Korean Drama Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim RDTK

Decided to write new reviews and edit old reviews at the same time haha… Hopefully I can clear most of my backlog before my school starts! *pant*

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016-2017) 浪漫醫生金師傅

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Hospital, Melodrama

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1

starring Han Suk Kyu as Kim Sa Bu/ Master Kim, Yoo Yun Suk as Kang Dong Joo, Seo Hyun Jin as Yoon Seo Jung, Yang Se Jong as Do In Bum

Saw this drama’s previews on Channel U which caused me to remember how I dropped it after the first episode one day. I watched it out of curiosity due to reading somewhere that the drama has high rating since the actor that acts as Master Kim is in it. However, after I watched the first episode I found it too cheesy with Dong Joo’s sudden confession and their sudden kiss so I dropped it. Since my sister becomes curious about this drama too, we decided to try it together and we ended up finishing most of it before the first episode is screened on Channel U.

It is a meaningful drama with touching moments and it was fun to watch the many different types of cases at Doldam hospital. Happy that there are not many gross scenes and the surgery processes or clinical treatments are watchable haha (unlike in Hospital Ship which I finished watching 3/4). It is funny whenever it is Friday as there will be a sudden influx of patients which the doctors will have a hard time handling haha.

The cases that are most memorable to me are the multi-collision car accidents at the bend of the road and the lorry/truck hitting a group of cyclists that survived cancer:

Because of 2 young people who drink-drive happily (their drink-driving scene is hilarious) when the road is slippery due to snow, it causes many cars to collide after them as they are not able to see ahead at the bend of the road. There are several touching moments for that incident, especially when one of the casualties is the young daughter of a man trying to find fault with Master Kim under President Do’s orders. Master Kim saves her despite how her father does not allow the ban to be lifted even for his daughter. Liked how Master Kim is consistent in how he treats each patient as equal, and his conviction that in all circumstances, he should try his best to save the patients, no matter the patient is a rapist, the daughter of someone trying to ban him from medical practice, a rich chairman or a AIDS/HIV (?) patient.

Due to illness (?) of a lorry driver, he dozed off while driving and without knowing knocked into cyclists in a single file cycling on the road one by one. The cyclist who saw the lorry should have shouted for the others to avoid it instead of just blowing on the whistle. It is such a waste that they just survived the sufferings of cancer and end up in a fatal accident. This case provides insight to Dong Joo as a doctor too. Dong Joo ends up in a panic and almost wants to give up during the operation as the patient that he could not cure before transferring there had liver cancer too.

Enjoyed watching the interaction between the characters and the development of relationships in Doldam Hospital as more and more new members join them, including those from the big hospital that are there to cause troubles haha. Impressed by Master Kim’s surgical skills, and the ability of the hospital staff to make good use of outdated and poor medical equipment and devices at the start of the drama.

Liked the chemistry between Seo Jung and Dong Joo which is sustained from the start to the end of the drama. Felt that Seo Jung’s mental issues could have been better resolved, especially by including Dong Joo in the recovery process. Enjoyed watching Dong Joo’s growth and struggle as he detaches himself from hospital politics and becomes a true and more skilled doctor. It was heartfelt when he ignores his mother’s phone calls at a difficult time but at one of the times he answered, he is overwhelmed by emotions, and just cries into the phone and his mother just listens.  On a side note, my mother almost dropped this drama when Dong Joo is not at the centre of attention haha…

It is interesting how there is a voiceover mostly by Dong Joo which talks about reality or opinions of matters or the world throughout the drama. Enjoyed how the drama reflects on the purpose of being a doctor: to save patients or to earn more money and climb up the social ladder, as well as issues doctors face on a daily basis. In Doldam Hospital, it is possible to just save patients without caring too much about politics in the hospital. Actually, will the doctors feel that their job is fulfilling just saving patients 24h? Don’t doctors want a rest sometimes or a chance to supervise others in the job? Also felt that there is such great responsibility in this occupation and it becomes more of a duty than a job. On the other hand, it is interesting that the doctors feel more fulfilling when they have patients coming in which gives them a chance to carry out their job and exhibit their skills.

Why you should watch: It is a meaningful drama and I loved the acting of the cast, especially the Doldam Hospital team (Master Kim, Director Yoo, Manager Jang, Nurse Oh, Nurse Park, Anesthetist Nam, later on: Dr Dong Joo, Dr Seo Jung) each person with distinct and likeable personality and characteristics, and the 3 doctors (Dr Song, Dr In Bum, Dr Seo Jung’s friend) that end up being transferred there too.

RDTK ost ig post

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