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Man living in the house, Cheese in the trap- 2 more episodes left, no urge to watch
Those reviews that I havent wrote (W-2 worlds, Shopping King Louie, Let’s fight ghost) also no urge to write haha…
Currently watching: Legend of the blue sea, Goblin, Hwarang the beginning, God of noodles (heard that bad ending)
Hero sg drama-writing as soon as i can

The “good news” is I finished browsing through Jealousy Incarnate and Madame Antoine through recaps- Noonas over forks and Dramabeans! Did it so quickly i seem like i am staring at the phone all day.  I wouldnt have had so much patience to watch these two dramas if i watch it one episode at a time. Had a fun time just zooming through them. Since I browsed through them, the details may not be correct.

madameantoine     madame-antoine-16-12

As I love psychology a lot, this drama is quite relevant to me but somehow it just doesnt attract me as it is too slow pace for me and the whole drama just circles around an experiment (which involves 3 guys pursuing a girl) that Choi Soo Hyun (Sung Joon), a psychologist, conducts to prove that there is no such thing as everlasting or true love. There are many cases which makes it feel like a boring report by case since the main storyline is not strong enough for me.

However, what piqued my curiosity to start reading the recaps is when I heard of Soo Hyun’s behaviour of feeling pain when a droplet drops on his hand, likely due to past trauma despite being a psychologist himself. I like how Go Hye Rim(Han Ye Seul) is, so observant and sometimes even more effective in healing the clients than Soo Hyun who is more cold and professional. It is funny when she blabbers in French and acts like there is a spirit in her which surprisingly scares people to doing things she wants them to, and causes them to believe in her fortune telling. Liked how Soo Hyun starts to fall for Hye Rim as they start to trust each other and let their relationship grow. Funny when Hye Rim takes on the psychologist role towards the end. Felt happy at how Soo Hyun’s psychological problem is resolved totally with the help of Hye Rim.  Wonder if it is true that psychologists cant heal themselves?

jealousyincarnate     jealousyincarnate2

Next~ to Jealousy Incarnate! Randomly went to read the recaps since I have been curious about this drama for some time. It has 24 episodes and the storyline is too dry for me haha so I would have dropped it after watching a few episodes.

I thought that it is just about some news anchors, reporters, office politics type of drama but after reading the recaps, I realised that there is a sub-plot of a man fighting breast cancer which is totally unexpected… What really made me continue reading the recaps is how interesting the sub-plot is as Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Suk) furtively goes for his treatment in a clinic filled with women, wears post-operation bra after operation, uses Na Ri’s (Gong Hyo Jin) name to register for radiation appointments etc. It just feels awkward haha even though I didnt watch most of it but just read the recaps.

Looks like this drama does bring out its name perfectly as I can feel the strong and saddening jealousy (is it due to the recaper?) in Hwa Shin after introducing Na Ri who crushed on him for 3 years to his best friend and the two started dating since they have interest in each other. I wouldnt have wanted to watch that part as it is too filled with regrets and Hwa Shin further makes it worse for himself. It is funny how the best friends like the same person twice and the interesting part is that the previous girl likes Hwa Shin more even if it is a 49:51 ratio. Is it possible to love 2 people as much? The supporting lead, Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo) actually looks more handsome than the lead, Hwa Shin, but as the drama goes I like Hwa Shin as a character more. It is fun to see how Hwa Shin has such high standard especially about his work (news anchor) which seems cool but sometimes suffocates people around him while Jung Won is quite perfect but is a “mama boy”.

Towards the end (sry for the spoiler), when Hwa Shin announces to the whole world through the news about the prejudice male breast cancer patients face and that he is a breast cancer patient, it is very cool and touching, and it neatly wraps up the whole struggle he faces, and at the same time shows that he can protect Na Ri in his own way when the whole company is spreading rumours about how Na Ri has breast cancer which will affect her future job opportunities. Liked the chemistry between the lead couple and how Hwa Shin changes from the receiving end of the love to the giving end. Dont know why Na Ri likes him with spectacles, he looks super old with them haha. Did jealousy due to his friend really sparked his feelings for Na Ri?

Thanks to recap writers! I would never have such patience to write recaps for each episode dutifully. Sometimes I wonder if reading recaps will cause people to miss out what is contained in the drama itself or they may choose the faster way out by reading instead of watching but for now I think that it helps me experience dramas that I wouldnt have been able to without recaps.


3 thoughts on “Random drama browsing review

  1. I should probably look at DramaBeans to finish Jealousy Incarnate. I did enjoy it at first, but like many Kdramas, I lost steam to continue watching! I’m interested to hear what you thought of W, though!



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