Who’s The Murderer 4 Ep1 Part 1 review: Escape the Nameless Island! 逃出无名岛

Who’s The Murderer 4《明星大侦探4》EP1 Part 1: Escape the Nameless Island! 逃出无名岛

Players: Sa Beining, He Jiong, Wang Ou, Bai Jingting, Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Haoran


Started watching this variety show as my sister is a fan of Bai Jingting. First time watching Who’s the Murderer and felt like I should watch more of it to improve my logic and reasoning ability haha. Loved some of the settings of Who’s the Murderer, especially the magical places and places with a lot of secret passageways or rooms. This episode is quite creepy. The players are called to the island and they fall asleep while on the boat. When they reach the island, they see “people” who are talking to themselves. The people appear in pairs for example, the same person appearing at different locations saying the same things as the player walks towards the building. After that, they find a corpse and they each say what they did before they meet and later search for evidence in the rooms to reason out who the murderer is. Like the rooms haha! Dont think I can find as many things as they did in the rooms based on my not that successful escape room experiences. I am impressed by how much they can memorise about what they did and who they are. They have to talk and immerse into their identities in the game and some things are quite dry and factual to me so I admire their ability haha.  Felt quite overwhelmed as it is the first time watching haha. Laughed hard at Sa Beining‘s narcissism in this episode and the others’ reactions to it. It feels magical when the clock sounds in reverse order, suggesting that time is moving backwards. Liked Liu Haoran’s cute outfit haha. It is funny how Bai Jingting is a shoe retailer and brings some shoes with him. See whether I will end up becoming Bai Jingting’s fan after watching this variety show.

这是我第一次看明星大侦探。因为妹妹是白敬亭的粉丝才开始看的。看了之后,觉得应该多看来增强自己的推理能力哈哈。这一集有梦幻的感觉(往后走的钟),还有一些恐怖气氛 (在码头遇到的人)。很佩服他们能够投入角色和他们的记忆力。撒贝宁的自恋和其他玩家对他自恋的反应使我笑个不停。喜欢刘昊然的可爱恐龙服装。白敬亭是卖鞋的,还带了几双鞋哈哈。

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