Random thoughts 6

Sry, I wasn’t able to write for some time. Recently, I haven’t been able to finish any particular drama, especially Singapore dramas. I haven’t even finished Singapore drama, Sealed with a Kiss, and am left with 2 episodes for Cheese in the trap haha. I also haven’t finished the super popular Descendents of the sun.

However, recently I have been browsing through some controversial dramas and some interesting ones. I browsed through Ireland which is about how a married couple is formed through empathy and how they divorced to find true love. Liked Hyun Bin’s acting in this drama, the reason I skimmed through it.  The plot is very unusual as the couple actually like each other but they both still commit adultery as that is not true romantic love. Gook (Hyun Bin) is a bodyguard who protects the weak while safeguarding the rich. Jung Ah, after facing a near death encounter in Ireland and losing her adopted family, returns to Korea to find her roots. While relying on Gook, she becomes a doctor in Korea. I may write a review about it if I finish it completely haha.

Besides that, I was browsing through a Taiwanese Drama called Gloomy Salad Days. It touches on controversial issues related to sexual orientation:such as lesbian and also about committing suicide. In the teenage years, these issues are usually not talked about especially in dramas which would rather focus on high school love. The drama is about Shen Qi that can see a death spirit due to having a brain tumour. The death spirit is turning those who wish for death when they cannot overcome their difficulties into rocks for a spiritual bridge of some sort.  It is interesting that Shen Qi slowly becomes the lead character towards the end of the drama and his role to oppose against the death spirit become stronger as the drama goes. At the start, he has no influence over people falling victim to the death spirit and the victims are the focus of the story. However, towards the end, his love for the death spirit becomes more pronounced and he wants to sacrifice his life rather than cure his brain tumour and being unable to see her again.

~ Lucky JM

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