Singapore Web Drama Review 勾魂使者


This is a pretty short drama consisting of just 8 episodes. Attracted to this drama because of Romeo Tan’s mysterious acting as a soul reaper in the trailer but end up liking Ian Fang’s character, Soul. His name totally matches this drama haha… How I wish Ian Fang (or maybe all the actors) has this hairstyle more often in dramas (am I being influenced by kdramas haha?).


The background music really creeps me out but somehow this drama makes me feel that it is kind of unreal, no matter it is the detaching of the life strings attached to the person during death or how the people facing death can exchange their own death for another’s. It is fun to watch how Chief and Soul communicate without talking, and how they can be anything they want to be to get closer to their next assignment’s target.

Despite how morbid it is, it was a good and fast watch. The stories of the different characters are quite interesting as I can see how some are selfish while others bravely face death. Liked the line “Fulfill you wishes and accept death calmly” If I am really given a choice, I hope that by then, I have no regrets and can leave peacefully without any lingering feeling and be happy to be part of nature. (Sounds unlucky, especially since it is Chinese New Year haha?) This drama makes me think twice about life and realise the superficiality and hypocrisy in the world. Felt that Soul should not have searched for the truth behind his father’s death, seems quite fruitless and even becomes tragic but then this whole journey wouldnt have started without that.

Was moved when Shane Pow’s character’s younger brother so willingly offer to sacrifice for his immature elder brother despite how poorly he is being treated by everyone in that family. I unexpectedly feel tears in my eyes when watching that 2 episodes, when I see how naive and simple his mentally challenged brother is when he gives up his life for him and only wishes for his elder brother’s company for his remaining days, not fearing death and not even understanding what death totally means, as well as watching how guilty his elder brother is after his death. The child’s death is one of the most selfless one as the child only hopes for the parents to stop arguing, love each other like before and have another child that replaces her.


~Chief (Romeo Tan)


~Soul reapers

如果 Yuna幸福,我也幸福。

~Soul (Soul should not have become a grim reaper 😦 )

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Watch it on toggle/iris.xi.


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