Random thoughts 4: Korean Drama osts

Before the possibility of me going “missing in action” for a very long time (I suppose), I just wanted to share my views on my experience at a Teachers’ Day Celebration/Concert today. In Singapore, we celebrate Teachers’ Day, a day to express our appreciation to our dedicated teachers.

You must be wondering why I am writing about this out of nowhere. Here’s the thing, one of the performers actually sang “Love, that one word” by Taeyeon (You are all surrounded ost) in Korean! I am quite surprised by it since Singaporeans (who I know of) seldom sing in Korean for a performance unless they are very confident about their pronunciation of Korean words and it would be a K pop group song and not a Korean Drama ost. I did enjoy the performance but is a bit suspicious about why that boy is singing it on such an occasion (haha). Perhaps he is making a love confession (can’t be to a teacher I suppose) or just trying to impress someone? The song lyrics matches such a situation haha.

Am I thinking too much/ over-analysing things? Maybe he is just a fan of Korean Dramas… I wonder if I will be touched if I am the receiver of such a song. Maybe not this song though since this song includes the lyrics “But I can’t say the words I love you”. It is more of a selfless type of love towards the person but it is too sad that the person will not/cannot know about it. By the way, this song isn’t a song that I would check out the English lyrics. Perhaps I only check the lyrics for songs that are heartbreaking yet soothing to my ears and this song doesn’t feel that sad until I know the meaning of the lyrics. Interesting discovery just because of a performance haha. Reaching this stage of life (sounds so old haha) where there are people going through heartbreaks mostly due to rejection, I also realise that many Korean Drama osts (such as Secret Garden ost That Man by Hyun Bin) fit someone who is experiencing one-sided crush perfectly.

I will try to finish up Korean Drama Review Hello Monster/I remember you as soon as I can. Sry that I can’t add new Singapore Drama Reviews/Taiwanese Drama Reviews yet.

Thanks for your support! Gd day ahead! 🙂

Lucky JM

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