the character’s emotional struggle. May become a fan of Do Ji Han after this drama. It is funny how Soo Ho falls for the Queen haha. Liked the characters Yeo Wool and Han Sung. Laughed at the comedy scenes that involve Yeo Wool. Han Sung is cute haha and it is funny how he pretends to be older than he is when with Ah Ro. Was sad when Han Sung died when preventing his half-brother from killing Moo Myung. Too bad his grandfather killed his own grandson due to his greed (?). Liked the relationship between Han Sung and his half-brother. Liked the interactions among the hwarangs and how they get closer and become friends. My sister felt that the development of relationship between Han Sung and Moo Myung is abrupt after rewatching the drama.

Liked the development of relationship and chemistry between Ban Ryu and Soo Ho’s sister, Soo Yun. Found them a sweet couple. Liked the friendship between Soo Yun and Ah Ro. But Soo Yun cares more about Ban Ryu than Ah Ro later on haha… Liked the pace of the drama at the start. The pace of the drama drops towards the end. Probably due to lack of interesting plot development and politics being involved. Disliked the Queen and the princess.

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Soul Plate (2019) Korean Web Drama

Soul Plate (2019)

Cast: ASTRO and Ahn Sol Bin as Soopia

Episodes: 6

Recommendation: 5/10

My Own Review:

I feel that they should have developed on the angel’s character and relationship instead of just focusing on the different customer’s situation.

I find the Soul Plate restaurant quite fascinating as people who are invited to the restaurant are able to bring back their good memories through eating food that taste like what they have eaten before. The best food in the world is definitely food that has a special meaning to it. How I wish I am invited to the restaurant haha… Maybe I can get back a good memory that I have long forgotten.

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China Drama Review Debut 二分之一美少年

My sister introduced this drama to me. Finished this drama late last year. Lots of review backlog while there is a decreasing number of interesting dramas to watch haha.

Debut (2018) 二分之一美少年 

Enjoyment: 10/10, 9/10 at times  Pace: 9/10, 8/10 at times  No. of times I watched it: 2

starring Ye Zi Cheng as Lv Xiang / Bai Ling, Shi Xiao Hu as Lv Fei, Jin Li Ting as Wu You You, Zhou Sheng as Bai Ying, Ao Xiang as Zhang Han, Yu Dong as Yuchi Ke

It is funny how after an accident, Lv Fei suddenly has 2 bodies he can use. Because of that, he is able to chase his dream of becoming an artiste. It is cool how he can jump very high and is flexible when in his other body. Compared to other dramas where the same person has 2 bodies, I feel that this drama has better portrayed how they are the same person. For example, how he always eats a lot and loves food, how he feels that failure is normal. As I want to watch sleeping disorders in dramas, I was kind of happy to see something similar in this drama. When one of them falls asleep, the other awakes. When one of them awakes, the other falls asleep immediately. As Lv Fei wants to have more time to practise, he needs to ensure that the other is sound asleep. He even has to feed sleeping pill to his other body to prevent him from awaking. It is cool how the one who is asleep does the same actions as the one that is awake. After knowing about it, Lv Fei continues dancing at home while the other him is in a dancing competition, and Lv Xiang sings and raps backstage while the other him does those onstage. It is funny that they also blow out bubbles at the same time when one of them is forced to drink it.

Lv Fei names his other body Lv Xiang. Liked Ye Zi Cheng’s acting. Liked how the character Lv Xiang adds humour to the drama. For example, when he is chased by some people, they run around in the carpark many times and when they are tired, he still tells them that he is going to go off if they are not going to continue chasing and to have a rest. Laughed at the scene where the Nike label flies off Lv Xiang’s shoe and sticks onto Zhang Han’s girlfriend’s face. It is ridiculously funny and Zhang Han says that it is dangerous as it will remove her make-up completely. Liked the lessons they have in the entertainment company and the events they take part in. Although Zhang Han always bullies Lv Xiang because Lv Xiang is poor and Lv Xiang gets into the debut class just because he looks like Bai Ling, had fun watching Lv Xiang somehow being able to make Zhang Han angry. For example, when Lv Xiang tries to prove himself to Zhang Han, he performs a magic trick that fails badly and makes Zhang Han’s hand very pain and Zhang Han is in shock. Another time is when Zhang Han is demoted to another class and has to serve food at the cafeteria as punishment, Zhang Han becomes oversensitive and whatever that Lv Xiang says makes him angry. Liked how Lv Xiang perseveres and even becomes better than Zhang Han for each competition. Liked how Lv Xiang is talented and learns things fast. It is funny how Lv Xiang argues with the director about how the character should be portrayed while filming for a movie.

Happy that there is enough screen time for Lv Fei so that we can understand him better. Liked the development of relationship between Lv Fei and You You, and Lv Xiang and You You. Liked how Shi Xiao Hu portrayed Lv Fei’s emotional struggle and Ye Zi Cheng portrayed Lv Xiang’s emotional struggle, regarding reality and love. It is funny how they fall for the same girl. They are jealous of each other and sad when they feel that You You likes the other more. You You often praises the other while with one of them. It is sad that towards the end, Lv Fei has to choose one of the bodies. The ending makes me feel like I just watched a KBS Drama Special. It is heartbreaking and the feeling lingers. Liked how this drama makes You You like Lv Fei. It shows that it is not about chasing societal ideals but what you love and what you need. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is sadder when Lv Fei chooses Lv Xiang’s body at the end (if I interpret the ending correctly, sry for the spoiler). Although You You knows that Lv Xiang is Lv Fei towards the end, appearance is part of the person and who she likes is Lv Fei that will never come back again. I would have liked it if the ending is that they find a way to live as both of them. But I guess that would be unfair for people with only one body.

Liked how Bai Ying takes care of Lv Xiang and gives him a lot of help. Although I dislike Zhang Han for treating Lv Xiang badly, liked how he is loyal to Bai Ling, Bai Ying’s brother who passed away. Bai Ying treats Lv Xiang well mainly because Lv Xiang looks like his brother. It is sad that Bai Ling passed away. Bai Ling seems to be important in the clique. Due to his death, Bai Ying, Zhang Han, and Yuchi Ke are all badly affected and the clique falls apart. It is funny how Yuchi Ke’s phone always rings and he is always answering his phone. His father and Bai Ying’s father should have said the truth earlier so that Bai Ying and Yuchi Ke can move on from the incident. The relationship between Zhang Han and his girlfriend is nice titbit. Although I sympathise with You You’s plight, found You You annoying at the start as she clings onto Lv Fei/Lv Xiang and says that the other allows her to stay in their house when they didnt. She also keeps waking up Lv Fei, using many methods. But I guess that gives Lv Fei more screen time. Liked Lv Fei’s apartment. It is spacious and nice for one person. Liked how Lv Fei/Lv Xiang helps a talented trainee with composing a song, even though it didnt turn out well at the end.

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Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong (2019)

kiss scene in yeonnamdong

Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong (2019)

Cast: Hong Seung Hee as Yoon Sol, Kim Kwan Soo as Ban Hae Young, Bae In Hyuk as Han Yun Woo

Episodes: 12

Recommendation: 7/10

My Own Review:

It is quite cool how Sol can actually give consultations to people on kissing when she has never kissed before. I guess interest and research can really make someone good at something haha…

Honestly I already knew from the start who kissed Sol. I was just watching this drama to see whether she got together with the person she kissed or not haha.

Overall the pace is still ok and I am still happy with the ending although I was kind of unhappy when the guy who kissed her made the wrong decisions due to him feeling inferior.

And honestly I think the second lead is quite a nice guy. Love is all about supporting the other party in whatever he or she wants to do and what he or she likes. You will know what I am talking about after watching the drama haha.

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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 (2020) China Drama

Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 (2020)

Cast: Tang Min as Hua Xiao Mai, Yang Kai Cheng as Meng Yu Huai, Siqin Gao Li as Hua Er Mai, Liu Chan, Jung Tai He

Episodes: 36

Recommendation: 6/10

My Own Review:

I watched this drama because there is a lot of tasty looking food. The food is very eye pleasing. This is one of the best food drama I ever watched as the food looks so tasty until I feel like eating it but It think it may be too oily for me.

I like how Meng Yu Huai is very supportive of Hua Xiao Mai’s career and always help her in any way he can. He is one of the most supportive characters I have ever seen in dramas.

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One Fine Week (2019) Korean Web Drama

one fine week one fine week korean web drama

One Fine Week (2019)

Cast: Seo Ji Soo as Jung Da Eun or Kim Byul, Shin Jun Seop as Han Jung Woo, Park Geon II as Yoo Ji Han, Park Seo Yeon as Yoo Ari

Episodes: 10

Recommendation: 8/10

My Own Review:

Honestly I enjoy this show as I like how Da Eun (part-timer at a cafe) and Kim Byul (5 year idol) who look alike are able to find happiness while exchanging their lives for one week. They not only found happiness, but also found someone they love while they exchanged their lives. The only sad thing is they had to go back to their own lives after 1 week. Sometimes I really think that they should just switch their lives since they seem to be more happy living each other’s life. The only thing is Da Eun cannot really dance hahaha… (and therefore not totally suitable haha)

Pictures of my 2 favourite couples in the show (the couple formed because they exchanged lives):

da eun & jung wooJung Woo ❤ Da Eun

byul and ji hanJi Han ❤ Byul

I also like the pace of the show. It feels just right, not too fast and not too slow.

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Long Series Kdrama Review Unni is Alive/Band of Sisters

Dropped Psychopath Diary, Catch the Ghost, and Class of Lies as they are crime-related. Felt that Catch the Ghost and Search: WWW have quite good first episodes but they dont make me feel like continuing the drama. Crash Landing on You’s plot is too mature for my liking. The first episode of Abyss was bad. The characters were not well-written such that the changing of bodies is meaningful. They could have made better use of the fantasy.

Doing this review by memory. Watched it some time ago.

Unni is Alive/Band of Sisters (2017) 姐姐还活着

Episodes: 68


starring Jang Seo Hee as Min Deul Re, Oh Yoon Ah as Kim Eun Hyang, Kim Joo Hyun as Kang Ha Ri, Lee Ji Hoon as Seol Ki Chan, Hong Dong Young as Ki Chan (child), Jo Yoon Woo as Goo Se Joon, Son Yeo Eun as Goo Se Kyung, Son Chang Min as Goo Pil Mo, Kim Soo Mi as Sa Gun Ja, Song Jong Ho as Jo Hwan Seung (Se Kyung’s husband), Kim Seung Han as Jo Yong Ha, Oh Ah Rin as Jin Hong Si, Kim Da Som as Yang Dal Hee, Ahn Nae Sang as Na Dae In, Hwang Young Hee as Goo Sang Mi

Ki Chan, acted by Lee Ji Hoon, is one of the worst male leads to be haha. He goes through so much suffering and ends up not even getting the girl (sry for the spoiler). Liked his acting. May become his fan after this drama. I felt that this drama evokes great amount of negative feeling in me and didnt even allow my mother to talk about it at first but ended up liking it towards the end due to the acting by the cast. Liked the portrayal of emotional struggles by the cast, especially Oh Yoon Ah. Felt that they can pull me in to feel the  emotions they are feeling. Felt sad at the scene where Eun Hyang’s mother passes away. Anyway, it will be too much agony for me if I were to watch this drama episode by episode. Even when I am writing this review, I can feel the negative feelings coming back.

Liked the comedy scenes. For example, Deul Re throwing a garbage bag filled with rubbish at Eun Hyang’s ex-husband and runs away with Eun Hyang without being seen, making Eun Hyang feel better. Also, Pil Mo bending down and squatting down when he sees Deul Re at the company so as not to expose his identity as the chairman and his subordinates walking with him and behind him all follow his actions. Laughed at the scene where Ki Chan’s adoptive mother walks off after Ki Chan was rude to her then returns to kick him at his bottom and scold him. Can feel Ki Chan’s mixed feeling of happiness and sadness at that scene.

Enjoyed watching how Deul Re, Pil Mo’s sister, and Ki Chan’s adoptive parents work together to gather evidence. It was fun to watch Ki Chan’s adoptive parents disguise themselves as all types of people for example, rich foreigners, policemen while they set traps for the bad guys to fall into. Liked how Deul Re is straightforward and says and does whatever she wants. It feels good watching haha, especially when she does it to the bad people. Her personality is opposite of Eun Hyang who is more reserved and tends to keep things to herself. Eun Hyang’s revenge for her dead child turns out “well” as she falls for Se Kyung’s husband and develops a good relationship with Se Kyung’s autistic (?) son. Touched when she saved Se Kyung’s child from a fire and was badly injured. She is more like the child’s mother than Se Kyung. Was moved when Se Kyung starts to care for her child and realises how bad of a mother she was. Liked watching Eun Hyang’s ex-husband pursuing her again but to no avail and ends up only being used by her for her revenge. It is funny how Eun Hyang’s ex-husband becomes scared of fire and goes around telling people not to use fire towards the end of the drama. Before that, he sets fire to houses of people he is unhappy with. I guess it is a nice punishment for him, especially since he works at a barbecue (?) place.

Glad that Ki Chan’s biological grandmother is still alive at the end of the drama (sry for the spoiler). Liked her surprise appearance. The housekeeper fed her things in replacement of her tonic drink to cause damage to her brain etc. so that she will die and cant be reunited with Ki Chan. Liked the relationship between Ki Chan and his grandmother. Liked how Ki Chan’s biological grandmother often feeds him food and treats him like her grandson, even though she doesnt know he is her grandson. I guess only the grandmother subconsciously recognises him. Pil Mo, Ki Chan’s biological father, treats him badly (typical in long series kdramas). Liked how the grandmother is smart and isnt harmed by the housekeeper, despite the many things the housekeeper plotted. Her son is completely fooled by the bad guys and believes in them. Too bad the housekeeper does so much for her son, Se Joon, but it is not what he wants. It is probably for her own greed and ambition. Liked how the grandmother still treats Se Joon as her grandson, even though he is later known as not being biologically related.

Liked the relationship between Ki Chan, Ha Ri, and his adoptive family. At the start, Ki Chan helps his adoptive brother pursue Ha Ri. Later on, he falls for Ha Ri (if I didnt remember wrongly), long after his adoptive brother passes away. I wonder if it is possible to fall for someone after being friends and in-laws while not having feelings for the person. I didnt watch enough of the part between Ha Ri and Ki Chan, and Ha Ri and Se Joon. Liked the scene where Ha Ri’s in-laws stand up for her when she is bullied and apologise (?) for treating her badly in the past. Liked how Ki Chan is smart and good at making cosmetic products. Liked how he perseveres despite his past failures.

Kim Da Som successfully makes me dislike her in this drama. Her character, Dal Hee, steals her ex-boyfriend’s (Ki Chan’s) things and ruins his career at the start. She does many bad deeds and doesnt even bat an eye when doing bad deeds, killing, and lying. She is worse than the housekeeper who is already quite bad. Even when I see her as a good person in He is Psychometric, I still cant like her haha. Liked Hong Si, Dal Hee’s young sister. She is cute. Liked how she manages to go against her sister towards the end. Dal Hee abandons her, threatens her from the first time they meet again, and attempts to force her to leave her adoptive family. Liked the relationship between Hong Si and Deul Re, and Hong Si and her adoptive parents (Ki Chan’s adoptive parents adopt her later on).

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Korean Drama Review Hotel Del Luna HDL

Happy new year, though it is a little late! Hope that you have done what you wanted to do last year! I finished The Tale of Nokdu and dropped Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency and Extraordinary You towards the end. Feel like I entered another kdrama drought… Because of the fantasy kdrama drought, I am even watching one long China historical drama. I usually avoid long China historical drama…

Doing this by memory.

Hotel Del Luna (2019) 德魯納酒店

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10, 8/10 towards the end  No. of times I watched it: 1

starring IU as Jang Man Wol, Kim Kyu Ri as Man Wol (Child), Yeo Jin Goo as Goo Chang Sung
Kim Kang Hoon as Goo Chang Sung (child), Shin Jung Geun as Kim Seon Bi, Bae Hae Sun as Choi Seo Hee, Pyo Ji Hoon as Ji Hyun Joong, Kang Mi Na as Kim Yoo Na (high school student), Lee Do Hyun as Go Chung Myung, Lee Tae Sun as Yeon Woo/Detective Park Young Soo, Park Yoo Na as Princess Song Hwa/Lee Mi Ra, Jo Hyun Chul as Sanchez, Seo Eun Soo as Veronica, Nam Da Reum as well spirit

So happy to get a hold of this fantasy drama when there is a lack of fantasy dramas. The poster is creepy but anyway I watched some horror fantasy dramas in the past so I felt that it should be manageable for me to watch. Dropped this drama towards the end for some time as we couldnt see the connection between Chang Sung and Man Wol in the past and cant accept that the deities are causing an innocent person to suffer when Chung Myung is still “alive”. Luckily we went back to watch it haha and we accepted that Man Wol will never forgive Chung Myung and get back together with him, therefore the need for another character. Plus, it will be too much of a torture for Man Wol if Chang Sung is the reincarnated Chung Myung. 

Loved the fantasy! Liked how the hotel (in the modern times) and guest house (in the historical time period) for ghosts can appear and build to its original state/height on its own at night. Liked how Man Wol has supernatural power. Enjoyed watching the different ghosts that come to the hotel and their stories. Liked how the ghosts can go to the hotel to do what they didnt manage to do or what they were deprived of when they were alive. It feels relieving. It is funny how the ghosts that died from overwork faint easily. My sister wants to go there and live if she dies haha. Liked how there is an outdoor pool that is like a beach and a sky lounge on a high floor. Liked how Man Wol can call to adjust the time at the beach (dont need to wait for sunset) and the strength of the currents. It is cool how the lift in the hotel has no wire ropes. Liked how the lift looks magical. Enjoyed watching the different deities/Magos (?) that specialise in different areas. Disliked the one that is involved in punishment. Felt that she is unreasonable. Liked how the well spirit adds humour to the drama, making Chang Sung drenched, flooding the whole hotel, and giving back Chang Sung the medicine he threw away, thinking it is important to Chang Sung. Thought that Ji Won who goes after Chang Sung will become a frightening evil spirit but it is just like that…

Liked IU’s acting a lot in this drama! Liked IU’s acting in Dream High and am happy to see her acting again. Felt that she carved many layers into the character Man Wol. On the surface, there is her superiority and side which makes others fear her, and her comical and immature side. From within, there is her maturity, pain, resentment, and cynicism. Liked the character Man Wol. Liked how Man Wol is powerful and smart. It is funny how she is a spendthrift. She owns so many cars, wines, and luxurious goods. Laughed while watching Chang Sung cut down her expenses while he is the manager of the hotel and prevent her from over-charging the clients, and Man Wol’s expressions when he does that. It is funny how Man Wol has an idol that loves to eat and often challenges Chang Sung to eat the whole food in one bite. It is funny how she gives excuses for visiting food places but she actually visits because her idol visited that place. Also laughed at how she gives ridiculous excuses to meet Chang Sung. Liked how full moon represents Man Wol. Liked the character Chang Sung. He is kind-hearted (sometimes overly kind-hearted), smart, and adaptable. He is able to catch on quickly to what is happening, for example, when Man Wol and her hotel staff want to get rid of him when they know that he may endanger Man Wol’s life. Although he is kind-hearted, he makes sure to let people/ghosts know that he can give them back many times more than what he received. Felt that Yeo Jin Goo’s crying scene at the bus-stop (?) could have been better.

Liked the development of relationship between Man Wol and Chang Sung. At the start, Chang Sung is afraid of Man Wol and seeks every opportunity to escape from her. Man Wol struck a deal with Chang Sung’s father that he will give her his son after 20 years in exchange for his life. Chang Sung’s father told him to escape from her before he passed away. Liked how Man Wol sends flowers to him every birthday to remind them of the deal haha, causing more fear in Chang Sung. It is funny how Man Wol threatens to kim him a few times when he refuses to be the next manager of the hotel. It is funny how Chang Sung is afraid of ghosts and seeks protection from Man Wol after Man Wol gives him the ability to see ghosts. Liked how the trust between them develops as the drama goes and they seek to protect each other. Chang Sung trusts that Man Wol will be there for him when he needs it and Man Wol is able to confide her inner feelings to Chang Sung. Chang Sung protects Man Wol from taking revenge and disappearing and Man Wol protects him from danger. Loved the scene where they sit at the beach and Man Wol says that she is sad that the ocean looks more beautiful now than when she was alone earlier. Can feel the sadness of past loss in this scene. I feel that there is something lacking in the chemistry between Man Wol and Chang Sung and I feel that it is either due to Yeo Jin Goo’s acting or the character Chang Sung. Maybe it is due to the imbalance of capability of the characters, one is too strong, one is a lot weaker in comparison?

Liked the sad scenes in the drama. The 2 scenes that managed to make me cry is Sanchez and his girlfriend’s last meeting at the sky lounge of the hotel and the father and son’s dream call. It is so sad for Sanchez as he and his girlfriend are so in love but they cant be together due to the girlfriend passing away due to a car accident. The price that he has to pay to visit the hotel is too big. I would rather he not know about the truth of the hotel and keep thinking that Chang Sung works at a small and lousy hotel. For the father and young son who passed away due to a car accident, the father chooses to go into the dream of the driver to say that it was not totally his fault and they forgive him instead of going into the dream of his wife. As he only can make one call, he forgoes his last chance to bid farewell to his wife. It was touching that he chooses to relieve the driver of his guilt so that the driver can move on instead of talking to his loved one one last time.


Liked the friendship between Sanchez and Chang Sung. They understand each other well and provide support for the other when needed. Liked how Sanchez is smart and rich, even though he does not look like it. Loved the connection and relationship between Yeon Woo and Man Wol. In the historical time period, Yeon Woo sacrifices his life and ensures that Man Wol will be alive by making a deal with Chung Myung. But sadly, he does not know that Man Wol will not want to live if he dies. In the modern times, there is still a connection between them as reincarnated Yeon Woo feels a surge of sadness and tears drop from his eyes when he sees Man Wol. The connection between them is sad but beautiful. I understand that Princess Song Hwa and Chung Myung caused the deaths of Man Wol’s subordinates due to them each trying to protect certain people but too bad they lose something important as a result. Liked the chemistry between Chung Myung and Man Wol and the love story between them in the historical time period. It is funny how the enemies in the past life, Yeon Woo and Princess Song Hwa, end up together in the modern times. Found Mi Ra annoying when she clings on Chang Sung.

Liked the hotel staff and their sad stories. Felt that Pyo Ji Hoon is good-looking as the drama goes, especially with his fringe down haha. Liked the development of relationship between Hyun Joong and Yoo Na. Yoo Na caused the death of a girl she bullies and the dead girl becomes a ghost and possesses her body. Liked how Hyun Joong protects her, for example, catching her to prevent her from falling down the stairs and protecting her from other ghosts’ harm when she became weak. Only she can see Hyun Joong since she is actually a ghost unless Hyun Joong uses some power to appear for some time. It was fun watching her being excited about getting Hyun Joong’s phone number. It is funny when her schoolmates are afraid of some of the weird encounters around her caused by Hyun Joong. Loved the scene where Hyun Joong helps Yoo Na play the piano to get rid of suspicion that Yoo Na is being possessed by a ghost. This scene is lovely and sad at the same time. Hyun Joong is reminded of the happy moments in his past in this scene. Liked how it ends with Hyun Joong’s tear dropping on Yoo Na’s hand and him leaving quickly and silently. It is interesting how Hyun Joong loves school so much haha. It is sad that Yoo Na cant leave with him towards the end.

Sry for the spoiler. Wanted a happy ending, for example, Chang Sung and Man Wol meeting in the next life, but I think I can accept the sad ending. Liked how Chang Sung chooses to give away the medicine Man Wol begged from one of the deities which will make him unable to see ghosts again. This evokes a mixed feeling of sadness, longing, and acceptance as Chang Sung chooses to be constantly reminded of Man Wol who is gone when seeing those other beings instead of gradually forgetting about their existence.

This drama is of a sadder tone. Liked the many twists. The pace decreases a little towards the end.

Hotel Del Luna ost ig post

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Singapore Web Drama Review True Lies 大话精 and Singapore Drama Review Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差

It is some time since I wrote a review for Singapore Dramas haha. I dont like crime and legal dramas and the trailers of Singapore Dramas nowadays dont attract me haha.

starring Rui En 瑞恩 as Ru Yin, Shaun Chen 陈泓宇 as Jun Yang, Chen Han Wei 陈汉玮 as CEO of underworld, Ann Kok 郭舒贤 as Meng Jiao, Nick Teo 张钧淯, James Seah 谢宏辉, Hong Hui Fang 洪慧芳, Wang Yuqing 王昱青, Brandon Wong 黄炯耀, Chen Tian Wen 陈天文, Li Wen Hai 李文海, Ben Yeo 杨志龙, Ryan Lian 廖永谊

Hello from the other side has some nice fantasy but there is a lack of plot development and tension after some time. Liked how they link the underworld to Earth. The servants made up of paper are funny but frightening haha. Liked how the houses are built in the underworld, they just rise from the ground immediately haha. Liked the sad scenes. The theme song perfectly suits the drama haha! Liked the development of relationship between Jun Yang and Ru Yin. It was fun watching them bickering. Liked the relationship between Meng Jiao and CEO of underworld. I guess I wont write a long review for this drama since I dropped it after the two messengers escape to Earth and possess two people’s bodies. I dont want to live in that underworld after I die, dont want to have anything to do with money haha. I guess the thing worth anticipating to me is the ending as Jun Yang is dead but Ru Yin was accidentally taken down to the underworld.

starring Ma Ang 马昂 as Aidan, Julie Tan 陈欣淇 as Nadia, Ian Fang as De Hua, Apple Chan 陈芷尤 as Mei Qi, Jalyn Han 韩雪卿

Happened to see this drama on television and decided to peek into it. Scanned through this drama.

Liked the fantasy! For example, how the lies can come true, how the liar with the power cant be killed. Of course, the special power has a side effect which is the liar will lose something precious to him/her with each lie. However, I dont really like the plot overall. The only parts I liked are the episodes where Aidan suddenly has a daughter due to his lie, the episodes where De Hua saves Mei Qi and Mei Qi saves him in return, and the last episode. My most favourite part of this drama is where Aidan realises his existence is actually part of someone’s lie and he chooses to disappear to change Nadia’s life (sry for the spoiler). This part adds a deeper meaning to the drama. Found De Hua foolish as he still wants Mei Qi to come back to him after she scammed him. But I guess it shows unconditional love. Happy that they still can have a good ending. Found the actor who acted as Aidan good-looking but the last scene spoilt his looks haha.

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The Tale of Nokdu quotes (Korean Drama)

I thought I could say this to you if I was drunk. I wanted to tell you to leave me. I think I have a similar drinking habit to yours. I drank because I thought I could say that to you in a drunk state. But after getting drunk, I did not want to lie. I wanted to tell you the truth. This is what I truly wanted to say. Do not leave me. I know that I am irresponsible and selfish. You can blame it on the alcohol. But I still… No matter what I do… Even if I become a terrible person who committed something heinous, I wish you could remain by my side. (Jun Nokdu to Dong Dong Joo)

~Jun Nokdu


I will wait so give me your sincerity. I lied when I told you that your sincerity does not matter. You can take as long as you wish. I want your sincere heart. That is the only thing I ask of you. (Cha Yul Moo to Dong Dong Joo)

~Cha Yul Moo


I can lie and promise you that I will do that. But you and I both know that one’s sincerity and affection for someone are not something one can work on. (Dong Dong Joo to Cha Yul Moo)

~Dong Dong Joo


I know full well that I have no right to stop you. But why don’t you know that this isn’t the right path?

Your heart has already been hurt like this and yet you say you are going to do such a thing?  You will?

~Jun Yoon Jeo to Jun Hwang Tae


I know. But… what did we get by taking the right path? Mother died and everything I believe in collapsed!

I am a great bait. That stupid kid, even when I get angry and run away, even if he’s about to die, he won’t be able to let go of me.

~Jun Hwang Tae to Jun Yoon Jeo