Click Your Heart Korean Web Drama

click your heart

Click Your Heart(2016)

Cast: Kwon Min Ah as Kwon Mina, Baek Joon Ho as Baek Ju Ho, Kang Chan Hee as Kang Chan Hee, Kim Seok Woo as Kim Ro Woon, Lee Sang Hyuk as Lee Da Won

Episodes: 7

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Since this drama is very special because you can choose who you want, I will be writing on my own reviews on each of the couples chosen. You can only see the plots I wrote if you chose them and watch it.

Introduction of main character Mina: She is girl who is nice but whoever who goes near her will get unlucky. She transferred to this new school where she met these guys(depending on which person you click, you will see a different guy). She joined the broadcasting club in her school.

Let me write the first couple I chose to watch first. I have a feeling that my sister will choose Ro Woon too over the angel boy, Chan Hee, although I think Chan Hee is quite cute also. Ro Woon is a baseball player who does not really have any friends. The broadcasting club members all failed to get an interview from him until Mina came into the club. She is very nice and she tried to interview him but realised he was tired and decided not to, which he found it cute. He hurt his hand by catching that baseball with his bare hand to save Mina from being hit. Mina felt sorry and became her slave by helping him move stuff. When Ro Woon confessed, she was confused about her feelings and so Ro Woon says if he wins the baseball match, he will ask him again and they got together. I feel that this couple is quite a nice combination from the start. I actually feel quite sorry for the friend who liked her but she being confused and still choose Ro Woon did not hurt anyone.(You will only see this if you choose him as the one)

Next up, I decided to watch ep 5, which was Da Won, her friend who got together with her. So Mina said that he was only his friend. Da Won was hurt, which make me feel sad too. I mean, even if you don’t like him, he likes her so she should not hurt him. That episode almost brought me tears because Da Won tried to pretend she did not see her and was hurt. And he told her about the promise they did which was when he grew one hand taller than her, she will date him. Mina also pondered whether she like him or not. Just nice, the guy’s written story was on broadcast. That broadcast kind of a confession and kind of his real feelings was so nice!!!!! Anyway, Mina and Da Won did a broadcast together and their broadcast member accidentally press something and the whole school heard Mina saying she was sorry and she liked him. Da Won hugged him and it was a happy ending. So cute couple.(You will only see this if you click him)

So next one not my order of liking, is Chan Hee. He looks too cute and cheerie and such a nice guy. Anyway, he was not scared of Mina despite her being unlucky. He likes to dance a lot and does not mind skipping classes and appears everywhere Mina is. You will actually find out that he is kind of his spirit who came out. He knew her since an accident that happened which involves the other guy, which was her ex-boyfriend. He also told her is not her fault despite him being on bed now and could not wake up after the accident that happened  He always likes to say “My third fantasy came true”(something like that) after he liked Mina. Haha. Anyway, Mina found out that he was on bed 100 days already because of an accident and was shocked by it and went to find him. So he kissed her on her forehead before he left. Luckily, he managed to be alive and they meet each other again. And he said, “My fantasy came true.”OMG, that was what I was going to say. (You will only see this with you click him)

The last one is actually her ex-boyfriend whom I said who was involved in an accident, Ju Ho. He was her ex-boyfriend in her previous school but she decided to break up with him because she always cause him to be unlucky. On the day she wanted to ask for a break-up, he got into an accident and she did not dare to go see him because she felt guilty and thought it was her fault. Anyway, they got back together(if you decided to choose him as the one)

In conclusion, Mina is a lucky girl who gets a guy no matter what happens. And I quite like this show’s format as we can choose what our heart choose. Actually, I like all the plots and I like all the couples. No preference or anything. It is quite a nice show so I hope you will enjoy watching no matter which couple you chose.

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And I would like to thank everyone for supporting my Korean Web Drama page!!!:D It was a long time since I write due to a very busy schedule. And I am really sorry for not writing often for the Running Man page too. Hope you like the review and enjoy!!!


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