Random thoughts 5

Hi! Sry for not posting for some time.

Recently, I have been watching Misaeng but I may put it aside after watching about 13/20 episodes as there is not enough climax to engage me. It has its good point though. I like how it is portrayed like a mundane daily life yet totally captures the harsh reality. I also enjoy how the 4 newbies with different personalities work together in the company and grow in their own ways.

I am currently watching Cheese in the Trap, Moorim School and Remember-War of the Son. Having a “hard” time as these dramas have not finished producing haha. As usual, my addiction kicking in but I try to just patiently wait for the next week. Moorim School has the least number of episodes produced now compared to the other 2. Out of the 3, Cheese in the Trap seems the more typical type yet I enjoyed it the most so far. Like Park Hae Jin’s character, Yoo Jung, in Cheese in the Trap a lot! He may be seen as dark and manipulative but I guess that is what makes the character interesting, especially when the plot involves him falling for a girl who falls for him yet is suspicious of him often. Watched Remember due to Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young. Hope I don’t get disappointed with how the plot goes. Yoo Seung Ho’s character having perfect memory is what attracts me to watch but them losing to the bad guys most or rather all the time makes it less good. However, if they win the bad guys, I am not sure how it is going to continue…

I also have a sneak peek of She was pretty and may consider watching it.

I intend to finish Sealed with a kiss Singapore Drama by this month.

Gdnight! Have a great day tmr!

Lucky JM

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