Dramas to consider.

Hi, everyone. So sry that I haven’t completely finished watching any drama due to the many commitments and me diving into personal development so am unable to write a review this week. Now, even my sister is watching more dramas than me who label myself as a drama addict haha. Btw, I am currently watching Angry Mum (Korean Drama) and Sealed with a kiss (Singapore Drama).

Angry Mum is about a mother becoming a student to prevent her child from being a victim to school violence and ends up in a conspiracy related to politics. I wouldn’t want to study in a school this corrupted haha. In this school, there is also an ignorant/naive teacher (Ji Hyun Woo) who believes in the goodness of the students and the world and will start to grow to a teacher who really can protect the students from harm.

Sealed with a kiss is about a man (Elvin Ng) who is a jinx and a woman (Rebecca Lim) who creates her ideal world with a web of white lies. While doing CPR for her in one occasion, he becomes a lucky person all of a sudden while she becomes a person who cannot tell lies. While one benefits and the other loses everything due to the situation, they face other unthinkable outcomes and perspectives that they have never seen life from.

You can consider my sister’s watchlist too. She is watching Sassy go go, I order you, Mrs Cop and many more that she dropped. Because I sometimes have a glimpse at what she watches I think Mrs Cop is a good choice if you are not sick of the genre: crime.

Gd day!

~Lucky JM

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