The best way to watch Ashes of Love (Dont read if you want to watch the whole drama)

This is my first and maybe last China historical drama haha.

Dont read if you dont want spoiler.

If you dont like tragic/negative/slow-paced parts like me and dont want to skip important parts, I recommend watching the drama this way. My sister would have dropped this drama a lot earlier if she didnt. I tend to scan through dramas quickly or watch random episodes by myself (there are advantages and disadvantages to this)instead of patiently watching episode by episode so i managed to find out what episodes are good to watch haha. Whenever I watch with my sister, we will watch one episode at a time. The episode number is an estimate as different websites may be different. I am basing it on maplestage.

Ep 1-14,17: The development of relationship between Xufeng and Jinmi. The good times and small separations until Runyu uses his “bonded” marriage to his advantage. The portrayal of many related characters.
Xufeng acting ill to test Jinmi.

Second half of Ep 18-32: Xufeng and Jinmi’s relationship starts from scratch as they go to the mortal world and their immortal related memories are erased. Runyu’s past revealed.

Ep 33: Runyu defending his tribe.

Ep 34: Xufeng and Jinmi’s love scenes.

Ep 37: Xufeng saving Jinmi from mother and saving mother from water immortal.

Ep 40: Xufeng being framed for killing Water Immortal.

Ep 43: Jinmi killing Xufeng.

Ep 44-50: Jinmi regrets and tries all ways to revive Xufeng. Xufeng’s mother’s past revealed. Xufeng facing reality and becomes Demon Lord.

Ep 57 -final episode: Xufeng and Jinmi’s set-up marriage, Jinmi sacrificing herself, everything sorted out

Use this as a guide if you need haha. Let’s see if there will be any other China historical drama in the future that can capture my attention and make me want to chase it.

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